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Default Eerie NSV?

I thought Iíd post this here, since itís a good thing. Last night I was out celebrating a friendís birthday, and one of my friends (male) said ďyou look great, what have you lost now 30 lbs?Ē And Iím like yeah and thanks for noticing, since Iíve never really brought my weight loss up with this particular friend so itís not like Iíve been talking about the weight Iíve lost around him. So, how did he peg it almost to the pound just by looking at me? About 2 weeks ago my boyfriendís dadís partner (I know, that might be a little confusing, but itís irrelevant to this anecdote) also noticed Iíd lost weight and he guessed 25-30 lbs. I mean itís awesome that people are noticing and stuff, but itís kind of weird that 2 people came up with almost exact numbers with me even asking them to guess.

Is it just me? I am no good at being able to tell how much a person weighs or how much theyíve lost just by eyeballing. Just thought Iíd share. This happen to anyone else?
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I'm not good at the guessing game either!
Congrats though on people noticing! Isn't it the greatest feeling ever! It helps give you the motivation to keep going strong.
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Going goal.
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I'm not good at eyeballing it either but it's awesome that they noticed!!
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Congrat's on the terrific weight loss. I could never guess by looking at someone either.
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For some reason I think that people who don't have the weight issues can see more clearly sometimes. It is pretty easy for me to be in denial about what I really look like, and also, when I do lose weight, to see the difference. It is easier not to notice....

So, congrats on the weight loss!!
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WOW!30 pounds!You go girl! I'm amazed that the two who noticed & guessed the right #'s are male!
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Yah pretty amazing that two GUYS especially guessed it right! Glad people are noticing... feels great, huh? <G>
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Congrats on the 30 lbs!!! Im not good with guessing either!! And it IS funny that two MALES guessed it!! Thats hilarious..normally they are oblivous to that kind of stuff lol..Keep it up!!! Your doing great!
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