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Default Medifast Buddies

Is anybody here following Medifast that would like a buddy to do this with? I'm doing well on it, but it would be nice to share some recipes, or share encouragement on some of the "bad shake" days!
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Ginger ~
I would love to be a buddy. I started medifast today. I want to lose 59 lbs. I was losing last year and then found out I was preg. gained 58 lbs. during this (my fourth) pregnancy. I was only 29 lbs away from my goal before ( had lost 40 lbs). I trying medifast because I want it off quickly. I want to have a family pic this year with me thin.
Today is going good. How are you doing?
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Because I deserve it!
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Hi there. Just wondering how you guys are doing on Medifast? I am thinking about making an appt at the center that just opened near me. Do you guys just have your food delivered or are you going to meetings at a center? Just curious how it all works. I am currently doing WW but am not having much success. Not the fault of WW, my own fault. I was thinking maybe something very structured would help me and get me started in the right direction.
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Hello ladies!
I'm on my second month of Medifast. I've only lost 13.5 lbs, but I've also lost 16 inches! I'm wearing things that I haven't worn in years! I've tried just about everything out there, and was SO discouraged. I was up to almost 250 lbs. It took 20 yrs to put on, but my goal is to lose 100 lbs. Even if I don't lose that much, but get into like a size 10...I'll be happy!
As for the food, it isn't that bad. It's definately diet food, but with the results I'm getting, I'd eat anything. The cravings have almost stopped completely. Eating every 2-3 hrs helps!
Best wishes to all of you!
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it's always something
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I recently tried Medifast for a few weeks, so that we can write a review on it for the site. I expected to hate it and complain a lot, lol, but it really was easy!
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Hi everyone.. I'm on day 1 of Medifast..Thought it would be great to meet some other gals also on the plan! I'd like to lose 48 pounds give or take a few :O) So far Medifast sounds like a solid program, I bought the first 3 weeks worth on eBay so I saved a bit of $$$.. and I've promised myself I can do this for 7 days, I've been told the first 7 days are always the hardest and if I can conquer those I'll have mastered the plan!! I hope this is true :O) So this is my game plan... I Hope to hear some uplifting news from everyone else here on the MF Plan!
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Thought I would post a couple of suggestions for those that are new to Medifast...and the regulars that may not know these tips!

Let your oatmeal soak in 1/2 - 3/4 cup of water for about 15 minutes before you heat it up! It helps the texture a LOT! Add a packet of Splenda for a little extra sweetness too!

Soak your soup the same way. (Chicken and wild rice, Beef stew, and chicken noodle) Again, it helps with the texture. You don't need to soak the creamy soups, they are fine as directed.

I add extracts to my puddings and shakes. It gives different flavors to the meals. Coconut extract is great. I add it with banana meals, and with chocolate..
it's like a mounds bar!! Orange extract is good with the chocolate, as is almond and peppermint extract.

If you have any more tips, let us know!!


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Gettin Closer!!
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I think I need to start using up my "extras" from when I used the plan in December of last year. I have bounced back up by a few pounds again and need to get it off of me.
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Today is my first day on Medifast. I ordered a 4 wk package from the website yesterday but I'm not going to wait on it to arrive. I had some at home from a previous attempt several months ago. I was glad to see some new foods such as chili and soup.
GOOD LUCK to us!
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hi loralynn... saw ya on the medifast boards at mymedifast... I"m starting today also....
on route to losing 72 pounds!!
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You'll see what u missed.
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I'm just thinking about ordering Medifast. How is everyone doing on it now? Any updates? If anyone has been on it for awhile, please PM me. Thanks.
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Me too, Medifast rocks. It's so much easier than the other diets. I am hungry sometimes, but I remind myself that the feeling of hunger is normal and means I am losing weight. I forgot what hunger felt like when I was eating myself up to 215 pounds. I started another thread before I realized the buddy thread was here. My BMI has almost moved from "severely obese" to plain old "obese." Now that's exciting.

I'm doing the happy dance. Onederland, here I come! I know I will lose more the first few weeks than later weeks, but I am already looking ahead to the time I have skin reduction surgery, because I am that confident that this will work. I feel very optimistic about this diet. It's a great fit for me!

In the meantime, I want to do the inner work to make this change permanent. This is it for me.

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Hi. After doing some online research, I decided to go with medifast. It looks like a nobrainer, and, I can just sort the different foods into categories, since I'm blind, and don't have to braille label a ton of stuff. Bessides, since I'm on meds right now, I can't hurt myself trying to cook when less than lucid. My boyfriend or care provider can make me my main meal, if I'm too groggy to do it myself.
As for exercise, I'm looking forward to taking walks with my boyfriend, it brings us closer, and we both need to lose weight. It would seem that there's no guesswork, or much choice, which eliminates planning for right now. I like the idea of a gradual reintroduction of more foods, building my habits from the ground up, since my present ones are appalling, fast food, chips, ice cream, anything to asuage my hunger.
While I'm at home, I plan to get a big chunk done on my novel, hope to have most of the first draft, and most of the weight off by c Christmas.
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Default Looking for VERY Hands-On Buddy

Hello Medifasters,

I just placed my first order with Medifast tonight and am very excited. I have almost 100 pounds to lose which has been the reason for my constant depression and low self-esteem and I am just tired of it. I don't know how I am going to explain the bill to my husband but I don't care - I need this!

I am looking for a very hands-on buddy and am looking to be that to someone as well. I just need someone to hold my hand, talk me out of cheating - 10 times a day if needed, and provide personal support for my successes. Kind of like in Overeater's Anonymous, but without the meetings. Basically I am looking for a sponsor and to sponsor someone like me.

If this is not what you need, please don't judge with comments. I have encountered negative comments while lurking on some boards and don't agree with negativity when we are all on the same long difficult road - just at different points.

If this is what you need, please send me a PM with your email address and I will send you an email back - and we can start this process together!

Thanks everyone and good luck!
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Hi everyone, Its great to hear of all of your success on Medifast. Currently Im on Jenny Craig, and have lost 13 lbs. I was just wondering if any of you have tried Jenny and like Medifast better... I dont know how that could be possible seeing as how the JC food is amazing, but I thought I would ask becuase id like to get this weight off asap. The food on Medifast seems very sketchy to me, im not sure im ready to give up my JC chocolate cake yet. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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