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Originally Posted by blabberesque View Post
Hi TheRightWeight,

I've been told that I look handsome many times, but I never take those compliments seriously!!! I always feel like those complimenting me don't have any other thing good to say, so they just end up saying I look handsome
If someone says you are handsome...then you ARE handsome.
You are going through an emotional adjustment and are still in denial.

Go look at yourself in the mirror once in awhile...really look at your face! It is changing, and you are looking really good to other people.

Your hard work is paying off. Just smile and say "Thank you" when you get compliments.
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Always be you man, even when you are "that guy".

I don't tell anyone I am dieting, but people notice that I am not eating the way I used to. I have also have had people notice I am thinner, if they ask I tell em.
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Me personally, I shy away from the "Diet" word - I usually just say I'm watching what I eat. And honestly, I don't really believe in diets - I feel that good eating is really a habit and for me it helps to think about it as a lifestyle not something as temporal as a "diet" feels.

Accepting compliments can be awkward at first -I definitely understand this. But hopefully over time you'll let it sink in. How would your life change if you actually believed what was being said to you was true? I'm guessing it would change for the better. It's worth checking in with yourself from time to time and saying, "Maybe it's true."

Realize that being attractive is more than just physical - it's about people literally wanting to be around you. And the more you love yourself, the more love you can let in, and the more attractive you will become. It's a pretty phenomenal cycle. Don't get too hung up on being "that guy", it's like trying to separate you from you. You're just an improved version of the guy you've always been.
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Dude, if you're not ready, you're not ready. But, it's always good to stay in practice. Maybe you have have the right attitude, now. Maybe that's why they find you attractive. You are not trying and maybe that is it.

I have a similar problem as I'm married and don't care one way or the other if girls talk to me. I always have my friends. But, the few times I am out I find a few that want to chat anyway. Some are annoyed when they see the ring but I am just talking.

Anyway, stick to the diet and exercise.
Good luck.
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Default On Being "That Guy"

Accept it that you are "That Guy" to some of the ladies; chalk it up to your charisma. People like to chat with fun, happy, positive people and apparently, that's you!

Good move on not broadcasting that you have changed your lifestyle and are losing weight (I hate the word diet!). Keep it to yourself and very close family/friends. Public accountability is a good motivator but it needs to be with people who are very close and very supportive cheerleaders.

Keep up the good work!
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Thanks for all the responses...It's been ages since I've been on here. I've had a little yo-yo action going on, but I am back on track...I re-read my initial post and realized it was little on this side of neurotic...LOL, But I SO apreciate all the responses...
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