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I deserve to feel good!
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Default What are some of your NSV's?

Join in with me! What are some of the NSV's you've noticed as of late?

When I took my shower this morning I spent a few minutes in front of the mirror analyzing the changes I notice about my body. The fat roll on my back is no longer a "roll" but more of just a "bump" now. My belly doesn't stick out quite so much, I have actual muscles in my calves and bones in my ankles (who knew!) and I can see that lovely collar bone without hunching my shoulders to make it stick out. YAY for me!

So lets here it, what are some things you've been noticing about your body?

And as for a non-body NSV today when I woke up I got out of bed straight into my running clothes and drove out to the mountain preserve for a run. It wasn't until partway through that I realized I didn't even THINK about what I was doing this morning, I didn't think "I should go work out," or "I have to go for a run," I just did it, like second nature! Boy did that feel good!!!
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Hi wisher.

I too notice changes in the mirror, smaller stomach, etc.

My big deal is that my pants that I put away for when I lose a little weight that I started wearing a month or two ago are now too loose. I busted out a size 14 pant today and they fit. I love that!

Healthwise I had my lung capacity measured last week. It is up from 2640 to 3300 cc. It looks like the exercise is paying off.
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Some NSV's for me lately...enjoying watching myself walk past a mirror near my office, being totally surprized when i fit in a size 8 pants, making healthier choices when i go out to eat and even then only eating half of it and saving the other half for the next meal.
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For me, I've noticed:
1. It takes me a shorter time to towel myself dry after my shower (and I can now wrap the bath towel around me without any "gaps.")

2. Less nicks on the back of my thighs when I shave my legs (firmer hamstrings, perhaps?)

3. Having to buy smaller sports bras because the present ones weren't doing the job anymore of restraining "the girls."

4. Noticing that my choker necklaces don't choke me so much - either they've gotten longer or my neck has gotten thinner.
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I'm lovin my scale
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My NSV's:

1. Being mistaken for an athlete. Who me? I just jog so I won't be fat.

2. Fitting into size eight pants. Hehehe..whodda thunk it?

3. Being told I don't need to lose weight. (annoying, but flattering)

4. Placing 2nd in the cardio challenge at my gym.

5. Having a positive influence on people who are where I used to be.

6. My watch is loose.

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For the first time ever I did the amount of exercise I planned to do during a month.
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I have been doing yoga every night before bed and the other day I noticed, I can now touch my toes w/out bending my knees! I have NEVER been able to do that, even when I was really young!
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Today's NSV was working out. *lol* I started Turbo Jam yesterday and it was a lot of fun. Then I went out dancing last night as well. I woke up this morning and my body was sore. But, nevertheless, I did Turbo Jam again today. Sure my kicks weren't as strong, but I did it and that is a major accomplishment for me. Hopefully, I'll have the same NSV tomorrow!
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I've been working out by necessity - I hike all day doing survey work. Having an active job outside is so amazing, even if I hate those hills at times. And recently I've been noticing that I can keep up with everyone else on the crew without constantly feeling that I'm about to keel over. And I have great leg muscles (still under a bit of fat, but still).
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1. Yesterday I tried on the new size 14 jeans I had stashed in the closet downstairs. They fit!! Well...almost...they're too long so I have to get them shortened.
2. I actually go out in public now with loose, comfortable exercise pants. Black with the red stripe down the sides (they're very slimming! ) Never did that before...always felt like I had to pack it in sturdier pants.
3. Was told several times at the barbecue I went to that I look great.

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dh: "Its pretty cool, the back of your legs are smooth now"

me: "you mean cellulite?"

dh: "whatever, its not there anymore"
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Visualizing the Goal
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What's NSV stand for?
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NSV=Non-Scale Victory
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The Victorious One
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My NSVs are

~Looking in the mirror and seeing that my face is getting slender
~Being more confident in my weight loss process
~ Having more joy & peace in my life
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