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Default 65 lbs. lost and counting- PICTURES!!!

Hi Ladies,
My name is Lisa and I began my most recent weight loss adventure on April 15th, 2011. I have always been a heavy person, even as a child. I've battled the bulge for as long as I can remember. I have been on "plans" and "diets" many times, only to gain the weight right back. I decided that this time was going to be different! This time, I was going to change my lifestyle, not just "diet" until the weight comes off and then not know how to keep it off. I don't really follow any specific guideline- I don't count my carbs or anything like that- I am closer to a calorie counter- I eat lots of fresh fruits, veggies, lean protein, and drink lots of water. I go to the gym about 4-5 days a week, usually running/walking on the treadmill for 2-4 miles (depending on how I feel that day!) I have also discovered an interest in cooking, and I really enjoy making healthy meals for my family. I think the "before" picture below was my biggest motivator- this was at my boyfriend's (now fiancee) best friend's wedding. This was also the day he proposed to me I remember how ENORMOUS I felt that day, and soon after, the crushing reality that I was going to be a 298 pound bride if I didn't change something... hit me like a ton of bricks. Long story short, I have been working extremely hard, and now I am 65 pounds lighter (and counting!) and soooo much happier... and excited to try on wedding dresses in a couple weeks! I never thought I'd be excited for that because I worried so much that they would not have any dresses to fit me. I am still 35 pounds from my "by the wedding" weight loss goal, and even more pounds until my "healthy weight" goal, but I'm pushing hard and getting it done! If anyone out there is reading this looking for inspiration- my words of advice would be to just do it. Jump in head first and start- TODAY. I read a quote somewhere on here that said "A year from now, you will be glad you started today"... and it is so true.

BEFORE: 04/09/11- 298 LBS

AFTER: 10/07/11- 233 LBS

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You look great! Congratulations!
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So amazing!!! You look Beautiful!!! Congrats on the HUGE weight loss!! Your going to be a beautiful bride!!!
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is super awesome.
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You look absolutely amazing and so happy! Youre smile seems infections, good job!
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A HUGE congratulations to you!!! 65lbs since April is AMAZING!!!
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You look so amazing! What great work you are doing! Congrats! Keep it up and congrats on the upcoming wedding!
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Great Work! Congrats on the engagement!
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Great job you look awesome..
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Great job!!
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You have done amazing!!! Congrats on the wedding, the weight loss and all the fun changes in your life!
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You look fantastic, and congratulations!
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Wow! What an inspiration! You go, girl!
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CONGRATS!!!! You look fantastic .... 65 lbs since April is amazing!!!!
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