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I'm trying.
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Thumbs up First goal 5% down.


I just joined here today though I've been lurking on the forums for a little while. I decided exactly 30 days ago that my lifestyle was going to kill me early (21 year old male, btw) and I needed a change. For a while I was over 300 pounds but I cut out regular soda a while back and sat around 295. I started my diet after brutal stomach cramps from eating way too much dominos pizza with my friends.

Anyways it's been really difficult but I've made a lifestyle change for the better. I eat smart portions, and make smart decisions but I'm not afraid to have a beer or indulge. To me this isn't a, well I'm on a diet no beer until I lose 100 pounds, because then I'd bloat back up after working so hard. It's about making smart choices and eating less than I did before.

Anyways, I've lost 18 pounds now, I'm at 275 since I started. 5% of my body weight gone in less than a month. I'm really exstatic about this but it really stinks that I just don't see it. Also being a guy, I don't really broadcast that I'm on a diet to people, it's not really something I'm comfortable bringing up, so most people haven't said a word about it.

Anyways, this is just one of many mini-goals on my way to being normal by BMI standards. It seems far away but I'll get there eventually.
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Congratulations on the 18lbs, great start!
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Gaining Attitude
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18 pounds is AWESOME!!!!! And your approach gets you extra bonus kudos because you are being smart and you're doing it in a way you will be able to sustain. You are putting yourself first. And I think that is a lesson that will take you far in life. Look, if it's hard to see 18 lbs, here's what you do: go to the store today and find 18 lbs of something - 4 5 lb bags of sugar or 20 lb bag of dogfood. Now carry that around the store a couple of times. Now put it down. Whew! SEE!! That's what you are not carrying around ALL THE TIME NOW! Don't worry, the more you lose the more you'll see the difference in your clothes. And don't forget to take your body measurements and check them every time you make a goal. I'm sure others here have more advice on how to monitor results to keep yourself motivated.

But for this's what 18 pounds off look like:

And kudos for the smart choices you are making!
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That's fantastic progress! Congratulations to you. You can find all the pats on the back you could need here from people who 'get' it. Whatever you're doing- keep going because it's working.
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thats super awesome congrats!! i feel the same way about indulging-except mine is soda-i'll have one, maybe two a wk and thats enough
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I'm bringin' SEXY back!!!
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Good for you!!! I've just set a goal to lose 5% of my body weight as well.
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Going to be a mommy!
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Default Hello!!

5% is a GREAT accomplishment!! I know when I hit my first 5% goal I was so motivated.... I just hit my 10% goal and starting on to the next goal as well!

Your doing so well! Keep up the most awesome work!!
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