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Love me.
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I checked this book out from my library and was thoroughly uninspired. The condescending elitist attitude projected from the book really made me want to gag.

This attitude doesn't come from being vegetarian, this is a book on projecting the author's own personal agenda.

and WOW. is the writing crude.

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Corporette diet
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I love eating vegetarian and organic and I hate that book. It's one of the few I'm straight-up throwing away when I move out of college, because I can't rightly "donate" something I consider to be poison...

It's not just the negative self-talk or the elitism I resent, it's the scientific inaccuracy of the claims, the mixing of vegetarian loathing with diet loathing, all kinds of problematic statements regarding nutrients that are simply not borne out by nutritional research. Sassy is fine. I'm sassy. But I've never read a book that made me want to be vegetarian less.
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I didn't care for this book but the workout video I had borrowed from the library was good. The women seemed a little fake but the workout choreographer made a great workout lol.
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Progress not perfection
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I seriously can't say how much I loved this book! I love reading, and I've read a lot of diet books, this was definitely VERY different, and I liked that. There is a million diet/vegan/vegetarian/do this or do that books and this was a fun, sailor mouthed read for me lol.... I don't ever even cuss but I wasn't offended. It definitely had a huge impact on me.
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I read this book awhile ago, and I can't even tell you if I finished it. What I remember is exactly that, the "B****y" attitude. I remember a few bits of it, however nothing that I would apply to my life because of the way it was written. I have completely given up caffine, but not because of anything in this book but because of the affect it had on my anxiety. So no real impact on me, and as a grown up, I don't think using cuss words, makes it any more legit as an adult book.

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I actually really loved this book. When you read it you kinda have to understand what the authors are trying to do- they're not trying to tiptoe around dieting or veganism or whatever cutely and nicely like everyone else does. They're using their "witchiness," as it were, as a selling point for something different. There are a sea of diet books out there but this is the first one that promoted itself that way, and you know what? It was genius. It got people to buy it, and hopefully, read it. You can't really take every single book out there literally- and I don't think this was meant to be taken that way either. Putting aside the cuss words (which I enjoyed) and the *****y attitude (which I also found hilarious for a diet/cookbook), there's still a valid message underneath which we all can understand.
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