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Masterpiece in progress
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Thumbs up 54 lbs gone, 58to go , wow.....

I have always come here to read the inspirational stories all of you post, they have always given me strength to go on, when I felt like giving up.
Well I thought with 54 lbs gone, I should post this victory.
When I started a few months ago , again for the 3rd time here, I didn't think I would loose this much. Everytime I started loosing weight I would loose 20lbs, stop eating right, and exercising, gain what I lost back plus more. I had no self-confidence, didn't believe in myself, and really hated myself. I don't know what has worked this time, daily I give myself a peptalk so I will exercise, or eat right. It is working. I started at a size 26 pants( tight), now my size 20's are loose. I am 2 lbs away from being at my half way mark. The last time I was 225 , my Son was 5 yrs old, he is now 17. I have so much more energy, and am beginning to love myself again.
So for those of you who come here looking for ideas, or inspiration, I am telling you anything is possible, if you work hard enough and stick to it. When you fall off plan, or feel like you will, don't give up!!! try again, and you can do it. We are worth it!!!

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You've done a great job. 54 lbs - that's wonderful.

I'm so glad that you are gaining self confidence and feeling better about yourself. The world seems to be a different place when you feel good.

It seems like you're well on your way to losing more and more. Don't get discouraged if it takes a little longer than you'd like. And remember to come here for support when/if you need it.

Good luck,
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Getting Better Every Day!
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I really dont know how you all do it!! god, i only want to lose 22 pounds and its going by so slowly! youve lost 54, more than DOUBLE what i want to lose! DOnt know how you do it! Congrats
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girl toward svelte
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Congradulations! Last night was a small victory for me - I had the biggest craving to snack, worse that I've had in a while, but I did not eat anything after dinner, and then I got up this morning and worked out for 45 mins! I know if I just repeat that for a few months, I'll be seeing major results. And if I stick around these forums, I'll find the inspiration to do it, like your story, hellokitty! Good luck with the second half of your journey, I'm cheering you on!
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Cheryl -

You are doing remarkable. Keep up the good work. We're all here for you and cheering you on!.
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The Victorious One
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Dieting Diva
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I am so proud of you !
You have worked so hard at this. I know there were days that you had to dust yourself off and get back on the plan.I always look to see how you are doing in the " the reason I am staying on plan today" thread. I have a 20 something daughter, a teenager and a little tot- so I know how hard it is to diet, workout and make everyone else's world complete.
I hope you are chunking those old clothes and finding some pretty stuff to wear. You deserve it- you have worked at it for a long time.
Determination, inspiration and grit sometimes gets us through- but belief in ourselves carries us when everything else leaves the room. If this was easy everyone would weight 125-145 pounds and Weight Watchers meetings would be closed.
Fifty four pounds lost really rocks ! Keep up the good work and maybe we will someday be in maintainers together !
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Way to go! You may come here for inspiration, but you are now the inspiration!! You've done a great job! Keep at it and you will be at goal in no time!!!
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That is awesome!!! You have made it over half way CAN make it the rest of the way!! That is awesome that you are feeling so much more confident...and so you should!! You are doing a wonderful job and a wonderful thing for yourself. Way to Go!!!! Keep up the good work.

Anytime I am feeling like I am never going to make it to goal, i come here and read stories and look at pics of people who have done it. We can do this!!!
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Binge Day 2
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That is one awesome story! I love reading these. It makes me think I can really do it.
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All I can say is "WOW"! Thanks for sharing your story.
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Starting Over
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congrats you just got to the top of the hill, now to run all the way down it! you're doing great, keep up the good work!
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Doing it.
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OMG congrats!

I'm sitting here today thinking I'll never be able to do this; being my old weight of 125-130 is a dream never bound to come true.... I came here for inspiration and I got it.

Thank you.
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