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Happy New Rears!
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Smile NSV - My winter coat

Last winter, my coat wouldn't button up. I had to wear it open with a scarf in front to hide the fact that it wouldn't close from people. Ijust wanted them to think I was wearing it that way because I wanted to, not because the buttons wouldn't meet in the front.

This morning I was getting something out of the closet and I saw my coat and tried it on. It wraps around me with inches to spare, it's too big!! I couldn't wear it now, it looks ridiculous, the shoulders and sleeves are hanging off me.

It's a huge, dramatic change,

I guess what I'm saying is I don't notice the day to day, week to week changes in my body, but seeing that coat on me this morning was surreal and really showed me what I've accomplished
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I recently moved back home after a year in CA. I had packed away the winter clothes that I knew I wouldn't wear during the year, including a bunch of wool trousers, corduroys, jeans, etc. I might as well have just taken them to the salvation army, because not a single one of them fits. They're way beyond baggy butt.

I either have to go shopping or be prepared to freeze (what remains of) my a** off this winter.

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That's so great!
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That's wonderful! What a great scale victory and NSV.
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It's never too late
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I have had a similar experience in the past week. I like wearing button-down shirts to work because they are plain and simple but professional enough for work. I am quite big up top (well-endowed as some people say) so sometimes button-down shirts don't look right on me - the buttons bulge and look like they are about to pop. I have 2 shirts that I particularly like because they are beautiful colors and great quality material. As of last summer, I could no longer button the shirts, but could only wear them open over a short-sleeved shirt or tank-top. I tried both shirts on this past week and they both button with room to spare! Yay for NSV!
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mmm nutella
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I'm hoping to have that experience by the time I have to put on my winter coat too.
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