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camaswa 09-26-2012 11:09 PM

That is great, Gina. I think i mentioned before that I am instinctively feeling I might like bigger meals as well. I haven't systematically done it, but this week I went back to eggs for breakfast (after burning out and switching to Greek yougurt, protien powder and fruit). I was amazed to realize that at 11:30 I was just then getting hungry. On the other breakfast I was sagging by 10, dispite the high protien. (I now think all protein is not the same) Now if I could nail a lunch that held me so well, I think I would be on a good track. I usually take a big salad with chicken and some feta cheese with olive oil. Mid-afternoon I need a bar or something. By the way, all, I have fallen for Quest bars, which I saw on a banner ad here on 3FC. They have few wierd ingredients, lots of fiber and lots of protein: look 'em up! They aren't easy to find but my Vitiman shop in the neighborhood carries them. You can order a sampler pack form the company as well

Anyway, the journey goes on, doesn't it? And Patzi is back down again! Yea!

This week I get my maintance calories- I have been busy and traveling and haven't had time to go in for two weeks. I am betting it will be around 1600 or so.

nwcgina 09-27-2012 01:53 PM

camaswa-I agree that not all proteins don't seem to hold me the same...same as not all carbs are the same (obviously). What if you added some quality, high fiber starch to that salad? I find I need a starch with my noon meal. I'll have to check out the quest bars.

camaswa 09-28-2012 03:20 PM

I'm confused- I just got my much-anticipated maintenance calories. I am 5'8", I exercise regularly and currently have a RMR of 1435 yet they suggested I follow a 1200 calorie maintenance diet. My gosh, MetaBalance can be 1300, depending on what options you choose. So how can this be? My regular counselor was away and the one I saw could not give me a decent answer. Honestly, she taked in circles and i cant even quote what she said. I said that seemed awfully low so she gave me a 1500 plan. I am back to doubting whether these people really know what they are doing.

patzi 09-29-2012 07:16 AM


Originally Posted by camaswa (Post 4482706)
I'm confused- I just got my much-anticipated maintenance calories. I am 5'8", I exercise regularly and currently have a RMR of 1435 yet they suggested I follow a 1200 calorie maintenance diet. My gosh, MetaBalance can be 1300, depending on what options you choose. So how can this be? My regular counselor was away and the one I saw could not give me a decent answer. Honestly, she taked in circles and i cant even quote what she said. I said that seemed awfully low so she gave me a 1500 plan. I am back to doubting whether these people really know what they are doing.

I never counted calories.. They seem to give most everyone, from what I have heard a 1200 calorie diet.. After stabilization, I just did my maintenance the way it was good for me.. My question to them was ,why did I never have to count calories while on weight loss challenge, and now on maintenance you want me to count calories. I just never did it, but that does not mean it is the right thing to do, it was good for me.. However, I never stopped keeping a daily journal. I log into fitness pal when I have the time to see how much of everything I am eating, but that is it .I keep a journal going for everything I eat, and when I gain, go back to see if I can find out why.. Lately, that has been a challenge. LOL.

nwcgina 09-29-2012 10:09 PM

camaswa-I think there are a large # of counselors that don't know what they are doing. From what I can tell they generally put people on a lower maintenance # than what their bodies truly need for a few reasons. 1) they don't want you to gain weight back, and 2) when you shift to maintenance all of tend to relax a little more so we may easily eat a couple hundred extra calories. If your goal is 1200 but give yourself a little leeway, you still would be fine. I agree that for almost everyone on maintenance, 1200 is too low (unless you are very small framed and have a low activity level). Even 1500 for most women if they are active is too low. My "maintenance" level should be 1900...so my counselor suggested 1500 to give me a little wiggle room on days and prevent regain. I've tried counting calories, I've tried counting servings of different food groups, I've tried just journaling...I can honestly say I don't know which way is the best for me. I'm switching back to keeping calories in my fitness pal since I finally got an iphone. I can be a little more flexible with my eating...but I make sure I'm getting protein, fruits, and veggies. And I've switched to eating mainly just 3 times a day, sometimes a little snack. And I'm still playing around with what my calorie level should be (i.e. what wouldn't cause me to gain but also keeps me satisfied.) This past week I did about 1400 per day but allowing myself to eat approximately the # of calories I burned in a workout...so 1500 to 1600...I figure that keeps me motivated to exercises. That was what myfitnesspal recommended to lose a pound a week (I'm really okay with maintaining). No gain, felt satisfied (a little hungry at times) so going to up it just a bit. It's all a learning games, but I know I don't want to spend my life feeling restricted but at the same time finding that place where I am not so hungry/deprived that I feel miserable.

faerychic 09-30-2012 10:43 AM

camaswa - I am the same height as you 5'8" and when I started maintenance I was told to keep my calories between 1400-1500. Just my 2 cents here, but I would think with how active you are you could do the 1500 calorie menu. I suggest you make an appointment with your regular counselor and ask her to re-evaluate your calories for maintenance (I have even called another center when I doubted what the counselors were saying).

Tamikl 09-30-2012 02:03 PM

Hello ladies!!

