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Default Cried when I stepped on the scale- in a good way!

I didn't really have a mini goal for 146.2 pounds. Up to a month ago I had a goal of 149 lbs to get to a normal BMI at 5'5. Then my internist measured me for the second time in 2 years at 5'4 (the first time I chalked up to a fluke because I had always been measured at 5'5 but I guess I have shrunk!). That went out the window, as now I need to be 145 to be at a normal BMI. I kind of had a goal to reach 148, because that's the lowest weight I've been at in at least 12 years (hit that in my first weight loss journey in 2012, but gained weight again).

So, when I stepped on the scale at 146.2 today, and it wasn't even a particular milestone I was trying to reach (145 is my normal bmi milestone, and 130 is my overall goal), I was surprised how emotional I was. The tears started flowing, and I started crying thinking of all the hard work and feelings that have gone into this journey. I've just been through a he!! of a year with health issues, and am a few days out from major surgery. This was a gift of encouragement. I CAN make positive things happen.

I have improved my health so much by losing weight over the last months, and I got to go home 2 days early because I was in shape enough to get up out of bed by myself and walk the hospital floor unassisted. That wouldn't have happened last year.

So, I cry tears of joy at exceeding my previous journey's weight loss, and exceeding my expectations, and finally believing that maybe, just maybe, I can get back to being the trim and fit woman I used to be before my world spiraled out of control over a decade ago and food became my best friend and my worst enemy.

Thanks for listening.

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Shorty getting fit
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You rock, guac.
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Hurrah! You are normal! lol

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Love it ������

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Happy tears are the best tears.....let them flow! Congrats to you.....I hope the best for you!!!!
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Way to go, girl!!
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you go girl....
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Turning Into A New Woman
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Congrats Girl, Your doing A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!!!! - Keep Going
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That is fantastic, I can't wait to get to normal BMI!
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So funny you say this, just last week in my WL meeting I was thinking about being 140lbs and a healthy weight (which I've never been too) and how when I reach that (currently 178/SW 206) I think I'll cry too!

Good for you!
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Thats just awesome..Congratulaions
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