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Default I kinda hit a mini goal

OK this is probably going to sound silly but, I have lost about 7 bs in the last 2 weeks or so. The miracle here is that i didn't do it by "dieting". Anytime before, if i lost weight it was but killing myself at the gym or some strict/restrictive food plan that was too hard to maintain while feeding 3 kids and hubby. This, i am just working on my not binge eating which as always been my biggest problem, dinner is my biggest binge time. i have started adding in more fruits during the day for snacks. A cup of frozen fruit or a grapefruit in in between breakfast and lunch and then apple with peanut butter in the afternoon before dinner. I am just eating steady i guess through out the day then try to not be hungry at dinner. I really think my weight wasn't just from over eating but the waiting to long to eat, i think it was messing with my metabolism. I usually have an all or nothing attitude with diet an exercising and i am fighting that this time. I am trying to just make baby step changes. First change was adding 2 snacks a day, second was jis looking at what I wanted to cook for dinner and ask myself "how can this be healthier?" I try to stay way from white rice, breads and pastas when i can, I don't sweat it if I cant. I can remember the first time I did Atkins. I had wonderful results but that first time i went to dinner, I ended up in tears because there was nothing I could it, it was horrible. Most restaurants have great low carb options now but not back then. I was reading someones food plan of choice last night and just reading sent a panic through me. I know that those types of weight loss plans will never work for me. I'm not doing much in the exercise department just yet but I did go on 1 walk with a friend, spent the day walking a round Our Nations Oldest City, St Augustine Fl last week(including 219 steps to the top of a light house) and I am walking a 5K tomorrow pending I get a babysitter for my son. I am just now getting to be able to wear a shoe since I broke my toe 4 weeks ago. The Goal I have reached is, knowing I really can lose weight with out going to some extreme that ends up impossible for me to continue. Oh and another reason I am not really getting into exercise right now is because I use that as an excuse to over it, or eat things i know i shouldn't. I don't think I can trust myself with that right now but i will get there. If you read this far, you deserve a treat.

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I think that's great. There is always time to add additional strategies when / if you need them. Way to go!
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Sounds like you're doing great! You and I have the binge eating in common - but I at least live alone, so I don't even have an excuse! Congratulations on a great job!
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Congratulations...I've had similar experiences of losing weight in a short period of time. And usually that happens when I am busy and don't obsess about food. I think of these times of rapid weight loss and good morale boosters for the times when I hit a plateau.
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willow/mandy: I too have been losing just by not bingeing. It isn't a lot of loss, but it is steady, and manageable. Sister, we are also alike in that eating well all day is really helping manage the evening hungries and snack attacks.
I am learning alot in this community, no matter how far apart we are in miles.
thanks for the boost, and good luck. (I remember you breaking the toe, wow, that doesn't seem like 4 weeks!)
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