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Default Hairy Goodness, Part 2

Alrighty then....

To revamp from last October's post...I started at over 320 lbs January of 07, and as of this morning I'm checking in at 218. I've enlisted the services of a personal trainer and I'm working towards a goal...I guess you could call it that...of my first bodybuilding competition in June of 09. Not so much because it appeals to me overall, mainly because I think it's a hoot to be able to go from one extreme to the other physically.

Now, before the twinkies start flying, I realize that I have a long way to go as of yet. I'm still dealing with the flabby midsection, and really really hoping that will go away without surgery of some kind. Other than that, here I am currently in all my hairy goodness.

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Wow! what a difference. You look great
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Work in progress
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Awesome job so far! Seriously, you look so different! The muscles in your arms are pretty impressive. You should be very proud of all your hardwork thus far!
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wow you really do look amazing, crazy how weightloss transforms a person. keep up the good work! good luck
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Extra gluten
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You look great! Well on your way to the competition. Please keep us posted on all of your progress. Hotness!
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You look fantastic. What a difference. Keep up the good work.
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Want to be thinner again.
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Wow you Look Great,Had to relook over before & After pic few times, Almost thought it was differant MAN- Keep it up !
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Good job !! BRAVO !!

Love your name ROFLMFAO

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I love that you are smiling in the second set of pictures.. That is awesome
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Method to the Madness
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Wow! You certainly have some awesome muscle tone in those after pictures! What a difference!

Great job!
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WOw you look wonderful! I know your excited on your progress, keep it up!
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2 wheels is plenty :D
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Rawking definition!! That is a huge change.

Did someone say twinkies?
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What an amazing transformation!
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Nice definition! You look fantastic.
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Burning it away
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Wow well done! You look so much happier too
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