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Smile Diet Direct Foods

Due to some issues I'm having with my MF coach (Yet to be resolved), my husband and I placed an order with First of all, "Thank You, Thank You!!" to those of you who recommended it - I never would have known about Diet Direct without you. We have been scarfing down their food ever since it showed up on Friday. It is MUCH less expensive than MF, far better tasting-in my opinion, and I get pasta again, Yes!

Some things to know before you order: the meals that come 7 to a box are smaller than you'd expect. (The spicy cheese n pasta is a lot like chili mac hamburger helper, and yummy if that's a comfort food for you like it is for me) I fixed this by adding 1/2 cup green beans or some other low carb vegetable. The creamy alfredo which comes 3 to a box was a bigger serving, and with some chicken chunks made a great dinner entree. The Bariwise pb&j bar was awesome to someone who hadn't had a sandwich in what seems like forever. The WonderSlim snack bars are good but snack sized, so expect that. The crispy bars are normal size. The WS snack bites are tasty and textured just like apple jacks except savory, not sweet. We didn't like the chips as much, they are crispy to the point of being like a very hard tortilla chip texture, and the flavors didn't come through enough to compensate. My husband really liked the corn chowder, I got a taste and liked it, but not enough to really judge. And, they have desserts! I haven't tried the cheesecake yet so I can't judge it. The chocolate cake has a slightly gelatinous texture, but tastes like real chocolate cake!

I had some technical issues with the website, don't hit your back button it causes problems. So I called it in, which worked great because I got some good advice on what to get. And I got a hard copy catalog which is easier for me, I like to have something to hold and write comments in.
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I'm on Medifast right now, and I should preface my comments by saying that I'm very happy with my program.

I really love my health coach. Plus, the forums are a lifeline for me.

That said, I do have lots of experience with the Diet Direct products if anyone is interested.

Compared to Medifast, the stuff on the Diet Direct site (I bought mostly Wonderslim, Proti Diet and Barislim brands) is super cheap.

Using the hot cocoa for an example, a box of seven Medifast "meals" costs me $15.50. I think you need to spend more than $250 to get free shipping with Medifast. Each serving has 110 calories, 14 g of protein, 1 g of fat, 4 g of fibre and 14 g of carbs.

The Wonderslim from Diet Direct, however, costs $9.99 for a box of seven. If you spend $99 you get $10 off, and shipping is free over $79. Each serving has 70 calories, 12 g of protein, 1 g of fat, 1 g of fibre and 6 g of carbs.

(I count carbs, because I find it waaaay easier to stick to a plan in a mild state of ketosis. I try to keep them under 90 a day.)

I wonder if the slightly lower calories and protein are why the Wonderslim plan has six meal replacements a day to Medifast's five? But in any case, the Wonderslim program incorporates fruit, and that's just too many carbs for me, so I wouldn't be very successful. But it seems possible that a person could sub in the odd Wonderslim meal without harming their Medifast plan.

I do usually like the taste of the stuff from Diet Direct better. I also find their shipping faster.

Here are some of the Diet Direct products I have tried, with my impressions:

Wonderslim Protein Bars: some are good! They are simillar to Medifast's maintenance, one-a-day-bars. I especially loved the coconut and lemon flavours. Peanut butter was not so good for me.

Wonderslim shakes: very similar in calories and protein to Medifast, but about half the carbs. Taste...I think pretty similar to Medifast.

Bari-Wise protein fruit drinks: I have only tried the Lemon Razzy, and I thought it was pretty good. It was a little bit tart and went down pretty easily. Best of all, it only has 15 g of protein and only 1 g of carbs. A nice, occasional change from the thick, artificial sweetness of shakes. These drinks have a much lighter and fresher flavour and texture than Medifast's fruit drinks.

Wonderslim Cappuccino: Isn't as rich and creamy as Medifast's cap, which I love. The Wonderslim was totally drinkable for me, but not the treat the Medifast version is.

ProtiDiet pancakes: I love them with a squirt of I Can't Believe it's not Butter spray. A real nice change from shakes!

Wonderslim yogurt smoothies: These are awesome. A natural fresh fruit and yogurt flavour...I really wish Medifast would make something similar.

ProtiDiet pea soup: now, I recognize that it's a small population of people who are willing to eat pea soup at all, never mind a diet one. But I kind of like the stuff! I couldn't eat it every day, but once a week or so, it's tasty.

Wonderslim cheesecake: This is really a pudding, with a bit of a cheesy tang to it. It's totally edible, don't get me wrong, and a nice change from regular puddings, which can get a little glutinous. But it definitely won't live up to your cheesecake dreams. It's nice once in a while with a diet raspberry jello. I wonder if it would be good mixed with another pudding, like lemon or chocolate?

