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future triathlete
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Default 2 NSVs!

Well, I've been feeling a little down since I've definitely hit a slump as far as weight loss goes (although I've been focusing on exercise and am feeling stronger and faster, if not lighter), so these NSVs definitely picked me up!

This weekend my boyfriend and I were doing a bit of shopping, and we passed a jewellery store, so I figured I'd go in and get my finger sized (he'd asked a few weeks ago, since he can't buy me a ring without my size). I've always felt like I've had chubby fingers, and never liked them much, so I was expecting my finger to be pretty big.... it's a 6! Which is the normal display size. It used to be a 10! The fact that it's the same size as all the display rings also meant i got to try a bunch on

My second NSV is that I went into the dive shop to pay for my SCUBA lessons and pick up my dive pack (they start in 3 weeks), and wasn't fazed at all when she asked for my weight (along with height and shoe size). I think that's the first time in my adult life that I haven't lied about my weight to someone. It felt so good!
And then I realized that this means I have to put on a bathing suit in 3 weeks so i went for a run when I got home - ha ha!
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Bikini Season :)
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wow! thats exciting!! congrats!!!!
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Kelly M
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Cool, good for you!!
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WOW......good for you! And you are going scuba diving too! GL
I'm still waiting to get my ring off
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Wtg, on the NSV's. Congrat's.
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always full of hot air
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Congratulations!!! I hadn't been able to take off my wedding ring in almost 9 years since I gained 60 pounds in that time. About a month ago, I was twisting it and off it came. I felt so good knowing that my size 5 ring really could come off my hand, I almost had it cut off when I was pregnant because it scared me when my hands swelled up. Its the little things that make losing weight so rewarding!!!
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Beam me up Scotty!
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Very cool!
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Wow - I'm jealous. Well done!
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Pending Email Confirmation
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Wow that's great!! One of the first thing I'm doing after I loose my weight is buying a new purity ring. The one I have now was chosen for me and I've never really liked it, it's also a size 10, which I hope will fall off my finger when I'm done!
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I'm a loser, baby!
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Those are 2 great NSVs!! I'm a size 10, and can't wait to be at a size 6, or even 8! lol
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I agree, great NSV's, my wedding ring is a size 6, I'm sure it doesn't fit me now, although I'm divorced, I still have it for one of my kids someday (I have his too). I think I'm about a size 8 ring size right now (I have fairly long and thin fingers considering my size), I'll be glad when I'm a size 6 again!! And WTG on the scuba lessons, I've always thought that would be a fun thing to learn!
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On A Mission
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Good for you
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dum dee dum
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That's great! NSV's are such motivators!
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Congratulations on getting TWO great NSVs!!!
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