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Unhappy first weigh in today

Okay, so I had my first weigh in today (a month exactly after I started) and to be honest I feel completely dissapointed in myself, and I really just want to give up, because I know it's might be unrealistic, but I wanted to loose a lot more than I did. I feel like a huge failure. I only lost 15 pounds. And it seems so minute in comparrison with what I want to loose. Anyway, I just needed to vent.
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elizabeth: 15 lbs in a month is excellent and safe. Faster weight loss isn't better. You can only physically lose 1-2 lbs of fat a week, any more and its water weight or muscle. And you want to keep your muscle! I think you did awesome! You really should be proud, those 15 lbs show how hard you have been working! I hope to follow in your footsteps when I weigh in after a month!

Don't lose heart, you are doing great! --Sumi
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15 lbs in a month is incredible. You should be very very very happy. That is actually way faster than recommended, but not terribly unusual for the first month.

1-2 lbs a week average is healthy, much beyond that you are risking damage to your metabolism and loss of muscle
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15lbs is great! You should be proud!
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Thumbs up

Aww thank you all so much. I really cannot tell you how much I appreciate it.
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15 lbs is amazing. You should really be proud of yourself.
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Umm...I'd be ecstatic if I lost 15 lbs in one month. They say 2/week is good, and when I was in weight loss mode I lost about 10/month (x 12 months = 120 pounds total). Congratulate yourself, and that's 15 pounds you don't have to lose again. Don't look at the amount left, look at the short term successes. That's what the mini-goal board is all about. Anyways, don't you feel better? And you're probably down a size, right? Yay for you!
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WOW!!! 15 pounds in a month is reason for you to jump up and down for joy!!! Remember, you didn't gain all of your weight in one month, and it's harder to lose than it is to gain, so give it time. You should be proud of yourself!!!!
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