Just a quick check in...Like Patzi, I really don't count calories, and that has had its ups and downs with me. When I was doing Fitness Pal regularly, it was a real eye opener for me....now I enter some days when I am concerned, but most days if I am home, I feel like I have a rough idea of how many I am consuming.

I am up 2lbs, down 2lbs...up 3lbs, down 1lb...and so it goes. I am still basically within my Maintenace area, but not a lot of wiggle room. For me, it is tougher to make little changes. I feel like I would be better off one way or the other...Green or Mainenance. I have experienced many times of eating a certain way one week with no gain, and similar the next with a gain. I don't get it.

Right now I have really backed of the protein drinks...rather I have increased my fiber drinks to 3/day and at my last WI, I was down 2lbs...that is with no other change in my Maintenance diet. If I did preconditioning with the fiber, I may have even better results, but haven't been that disciplined as yet.

Basically I totally behave at home...when I am away, very hard for me. So...still need more willpower!!!:dust: Especially with holidays approaching, etc...

I am noticing the absense of JenB...and hoping all is going well for her. Thank you all for the continued posts...I love that I can share this journey with others:) You are all an inspiration to me....

nwcgina 09-30-2012 02:56 PM

Like Tami said, I sometimes have a gain without really a reason (i.e. I've been eating/exercising the same way). This morning it was the opposite...a 3 lb loss for really no reason. Been doing everything pretty much the same. I'll take it.

patzi 10-01-2012 06:53 PM

I was just coming on to ask about Jen B and I see Tami mentioned it.. I sure hope all is ok with her.

I started on the fiber drinks, also, to see if I can put a stop to this up and down yoyo. I was doing so well for a year and a half,but it is what it is..

I have to stay off the protein meal replacement shakes.. I have been taking them when I am away at business, but not anymore. I gain with them. They may have too much sugar for me, who knows. I was on one protein drink a day and one creamy at night.. I am going to cut out the one protein drink and do the 4 fiber instead and see how that goes..

It is good to have a maintenance forum..

Hope y'all have a good week weigh in wise.


patzi 10-01-2012 07:11 PM

Forgot to ask... Re: Fiber Drinks.. Has anyone found any that were compatible to MRC, as Diet Direct, etc?


JenB72 10-03-2012 02:58 PM

Since Tami & Patzi asked, here I am. I'm not dead, I promise. ;)

I felt close to it though. It's been a VERY rough 2 months (has it been that long)? It all happened quite suddenly. I was getting ready to go WI one day when my mom called and she was completely incoherent and crying. NOT like my mom, whatsoever. Earlier in the week she had been hit on the head by the back door of an SUV. After finally getting to her and rushing her to the ER, it turned out she had a brain hemmorage. She was fortunate that she didn't need surgery, but it scared the heck out of us and she's finally back to normal. Then came vacation, a sick child, and then my health took a hit.

At the ripe old age of 40, I was diagnosed with the shingles. Basically the doctor said between work, taking care of the munchkin, and training for a half marathon, I stressed myself into it. I'm still not over either but better. I just had to be put on a second round of anti-viral medication on Monday because I had a few more spots pop up, but it has stopped it in its tracks. I was also on steroids up until last night. If you've ever been on Prednisone, you know what that crap can do to you. One week my wedding rings were loose when I was in the shower and I was having to be careful with them. The next week I had to take them off because my fingers had swollen so bad. I tried and tried to get back to my green menu to no avail. That stuff left me STARVING all the time. Monday I tried and did my normal green menu breakfast, 2 protein drinks before lunch and 50 oz. of water. My stomach was growling by 11 AM and making me sick. I haven't touched a scale in weeks because I know it's bad. I'm still in my size 6 jeans but they are tight. I know that once the steroids work their way out of my system and the fluid retention goes down that will change, but I hate it right now.

As if that wasn't enough, I was diagnosed with bronchitis last week. So, on top of the other stuff I'm taking, I'm also on antibiotics and cough syrup with codeine (God bless the person that combined those two ;) ). A week later, my cough isn't getting much better but at least I can function now.

Today has been my first good day on the green menu. I went into the center last week and bought my supplies and will go in on Saturday to WI and face the music. Round 2, here we go!

I have missed you all and hope you are all doing well!

teacherlady79 10-03-2012 10:24 PM

OMG, Jen, that's terrible.

I'm so sorry that you've had to deal with so much, and especially for the pain your own health is putting you through (my husband's mom had shingles, and it was extremely painful for her).

Prednisone is terrible--not only did I retain water and eat everything in sight the one time I was on it (only for 2 weeks, thank God!), it also made me extremely irritable and emotional. :(

Get better soon--I"ll say a prayer for you.

JenB72 10-04-2012 01:05 PM

Thanks, Natalie! I did great yesterday and stayed completely on track. I'm also doing great today too. It feels nice being back in control after feeling literally helpless for so long. :)

patzi 10-04-2012 07:32 PM

So good to hear from you.. You will be in my prayers and thoughts.

nwcgina 10-04-2012 10:58 PM

Oh Jen! Nothing like life hitting you in the teeth. Hang in there...you're right, prednisone causes awful water retention...but once it fully clears your system hopefully you feel better.

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