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Default She noticed!

I had a hair appointment to get my color redone (it'd been since mid-December that I'd had it done, and it was SO faded with horrid roots, but I couldn't afford it until this weekend) on Saturday. I got there about ten minutes early, so I parked and sat in the car, reading, with the door open for the breeze, and sitting sideways so my legs stuck out. So my hairdresser saw I was there when she was having her cig break between customers, and even though it was a bit early, she came over to the car and told me to come on in.

I unfolded myself out of the car (I'm tall, and was borrowing my mom's little sporty car) and went to follow her in, and she went "Oh my god! You've lost weight!" I laughed and said, yep, about 15 lbs so far. And she was all "Congratulations, you look great!"

SO gratifying when people notice. And when I stood up when she was done and was gathering my stuff to leave, she tugged on a fold of my somewhat-loose jeans (I'm waiting until I'm comfortably a 14 before I buy new jeans, I'm kind of in-between sizes atm) and said, "Girl, go get yourselves some jeans that fit. Show that off!"

I tipped well.
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Aha! There you go. What a great feeling--enjoy!

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When i great compliments like that, i can't wipe the smile of my face for a long time after! Congratulations!...It really must show!

Also, I didn't get knew pants until i was 4 sizes down. that's when most people noticed. looked like i lost it over night!
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Very cool!
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very cool. i had a similar thing happen to me yesterday at a baby shower. i haven't seen my family in a long time and when they saw me everyone kept complimenting me. i didn't see the difference, but when others noticed it mad me feel better. congrats on your success

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Wow Thats About Where Im At. I Have Lost 14 Lbs.however The Inches May Be Coming Off.
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It's so great that your hard work is being noticed! It can definitely be a little boost to get you re-motivated, too.
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you must be on cloud 9!!! Congratulations!! Keep up the good work
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aww thats a great NSV - congrats!
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Doesn't it feel great when people actually notice all the work that you put into your body??? I bet you did tip very well!!!! Congratulations on all your hard work and efforts!!! Its not easy, but you are doing it!!!!!
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That's awesome.
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Thats great! That would have made me feel wonderful too!
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