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Default Lost 15 lbs in 6 months, just 10 lbs from goal weight!!

Haven't been on this website much lately, but happy to have a place to report this--
I'm a female 65 yrs old and just lost 15 lbs in the past 6 months!! Now at 140 lbs, just 10 lbs from my goal weight 130 lbs! (I think this is a reasonable goal for me, not trying to aim for the 120s even though I'm short at 5'2".)

Started out at 155 lbs May 1st, reached 140 lbs on Oct 15th! 140 lbs is the lowest weight I've been since 2012, 8 years ago. And if I go below 140 lbs, will be first time in over 15 years I've been in the 130s!
Did this with lots of walking (walking 30 minutes each way to and from tennis courts) & playing singles tennis at least 5 days a week, usually 90 minutes (sometimes 2 hours) continuous play with no breaks, lots of running & long rallies.
I've always loved playing tennis, played a lot even when I was much more overweight in my teens and for years after that (started doing tennis in my mid-teens, playing tennis almost 50 years now!) Been playing singles tennis in a league for 3 seasons this year, despite the pandemic.
Due to Covid lockdowns here earlier this year, tennis courts were shut down, locked up for one full month in April. Didn't play any tennis that month, became inactive & depressed, started eating too much & gained 5 pounds in 4 weeks!

So I was up to 155 lbs by end of April, but as soon as tennis courts reopened May 1st, went back to being active with walking & tennis, so lost that recently gained 5lbs in just one month.
By end of June, lost a total of 10 lbs in 2 months, then took me 4 more months, (from July to October) to lose the next 5 lbs (for a total of 15 pounds lost.)
However, during the past 4 months, was definitely gaining muscle, firming up & losing inches, clothes are looser on me now.

During my tennis league's Fall season, (early August - mid-October), played 54 singles matches in 10 weeks!! Not sure, but think I might have broken the all-time record for singles matches in one season by female players in my league! And I'm over 60, 65yrs old as of June-- most females tennis players over 60 in the league only play doubles tennis, not singles which has a lot more running.

Guess it might sound like I'm really bragging here, but I feel a strong sense of pride that at my age, I've been to be able to do this. And that's a
fter spending my whole childhood & teen years being very overweight (eventually getting to 100 pounds overweight, and losing that 100 lbs in 2 years in my early 20s.)
Feels good that at this age, I might finally be getting a handle on things, even if it involves extreme activity!
(I recognize that not everyone can maintain that high level of activity for various reasons. I also feel personally grateful that this year, with the covid global crisis going on, I've been very fortunate to stay healthy and be active!)
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woohoo, congrats!
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Amazing!! Congrats!
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it sucks that only spammers seem to respond to a real post, but from one real person to another ... nice going !
i have never been anywhere near 100 lbs overweight, it's hard enough for me just dealing with my dealing with 30 - 40 lbs excess, so you should be proud !
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Wow well done!
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congrats, keep going
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