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Default Can feel muscle and bones

I know it may sound like a silly accomplishment but lately I've noticed that I can feel my collar bones and can see that definition around my neck. I'm down 58 lbs total and it took these last few pounds to show that definition.

I go to the gym 2-3 days a week and take a Body Pump class. For any of you that have the opportunity, take the class and you'll be amazed. You start to get fit very quickly and make huge strides before you even know it. Because of the class I have honest to goodness thigh muscles, biceps and believe it or not, I'm starting to feel some abs that are hiding under a still good amount of fat but I'm getting there!!!!

I've gone from nearly busting out of a size 22 to wearing 14's which are now starting to get baggy on me. I will tell you that if I can do it, anybody in this world can do it!!!
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That is fantastic! Keep up the hard work!!
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One day I noticed my shinbones! It was great to see them again : )
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Beings fats is brutals
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Way to go! Isn't it great to see bones and muscles you didn't know you had?

I have Jillian Michaels to thank. I've been doing her 30 Day Shred every day for nearly 3 months. I never thought I'd say this about an exercise...but I LOVE it!

Keep up the great work. You're not only getting thin with a butt-kicking workout, you're getting STRONG!
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Jess is losing it!
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awesome!! this your body thanking you for making it healthier. congrats!
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I noticed my collar bones for the first time the other day, and my tummy is enough smaller that I can definitely feel my hip bones, especially when I'm lying down. I can also feel ribs on the upper part of my rib cage on my sides. It's like a miracle to me. I knew all those bones were there, but I couldn't feel them before!
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mmmmeee tooooo! Congrats by the way, but I just looked in the mirror this morning..and I saw my collar bones. not just the area where I know they are because of the shape, but the actual!

Also last night I was rubbing lotion on my legs, and I looked in the mirror..and you know that line people get in their outerthighs when they workout--I think it makes them look so sleek...but, I actually have the lines where you can see my quadriceps and hamstrings. There's still a bit of fat obscuring the lines, but they are a lot more noticable!

Another thing I my back and butt used to just couldn't tell where back ended and butt started...but now I can see a clear slope and definition..

isn't it awesome! I think that is TONS better than just weight loss!
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That's not silly at all, that's fantastic! It's the small things you notice I think . . . the ones that no one else might, but it's those things that make you proudest too.

Way to go!
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