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Smile Almost half way there (with pics)

Well I have been sitting at a standstill for the past couple months - trying to get myself motivated to really get going 100%. While doing this I decided to make a side by side to show me what I have accomplished thus far and to remind me of what I am capable of.

Me in the left is at my heaviest 250lbs on my wedding day October 1, 2004.
Me in the right is at 202lbs on my marriage blessing day July 1, 2006.

Almost 50lbs gone and I have a hard time with seeing the difference at times -sometimes I think Im looking better and other times I think damn girl you have a long ways to go still.

I'll just keep on truckin along though - it is kinda like looking at a baby and wondering what they will look like when they get older - I often wonder what I will look like when I get thinner!

Thats my small accomplishment thus far!
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Ilene the Bean
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Small accomplishment??!!! NO WAY, your weightloss is huge and you look awesome and oh so pretty!!

Keep up the great work
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Each step gets me closer
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Definatley not a small accomplishment! You look fabulous. Keep up the awesome work. I also think about what I will look like thin. I have never been thin & really can't even realistically imagine it.
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I can do anything!
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You look awesome! way to go!
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You look AMAZING!
Look at your arms now?
Can defenitly tell the difference there!
And everything else!

keep it up
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I'm gettin there
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You look great.
I'm just getting started but I can tell the difference. But I do know what you mean when you say sometimes you can tell sometimes you can't. There's days I feel like I'm really getting somewhere and others its like I've done nothing. I've noticed it has to do with the clothes I wear. Some show results and other make me look huge...I save those for housecleaning days when I don't care.
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You have done awesome!!!! Have you looked at 50 pounds of anything-flour, potatoes? You have done fantastic! Keep looking at the pics and taking are doin awesome!!!! I can't wait to be where you are.
I'm cheering for ya.
take care and be proud of yourself
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future triathlete
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You look amazing - I can see a huge difference!
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Kelly M
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That is such a MAJOR accomplishment! Don't give up the fight now, the best is yet to come!!
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I can see the difference! 50lbs is A LOT of weight, you try lifting 50lbs-----feed bags or something like that and just remind yourself that you took that much off your body!!!! That is GREAT!!!
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3 + years maintaining
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50 pounds is no small accomplishment. That is an entire 50 pounds gone!!! 50 pounds less that you have to deal with. You look great. Stay strong and continue on - you are so pretty.
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50 pounds is a big accomplishment! You can see a big difference! You look great!
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S/C/G: 262/259.2/160

Height: 5'6

Wink Thank You

Thank you for all of the compliments and for helping me remember that it is a big accomplishment. I have never really done anything to show me what 50lbs is but I did look at my 10lb bag of potatoes and think how much it would be if I had to carry around 5 of them. Thanks and best wishes to everyone...I know we can all make it with the help and support of each other!
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It's working this time!
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Thumbs up

Wow! Awesome! WTG! You look beautiful.

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rethinking myself...
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Oh wow... you are such an inspiration. I'm hoping to lose before my wedding in Sept '07. So far my progress has been PAINFULLY slow, but I know I'm making permanent lifestyle changes.

I love seeing pictures of others' progress. It really inspires me. Thank you so much for sharing yours.
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