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Finally on my way!!
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Default I won out over major temptation

Yesterday my DH had a dr. appointment, and after that was over we went to the grocery store. I don`t know why, but I had a craving for something sweet, preferably chocolate. Now yesterday was a non-counting day (I count calories 3 days a week, and try to not to be too bad on the other days) and we had gone out for breakfast, and I had a big breakfast which I shouldn`t have. So I was going to keep it light the rest of the day. But when I got into that store, I had my mind made up I was going to get some cookies or candy. I even hit the cookie aisle and looked over everything. I think I spent about 10 or 15 minutes in that aisle alone, because I couldn`t decide. Even though I wanted something that I didn`t need, I started looking at all the sugar-free stuff first. Then I looked at all the sugar-loaded stuff, and when it was all said and done with, I couldn`t justify buying a whole pack of something that would sit around for days and tempt me. I still wanted something sweet, but I just couldn`t do it. So I went to the cereal aisle and bought a 6-count box of fruit and nut granola bars. Hubby will help me eat those, lol!
At the checkout, however, I did buy a single serving size of Hershey Kissables, and although I wanted something so badly yesterday, they are still on the counter in the kitchen. I didn`t touch them, I decided I will save them for a counting day so I can be sure I won`t go overboard calorie wise, and also will only eat them if I am really really craving something like that. I also bought some instant pudding mixes that I will make with 1% milk. I figure that`s gotta be better than candy, right?

I`m not being as strict as I guess I should be, but so far this approach has worked for me, and I`ve lost 2 more lbs. in the last 2 days. I have not been regularly exercising, however, and I believe today will be the day when I walk up and down the street a few times (gonna check the distance on the trip gage on the truck) and I think I will also get out the Gazelle that`s been folded up in the garage for the past 2 years. DH has wanted me to get rid of it because I wasn`t using it, but I told him no way, I WILL use it again. So today I`m gonna show him I meant it, lol!

I am also going to stay off the scale until maybe the end of this coming week, I want to see myself out of the 320`s the next time I step onto it. I`m sure the scale won`t mind that, either, LOL!!
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Thumbs up

That's a wonderful NSV!
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That requires mayor self control!
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is baaaad to the bone!
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Firehorse - I purchase Jello Pudding Sugar Free - it has only 60 calories and comes in a bunch of flavors - I buy the pre-made, but they also have sugar free in the mix...I have used both but find that the pre-made is thicker - I keep them in the house - just take note - they have 100 calorie packs in the pre-made as well...but I go for the sugar free to avoid an additional 40 calories
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Finally on my way!!
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I have tried the sugar free and liked it very much. Sometimes I have trouble finding that here, though. I need to buy it, though because Hubby likes pudding alot but he is diabetic, so he needs the sugar free stuff. It is nice to not have those extra calories at the end of the day, also!
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You did it and that is really hard to do. Congratulations!

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