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Smile Woo Hoo! a third of my extra weight is gone!!

I have just looked at my ticker and realized that I have lost over 10% of my total starting body weight!!!! Just that small amount decreases my overall risk for heart disease, diabetes and cancer!!!

I am one third (almost) the way to my first weight lose goal!!! I have a total of 40% of my original weight to lose. My mini goals have been to lose 95 lbs in 5% increments (roughly 4.5-5 lbs for each step). I have made approx 6 of these mini goals this last year.

For me this is huge!!! I have made a lot of changes and developed new, healthier habits that I think will really help me out down the road. My binging has decreased immensely!!

I have 32 years of damage to undo; if it takes me another year (or two) to get there--thats okay!! Thanks everyone for your support and encouragement!!

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loving my beautiful self
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Fantastic!! A hearty congratulations to you!!!!
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Awesome! Keep up the good work! I realized a lot of the same things today (first 20 lbs=a little more than 10% of my starting weight and also slightly more than a third of my total weight loss goal). It's good to see that you're thinking about the long run and concentrating on really changing your life for the better. Huge congrats to you! *Victory dance*
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Great work!!! I am just about 1/3 through myself right now, and was thinking yesterday Just gotta do the same thing 2 more times

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Default [B]1/3 of my extra wt gone too!!![/B]

Down 24 lbs. Writing every bite of food down. Using a special pedometer to count steps and flights of stairs - It uploads to a computer site - and keeps track of calories in and calories out.
(do not want to say commercial name - but begins with letter F).
Hope to be at goal by next summer.
Eating Mediterranean type diet except almost no grains - no technical reason for that - just that grains are a binge food for me. (almost never cannot have 1 slice of bread!). Get all my carbs from lots of veggies and fruit. Feel better - hope to feel great next summer!!!
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Here to Learn
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That is excellent news. I think sometimes we lose sight of the overall health benefits of our weight loss progress and get fixated on the scale- your post is a great reminder for us to remember that we're also lowering our chances of disease.
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Starting over...again!
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Awesome!!!! You go girl!!!!
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Congratulations! Great work!!!!
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