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My Daughter and I are on on Day 8 of Atkins Induction.
I have list maybe 3 pounds and she has not lost one and still feels yucky.
She is thinking of giving it up.Do you think that it may just take a bit longer and then
the Weight Loss will happen?
Her pants arent any looser , Mine are somewhat.
She is only 21 so the novelty will soon pass Im afraid without if she doesnt see results soon.She is following it to the letter andstill has headaches , and her skin is breaking out.Was also vomiting on day 2 and 3.What gives?
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She needs to drink more water!!
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Thanks so much for posting this!
great article!
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Thumbs up Thanks!

What a great post! Now I understand. My friend is a few weeks ahead of me in the Suzanne Somers plan. She is frustrated as she has stalled. I was concerned as I will be at that point shortly. Can't wait to see my friend tomorrow and tell her about this.

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Still trying...
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Default Bravo!

This is a WONDERFUL post! I've made a commitment to cutting out junk carbs and I'm in six and frustrated! Everything went so well at first but now it's slooooooooowing down even though I'm working just as hard and still hitting the gym 3 times a week. That article really made me feel better by letting me know that this plateau is a normal, physiological process and not just be body being hateful.
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This was very useful information to me but I am starting to wonder if I have a more serious problem. I started out on South Beach and lost 7 lbs in the first 2 weeks (that was the first 2 weeks of March) and I haven't lost a pound since. Since I wasn't losing any more weight, I sought advice from friends who had done well on low carb diets and they suggested I cut back my carbs even more, so I have cut back and cut back to the point that I am now basically on an Atkins Induction diet--and yes, I am in ketosis and that darn scale won't move. I drink plenty of water and other sugar free beverages. I finally called my doctor today to have my thyroid checked. Does anyone else have a suggestion?
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Trying to find my way.
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Sorry I have been of this board for quite a while I do not know if any of those links work or not. and could not help any of those who have posted for wuite a while. I will try to rectify/

PS bringing it up again. great info..
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Default Thank you so much for the enlightenment and encouragement!

I feel so blessed to have come across this post tonight! I totally fit in with this example! I lost a lot of weight during the first 2 weeks of Induction, but in the days following (I believe 10 days) I have noticed a complete stall in addition to an added 2 lbs. It was extremely frustrating since I have logged all of my foods diligently and really tried my best to stay on program!

Knowing that this is my body's response and not the result of me "messing up" the program is very helpful. It gives me the courage to continue and the hope that soon my body will begin to dislodge this extra water.

I believe that this should be one of the posts added to the "sticky" list at the top of the section, because it's probably one of the largest problems that new LC dieters face.

Thank you so much for your knowledge and help!

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I am in week 8, and currently stalled!! I lost 20 lbs in the first month, but not much else in months two. This is the third time I have been on low-carb, and this has never happened to me. I am going to up mu water intake, and hope it helps. With 60 more lbs to go i am trying not to get too discouraged. In the past my average weight loss was about 15 lbs a month. Although, I will say that total body inches lost this time are 21.5 not too bad. Thank you for the encouragement!!
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Default Thanks

Thanks for this post. I'm on day 7 of my low cal, low carb diet and I've lost 10 pounds this week but I know it will slow down. I was on the metabolic research diet a couple years ago and with the help of losing my tonsils, I lost the 40 pounds. And then I gained it right back. ARG. Anyway, this information will help me in the coming weeks. I wonder if you took a mild diaretic if it would help the scale? Or if it really matters as long as there is fat loss.
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I'm glad for this article. I've had only a few days of no loss after two weeks of losing every day and it is driving me crazy, lol. I'm not on Atkins, for now doing much higher carb than the Atkins plan suggests (max 80 grams daily, usually ending up about 50-60), so I highly doubt I'm in ketosis, but as someone else said, this article makes sense for almost any plan.

Gonna stop worrying about it and keep up with the plan. I'm eating tons and tons of low carb veggies, and almost no grains (about once a week I cheat and have a sandwich, but am always well under my carb limit when I do) This should be a good thing for my body regardless...I just have to let it sort itself out I guess.
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Thank you so much for this opening post – I will do my best to keep this as an important reminder on those really tough days where you just want to "throw in the towel". In the past, no matter what diet I've tried, I've always seemed to follow the same pattern, and ultimate giving up after a couple of months because the apparent weight loss (ie reading it on the scale) just wasn't there and it all felt pointless. This information will certainly help me not feel like the hard work of dieting is ever pointless.

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