Anyway, those are my thoughts. It's so weird, but the idea of eating brands other than Medifast feels like cheating to me...I'm an advertising executive's dream. They did a really, really good job of creating brand loyalty in me. But truly, would it make that much difference to sub in and out? I honestly don't know.

Wouldn't it be ironic if all this stuff was made by the same company, and we just pay more for Medifast because of all the marketing?
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Originally Posted by Mavesse View Post

Wouldn't it be ironic if all this stuff was made by the same company, and we just pay more for Medifast because of all the marketing?
YEP. Click here:

Recognize the boxes? Same as Diet Direct, New Lifestyle, and bodyandhealthessentials dot com.

YEP. All the same company.
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I'm thinking of starting medifast, with lots of subs of items available at my grocery due to finances.

Any tips or favorite items to use instead?
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a glass of milk and a vitamin instead of a shake or even ovaltine. I love shakes but heck they are so expensive! Took me a long to figure out it's just as easy to have a glass of milk!
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This thread is VERY helpful and informative. As a girl who is just starting Medifast and has a limited budget; I find this info invaluable. So thanks
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How are the ingredients for wonderslim? I noticed on another board that they use sugar and high fructose corn syrup. Is that the case for Medifast? I haven't noticed that on their ingredients. Sometimes paying less doesn't mean it's better in the long run. I'm not a "medifast or die" person, but I think quality is super important. I don't plan on purchasing Medifast after transition. It is expensive and I had a TON of success eating whole/clean foods before starting Medifast (I'm helping a relative out with health coaching which is why I started it). I hope to transition smoothly and not be stuck with bars and shakes forever.
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Originally Posted by justducky2 View Post
YEP. Click here:

Recognize the boxes? Same as Diet Direct, New Lifestyle, and bodyandhealthessentials dot com.

YEP. All the same company.
Yeah. Found that out last week. A good way to check on any new products in the wings. I love just about all of the Bariwise products.
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Does anyone know if Fred Meyers or Winco has these?
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Hello Everyone,
I did a search for medifast substitutions and found this thread and I'm very thankful. I have recently returned to medifast and am doing great on it. But now like so many people in this economy, I am seeing that I may not be able to afford the program long enough to reach goal and I am still a ways away.

My question is for those of you have actually substituted some of the foods, whether it was the bars or shakes or any MF foods:
What did you subsitute with?
How has this affected your weight loss?
Do outside foods that you have tried trigger overeating.

I believe the reason I don't overeat on medifast foods is that for starters, it's expensive and I can't afford to eat an extra pudding or whatever, and also the food is okay and I like it enough . . . but not enough for seconds, lol.

I would appreciate your answers. I really love medifast and if it weren't for my budget I would love to be solely on MF but it's just not possible and I don't want to throw my hard work on weight loss away only because I can't afford the food.
Thank you for responses in advance.

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I am restarting MF today, doing the 5 in 1 and I am subbing in some Diet direct shakes/puddings, hot chocolate and some Oh Yeah! (seriously that is the name) protein wafer bars. I will letyou guys know how it goes!
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I went to the wonderslim website. For a 4-week starter pack, it comes to $260. With shipping and a $50 coupon, my Medifast came out to $262. Plus I ordered through Mr Rebates dot com, and got a 10% rebate on my $262. Am I missing something? It seems to me they're comparable prices. I'm willing to substitute if the WS really are cheaper than MF.
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restarting Medifast, work crazy 12 hour shifts as nurse, sometimes find it hard to eat, any suggestions with eating "on the go"
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Originally Posted by mom2mollie View Post
I went to the wonderslim website. For a 4-week starter pack, it comes to $260. With shipping and a $50 coupon, my Medifast came out to $262. Plus I ordered through Mr Rebates dot com, and got a 10% rebate on my $262. Am I missing something? It seems to me they're comparable prices. I'm willing to substitute if the WS really are cheaper than MF.

WS is 9.99 per box where MF is $15.50

WS always has monthly sales and coupons and bulk discounts

MF is harder to get coupons for

Most MF coupons can only be used once per person

Most of the rebate places are starting to drop MF as they don't want to renew their contract for whatever reason.

99% of MF users switch to WS due to variety, sales, and better taste.

WS is free shipping

WS gives free samples

WS acutally offers more food in their packages. 4 weeks on MF is 143 meals, WS is 199 meals.

There is another site thats cheap and simple, 4wk kit (168 servings)I have found is at Doctors Best Weight Loss dot com, their 4wk kit is only $199 and free shipping. Their website also has a code for 15% off the $199. This is the same as WS and NL.


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