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Lightbulb 4 weeks to a hair cut!

So I set a goal for myself. Walk 3 times a weeks for 4 weeks. THEN I can get my hair cut! which I am dying to do!!! anyone have any motivation for walking??
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My motivation is a drawerful of size 10 shorts! Summer's COMIN'.
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why wait? ,get your hair cut now ,it will make you feel more motivated straight away ,I know this because Ive had mine done this morning and I feel and look 10yrs younger.
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Actually, my weight loss journey began with an awesome haircut....

I was about 200 lbs, and I had long hair and wore glasses. I was not ugly, just frumpy I suppose. Well, we got new uniforms at work, and the new uniforms are actually cute. Then I chucked the glasses and started wearing contacts again, and makeup. So, my friend dared me to cut off my hair. After about a week of hemming and hawing, I finally got brave and just did it, and it was really, really cute. Everyone said so. People who never knew I was pretty were now smothering me with compliments. It felt really good, especially when the guys would say nice things. But, then I kept looking at myself and seeing this chubby face and body to go with my cute haircut. I still felt fat, which took away from my appearance. The makeover is no good without the madeover body to go with it. So I decided to do something about it.

And its been almost 5 weeks now, and I am still on the wagon and I have lost 14 lbs. Maybe if you have the haircut, like me, it will make you feel better about yourself, and it will be your incintive to lose weight.

I walk a mile every day. Sometimes with my sister, and sometimes just me and my MP3 player.... Every single day... at least 30 minutes brisk walk. It has been said that it takes at least 21 days to form a habit, so you must do it for this long to get your body used to doing it automatically. (Food for thought). Myself, I have alot of problems with my feet, they hurt constantly. If I can do it with my messed up feet, so can you...

Also, I don't really diet exactly, I just limit my carbs, I try to avoid starchy foods like white rice, bread, potatoes, and pasta. I try to make healthier choices for my meals, maybe choose something lower in fat and higher in protien, eat more vegetables and fruits, and cut down on milk consumption (I used to drink half a gallon of milk a day by myself) That's the hardest part of this "diet", I crave milk all the time. And no more sweet sodas, I do drink some diet sodas from time to time. I drink mostly iced tea now. Other than that, I still eat pretty much the same stuff as before, just not as much, I eat only until I'm satisfied and not till I'm stuffed to the gills. I keep the harmful stuff to a minimum, like cookies and candy etc.... I eat only a little, and eat it slowly so I can enjoy it and be satisfied. I try to keep my cals about 1500 every day, and though sometimes I exceed my 1500, this is still what I aim for... I try to keep carbs lower than the rest, though when I eat fruit it makes my carbs go high...

Hope this helps... It's working for me so far...


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