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Default Too hot Thursday, Aug 9th

Starting up, grabbing a cup of coffee and will be back-want some iced?

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Default been away and glad to be back!

Missed everyone, and glad to be home. Just a fast note to say hi, reading to catch up for the last 5 or 6 days...

I was in Maine eating ice cream. That about covers it!

So, meat and water and salad for me today-

Had a great time, played and ate and slept great. But back to work yesterday, and back on LC today!!

Running out the door, but just want to say hi to everyone!


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Morning Everyone!!! Yes, the heat wave continues! SUPPOSEDLY it is supposed to storm this afternoon and THAT is going to break the heat wave here for a few days----I'll believe it when I see it. My son made it through the 2 a day yesterday, but he looked like a limp wet rag when I picked him up--showered and laid on the couch most the afternoon with a cold cloth on his head and his nagging mom forcing water on him. He said that several of his teammates ended up throwing up yesterday and a couple got dizzy. Debkay, when do I quit feeling like I am taking him up there for human sacrifice?????? Not much new here--supposed to drive down and fill out insurance forms at my school today, hoping they can fax them here and I can fax them back--don't want to drive 100 miles round trip for just that.

Peach, I live in Illinois.

Debkay and Kel, loved your school shopping stories--my son and I went, but I got off easier than you guys did.

dottie, glad to have you back!!!

Hello to all who follow today---try to stay cool!!!
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Default Good Morning Everyone!

dottie so glad to see you posting. I have been where you are, it isn't fun, but you are doing the right thing by getting back on track.

Annie by the time the first football game comes along you will be just fine. He's high school football this year, correct? Friday night football, nothing better, the cool air, the band, the cheerleaders, the tradition!!! Two a day practices won't last forever. My daughter had two a days last week for band, by Thursday they were all dragging rump after practice. I realize two a day for a band is much different than two a day for football, but as a Mom who has been there, I understand. Hang in Mom, the fun is about to start.

Kathy keep up the good work. Enjoy the quick weight loss while it is going on, but as you alredy realize it won't stay at this pace, but like I said, enjoy it while it's happening. As an old timer I would like to give you one piece of advise, after the first couple of weeks, put the scales away and only weigh once a week. It is so easy to get caught up in the numbers on the scale. Low-carb is so much more than the numbers on the scale, it makes us all feel so much better and more..............

peachie, smart man you are marrid to! I'll pay extra to keep my house nice and cool.

kel, my boys were always easier to buy for than my daughter, but no where near as fun. My daughter is the youngest, I take it your daughter is your oldest? An outfit a day, whew that could really be expensive.

Ruth, oh moderator with the iron chicken purse, we really need a spell check feature, can you fix that, pretty please!! I just figure you have a direct line to the powers that be

I'm taking my daughter to the doctors this morning, I want to have her iron level checked. I tend to have low-iron and I want to make sure her iron is okay. Band practice this afternoon, and than at 6 we have open house at school, where they pick up schedules for school, supply lists, and all the other little ditties that go along with starting school.

Have a great day all
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Default howdy!

On weather..taken from today's newspaper:A not so sizzling news flash: It was hot yesterday.

Fry an eegg, double the deodorant, don't sit on that car seat, since when did we move to Texas!? The kind of day when forecasters and air conditioner repairmen can be crowned celebrities or declared the scourge of the

and more today! guess that makes us hotties!!!!

The 8 year old is going to the county fair today with his group of happy campers. I tried to talk him out of it but no go!

Today is Mom's birthday, the cake is in the oven and I told Jiff that she should not come out in this weather considering her, um....condition! should post more often!!!! Bryan's 255 ft homer had me all puddled up. I don't know what it is, I don't yell and scream at games...I just cry...what a wuss! Think, shop and soon you will be low carb!

gotta check the cake...have a good one chickies!

ps AdoAnnie----Illinois? See me hitting my forhead??? I'll let you know if and when ok?
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Good Muggy Morning, Everyone. Sure is a bunch of Hot Chicks!

Peach, I would not think of getting a spell check - too inhibiting.

Hopep everyone stays cool today. Our AC is definitely dead and no chance of a repair or replacement until Fall! Hershey and I are loafing in front of the big fan this morning. Will go to the AC office for the rest of the morning and then to The Island this afternoon. I really don't remember a heat wave as long and as hot as this one.

Please, everyone, take it easy today!
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Good Morning!

Hot in Houston, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Kathy - Congrats on the loss. I agree with Debkay - don't get so hooked on the scale. Also, be sure to measure. Sometimes inches drop faster than pounds on low carb. I drink water to try to calm my cravings also, & I take L-glutamine before meals. Seems to help.

Peach & Jiff - Happy Birthday to mom!

Hi to Dottie, Annie & all to come!

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Hi everyone. It's sunny and hot here in Florida this morning, rain due this afternoon again. But it doesn't cool any thing off, it makes it muggy. I don't know if this is possible, except I saw it with my own eyes, down another 2.5 lbs a total of 7 in 4days. Thats a record for me. Don't misunderstand me, I'm delighted and overjoyed. Last night when I got hungry, I made the cinimmin pork rines, my husband went nuts over them. They sure filled me up, satisfying my sweet craving. Everyone keep as cool as you can and be careful in this heat. Have a good on program day.
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Default Mornin' Everyone

Wheeeew! It is hot here in North Carolina too. It is already 82 and around 100 before the day is out. The humidity.. well, it *is* the south! hehe..
I put up 165 ears of corn yesterday. I did half on the cob and half creamed. When I woke up this morning, I couldn't move my right hand from the scraping.. hehe.
My dh and I are easing back in to LC'ing this week. I fixed my famous.. okay famous in my household.. spaghetti sauce and cabbage last night. He always enjoys that and has even asked for it on occasion. I thought it would be a good meal to start him back with.
We're going to the Outer Banks (beach) next weekend, then again for a whole week in late September. I'm excited, but I sure wanted to be thinner this year.
We homeschool, so I've been busy planning. We aren't starting back until September 3rd though. I remember starting back the first week of September when I was in school. That was a looooooooong time ago though!

Dottie: Welcome home! I bet that ice cream was good, but it is always nice to get back to LC. I don't know about you, but it sure makes me feel better.

KathyE: I haven't heard of the cinnamon pork rinds before.
I will have to try those!

Everyone have a great day and try to stay cool!

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