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Default Question about lifetime rules

Ok, so I've already posted this in the "lifetime" area, thinking people there might have more experience with this, but didn't really get any response, so I'm going to try again here.

I've got a long way to go 'til lifetime, but I'm approaching my 10% and trying to figure out how to select my goal.

The problem is, I have a "realistic" goal, and a "theoretical" goal - I know what I "should" choose as a reasonable goal that I can maintain long-term (about 155), but I also have 135 in the back of my mind for a number of reasons. I don't want to place too much stress on any given number, but I also don't want to set my goal too aggressive so that I feel like a failure if I "only" lose 80 pounds!

So, back to my question - I know that the WW rules state that lifetime is achieved once you maintain for 6 weeks at less than 2 pounds above goal. However, I've also seen/heard comments that you're not allowed to fall more than 2 pounds below your goal, either - that the reasoning is to prevent people from setting a high goal to reach lifetime earlier/stop paying, and also to encourage true maintenance rather than constant loss/gain cycling (if you had a 10-pound range, for example).

So, my questions - do any of you know the official WW stance on the 2 pound below limit? Is it an official rule or just a "encourage you not to" in order to encourage proper maintenance? Also, have any of you been in my shoes - set an "official" goal but with thoughts of modifying it?

I don't want to set myself up for failure by setting a goal that's unreasonably low. At the same time, I don't want to sell myself short by setting one that's too high. Realistically, I'm aiming first for the general area of 150-155 (well, I'm first aiming to get back below 200!), but I may find I want to lose more when I get there. But outside of my personal thoughts, where should I set my WW goal? Can I modify my goal once I'm closer to that point?
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I've never done weight watchers so i dont know about that part.
But I do know that you should set a realistic goal for yourself at first, something that seems realistic so that its easier to picture yourself actually being at that weight. Once you reach that goal (and you will) you can set a new one if your still not happy with where your at.

No ones set point weight is the same, its impossible to tell you what your goal weight should be. Just aim to continue losing weight and see all the progress you make. Look in the mirror and see the difference dont pay so much attention to numbers that mean much less.
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I definitely think its a good idea to set a realistic goal first, and then once you're there, you can evaluate how you feel about yourself and whats working and decide if you maybe wanna lose another 10-20.
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Not a WW, but my mom is a lifetime! She says, $$ WISE -- DO NOT SET TOO LOW OF AN OFFICIAL WW GOAL! Set the highest in your range, that way, when you're losing your last ten (the slowest!) you don't have to pay!
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I've been a lifetimer for two years now and have never heard of the two-pound below goal rule. I'm 12 lbs. below my lifetime goal of 169. I asked a couple of months ago about changing the goal to reflect more where I am (preferable at 161 for 100 lbs. lost), and the leader said it didn't matter so I kept it the same.

I set my goal at the highest weight in the weight range just for the reason of being able to stop paying.

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Its a franchise rule I'm pretty sure. It is not a corporate rule. I would ask when you go that will tell you if you are a franchise or not.

Corporate centers do not go by this rule
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My understanding is that this is during the 6 weeks once you reach your goal on the way to Lifetime. I think it is to make sure they are teaching how to maintain weight. I'm no expert though, just read a bunch about this on the ww board...
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