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Default Medifast Pros and Cons

Well, it has been a month and I thought I would list some of the observations I have made about this program, in case anyone has been considering it. I thought a thread just devoted to the topic, contributed by all of us, might help others.

My positives:
1. I have lost 19.4lbs in 30 days.
2. Not one sugar binge in 30 days. This is unheard of. I just have not had the urge to consume large amounts of sugar.
3. Reduced/almost nonexistent hunger. The few times I have been hungry have probably been due to hormonal issues. This is in contrast to my normal desire to eat the house down after work. Now I can come home from work, go for a walk, and then leisurely think about making dinner. Before it was a mad dash to eat food when I got home.
4. In 4 weeks, I have only generated 1.5 bags of trash, compared to my normal 3-4 bags. Take out containers take up a lot of space, so I am being greener!
5. The program has forced me to plan ahead and thus has made it easier for me to journal calories.
6. I hate to cook. I am only forced to think about making one meal a day, which is usually the same…chicken or veggie burger stir-fry.
7. Because my insulin levels are more stable, the brown velvety patches around my neck appear to be less noticeable.
8. I love how I am able to get the recommended 40-30-30 (protein, fat, carb) level so easily. Because I am insulin-resistant, I was always trying to link and balance my carbs and protein, but found it so challenging. Not anymore!
9. My skin looks healthier!
10. Cost effective. Now for some, it won’t be. However, since I was eating out so often (2-3 times a week), plus buying groceries, I am spending less than I was. Plus, when I do go grocery shopping, my cart looks so healthy! No negative looks from checkers/baggers…

My negatives:
1. I had digestive issues for the first 2 weeks. They have gone away, but I was frustrated at first.
2. I am getting a little tired of hot foods. I can see how this might be a bigger issue as the summer kicks into full-swing, as I will not want to eat soup. There is a solution to this, as I can find recipes and make other things with the packets, but I am not a cook, which is one reason I find the program so easy to do.
3. Limiting exercise to 45 minutes. I don’t actually do this because I have voluntarily upped my calories beyond what Medifast recommends. However, if I was following this program verbatim, I would be annoyed with this, because most hikes can not be done in 45 minutes.
4. I have occasional days (maybe 7 total in the entire month), where my energy level was really low and all I wanted to do was sleep. I cannot be sure if this is Medifast related, or stress, sleep, or hormonal. But, I thought I’d throw it out there, just in case it was due to Medifast.
5. Finding space in my small apartment for all the little boxes, lol.

Those are the reasons that came immediately to mind. Anyone else want to share their thoughts and/or experiences? Obviously, I will be sticking with the program for a while longer. I am so happy to be engaged in weight-loss and not just thinking, “I need to lose weight.”

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Yeah, it's kinda hard to find room in my house for 5 weeks of boxes, then the next order came in and I thought I would be buried. Once this last order is done, though, I can start just ordering what I want.

I just went to the store and got out for less than $50. Loving that. It is also easier for me to get ready for work and I only have to cook once a week. The last couple of weeks have been screwed up, but that's more about OT and graves than MF.

Glad your liking it Jen. Hope to see you around for awhile.
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1) NO thinking about what I need to eat throughout the day. Just grab a shake and be on the go.
2) The cost is HUGE for me too, Jen! I was spending just unheard of amounts on eating out too.
3) My daughter is eating better too as we do not go through drive throughs all the time.
4) I am almost 40lbs lighter in 8 weeks. Pretty amazing progress.
5) I get lots of compliments on my skin "glowing" lol
6) It takes my focus off of food and starting to deal with the issues WHY I eat like I did.
7) It makes me feel like I have hope and that I WILL lose weight. No more sitting around wishing I would be thinner.
8) I can actually look at myself in the mirror and be ok, not hide from myself.
9) It is easy to do.
10) NEVR hungry. Truely, I have to literaly make myself eat my last meal.
11) I am getting complete nutrition, which I would never be doing on my own.
12) I am in control of something in my life.

Cons (so far):
1) I am really bored with the food- which when reading the manual said is part of the reason we all do so well- "lack of variety"
2) Sometimes I don't feel comfortable eating with others- I don't want to feel odd so I isolate myself from my friends and coworkers.
3) I still have digestive issues from time to time. Truely, I don't think that I handle soy well.
4) I can't eat out- just cannot tempt myself because I refuse to cheat. I miss eating out sometimes.

Well there are my pros and cons- I will add more if I can think of any.
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Smile Medifast Weight Loss Centers

I have been doing Medifast for about 9 weeks and lost 28.4lbs! I go to a Medifast Weight Control Center here in Houston. They have a website you can find one near you.

The best part is you can pick and choose what kind of food you want, they also have a one on one counselor, do your blood work and weigh and measure you.

I don't know how anyone could do the program any other way!
Check it out!

Also they have a wonderful website for support at if you don't have the code to join in just email them and they send you one!

Hope this helps!
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Maybe the soy and all is what has me in such a totally PO'd mood this week. Not that I ever take this company's BS lightly, but I have been absolutly irate all week. I mean, I usually have a bit of graveyard psycosis, but this week has been terrible. At least TOM has left the building. That helps. But I've barely been losing. I'll do my real weigh in when I get up this afternoon. I usually do it just before work on Mondays, so I'm going to just move it to the afternoons on graves.

Tracerlee-Welcome and thanks for the links. I'm already on the MF site, but I might check with one of the centers. They should have one here.

Jen and Amaze-I didn't notice till you posted it, but I think the dark circles under my eyes look better. Maybe that's the diet, who knows. Maybe someday I'll get to a stylist and get my hair cut. Bet that would help out too. I want to look good if I get an interview with a decent employer.

One thing I realized awhile back was that my extra weight kept me safer at work. I HATE being hit on. Typical A**holes think if a woman is out there she must be looking for a boyfriend. Doesn't help that a couple of the women who work here do. My ex makes more money, is better looking, better built, a better miner and just plain better than anything I've seen here and I divorced Him(not the other way around).

Oh well. I hope everyone has a good week. Keep the faith.
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Jana, I don't feel comfortable eating with others either. I've only told one person I'm doing this plan and have taken to eating lunch in my classroom, instead of with colleagues, to avoid any questions.
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Thank ya'll for this information this has helped me make a decision in what to do.
Have a great day
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