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Default "Normal" BMI!

Ok, I think I can say it now - I've reached my first goal! It's been a bit over 7 months, and I have gone down from "obese" to "normal" BMI, losing 45 pounds on the way!

It hasn't been crazy fast or anything, but I'm especially proud of the fact that I haven't gotten here starving myself or other unhealthy means, and I have some serious muscle to prove that. In addition to healthy eating and regulating sugar intake, I've had quite a bit of exercise - mainly nordic/pole walking, which is a surprisingly effective whole-body workout, but lately I've also been getting back climbing (an old hobby of mine... had to start from the basics again but surprisingly quickly my body has started to remember), and I'm doing a lot of stretching / foam rolling too.

I didn't "feel fat" when I started this project, but now I can see and feel so much excess fat on my body I'd gladly get rid of. Not because of looks - I don't think my looks will improve, and I have quite a bit of loose skin as it is - but damn I don't want to carry that weight around if I don't have to. I will never look like a model or Hollywood actress but frankly I don't give a sh*t! I just want to be light and agile. I want to move well. I want to be quick and light on my feet, to climb on top of rocks, to be more graceful, to be someone who won't say "no" to trying a handstand or walking on a slackline or whatever, but will say "Yeah! Looks like fun, I wanna try that too!"

So onwards and downwards. Last time I lost weight, I couldn't get under 131, and my means were unhealthy and impractical. This time I'll do it, and grow stronger and more flexible in the process.
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