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Default NSV!!!... well - a few of them!

So, after feeling pretty down in the dumps about not being at goal and having a hard time with achievements, I started a thread in the support forum about it. People had a lot of really great responses, so I spent sometime thinking about what I can do now that I couldn't do before, I pulled out a tape measure and I also pulled out some clothes from the closet.

NSV#1 - In total, since May of 10, I have lost 39 inches.

NSV#2 - My old pants will not stay up over my bum and fell to the floor.

NSV#3- My old shirts are so big and hang so much that my boobs fall out of the necklines.

NSV#4 - Backstory: I have always had small boobs and a wide chest circumference, leading to me having to buy bras that were several cup sizes too large to be able to get it to fit around my chest. It was embarrassing because DH thought I was trying to do the equivalent to stuffing shorts because it made my boobs loook SOOO much bigger. I would rather him think that than realize they didn't make bras in my size... --- anyway --- I pulled out some good old 38A bras - and THEY FIT!!! I actually FIT into BRAS that I could buy at a regular store!! Thats so crazy to me!!!!

So now I have on a fitted tank with my new bra with my real boobs, i have lost a bunch of inches and my old clothes are like trash bags on my body.


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Congrats!!! That's fantastic! Time to go shopping!
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Woohoo! That's fantastic! And, I second Jen516's motion: Time to shop!!!
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I love your story good for you, it gave me a good chuckle too. But one question can someone please tell me what nsv means. I figured out tom (took a while cause I havent had one for years due to surgery) and have felt to dumb to ask about nsv..........
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nsv=non scale victory
AWESOME! CONGRATULATIONS!! I bet you look great too, keep it up!
oh, and what are you doing to have such success?
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Congratulations on your NSV! You should be very proud of your hard work! THis is encouraging. Best wishes to you as you head toward goal.
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Yay! Time to shop for new clothes to compliment your cute new figure!
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That's such a wonderful accomplishment! Perhaps now, you can feel more comfortable telling your husband the real deal?
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I know how you feel about the boobs. I have extremely small breasts and my highest was 270, and I couldn't find bras in my size then... so I *cough* went without. Now I can kind of fit into 38A's but there a little tight, but I've lost 5lbs so they should be fitting better in no time.

But congratulations!
And you know what, goals are tentative, give your body time and it will thank you.

And thank YOURSELF for being so awesome and losing 39"!
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Congrats girlie!
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You are doing so AWESOMELY well! Hurrah to bras that fit (and to bras that come in fun colours and patterns!)

Time to throw away/donate those huge clothes. They don't belong in the closet of someone who is TOO SMALL for them. This is your new life--maybe keep one thing that fit you before, but toss the rest. You are resolved not to be able to wear them ever again, right???

Sending strong, enthusiastic,supportive thoughts your way :-)
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Good for you Gonnaturnheads!
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Congrats on your NSV!

Run out and buy a few new bras but remember you won't need them long because your on a journey now. You will keep on rocking from here. I can feel that your happy from your post!

As for the other clothes---I go to good will, I won't fit them long( I hope), I want new when I reach my goal.Good Luck and congratulations to you

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