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Angry Ben & Jerrys

Can I say that this is my weakness and I'm about to eat a pint of Coffee Heath Bar Crunch? And I don't want to? But I do?

At least it's "fair trade certified"

But It's still a stupid thing to do and I need to stop myself.
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PUT DOWN THAT SPOON!! You can stop yourself! put the pint back in the freezer or even in the trash if you need to.

You can do this!
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Too late. Gone. That was stupid. But The key is to just not but the darn stuff. I do it perhaps once a month, but I don't know why I feel the need to eat the whole darn pint when I should just have a scoop or two. OCD?

The weird thing is that I used to fast for up to 10 days at a time when I was young, so while there is likely the OCD thing going on, I obviously have the ability to control my eating. I guess I need to channel the strength better.
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And since it was "fair trade" I helped someone, right? (J/K)
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I cheated tonight too :-( I've been doing low carb/sugar and I had 1 spring roll with peanut sauce and a handful of chex mix muddy buddies....which are delicious. Just take my word for it! Don't go buy some lol! I feel like a complete moron for eating it because I've been doing so good. I feel like in the morning the scale is going to show some obscene gain and I'm going to freak out. DANG YOU LACK OF SELF CONTROL!

On the bright side....leave it to me to find the silver lining....this is the first time I've cheated in almost a month and I've lost 13.7 lbs in a month. Let's not fret too much! Whew.
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I know where you're coming from. But for me was almost any fruit flavor ice cream and usually a quart or more. Seriously. I'd buy it saying it will be small servings but I'd go through a 1/2 gallon in two sittings.
But really it's not a spontaneous thing. Unless your freezer grows ice cream! You have to buy it first. I think it's easier (or maybe less hard?) to be strong at the store and just avoid the ice cream section rather than having the pint at home just waiting for you to eat it.
Maybe look at what you just took in. I had to B&Js site to look it up but a that pint had 1120 calories, 50% fat, 240mg of cholesterol, and 120g of sugar. Wowza.

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Oh, man... Used to be when I would see B&J was on sale for $2.50 a pint I just HAD to load up with an armful of flavors. And I'd eat pint and a half after dinner. Whazzat - about 1000 to 1500 calories? Sheesh.

I've been sober for a year, now.
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Responding a bit late, but Ben and Jerry's is particularly tempting to me, so I don't buy it... I've figured out if its there, I can't have just a spoonful.

I've taken to buying options that I can bring myself to control portions, or just not having ice cream in the house. You're not alone.

When I "slip", I just remind myself to get back on program. Its a daily struggle.

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