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Come on Spring!
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Default Wilting Wednesday, August 8

...but it is Hump Day for those folks with real jobs.

It was 82F at 5:30 this a.m. Our AC has finally given up, I think. No more cool air coming out of the vents. Have to dig out the fans today.

Don't know if it's the heat but my scale has retired at last. It's one of those no battery types - guess I'll need a new one. This should keep me from weighing for a while as there is no way I am driving to town in this heat to buy a frassing scale!

Two PA friends who cottage here every year will be coming for coffee this a.m. which means any time after 8. My farmer pal Art has already dropped in for bacon and eggs and some Fair business. Need to sweep the front porch and plug in the coffee and that will be the end of "work" here in my little world. Hershey and I just might g to the Island this afternoon and loaf under the pines - maybe even a swim for me. The Isand is so private, I could swim nekkid - maybe do the rain dance on the dock first?

Keep cool, Chickies, and, if you have rain, appreciate it.
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HELP!! In urgent need of a chiropractor! My neck and back are so stiff that I can barely turn my head without wincing in pain. I slept funny last night and I think that's what's strated it all. My dh cracked my back this morning so I'm hoping that rest of the kinks will work themsleves out. Ruth, I hear you on the hot air problem, my house is 84 degrees right now. That's farenheit folks! I have all my fans on full blast already to try and get the cool morning air to come inside before I get this place tighter than a drum to keep it all in! Suffered a lot yesterday, drank about 10 bottles of water--the good news is that the weight will just melt off in this weather!

Have a sweaty day everyone!
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Default Good Morning!!

Ruth you must have our heat. We have been down right balmy for the deep south. Only in the 80's today with 782% humidity Sorry about your AC throwing in the towel, I just wouldn't survive without my AC, I would check into a hotel until it was fixed if it was mine

Kathy good job!!!

Annie I'm sure you will do fine as a football Mom. Once summer camp was over and the games started, I loved it, and I bet you will too. I go to all the high school games now since my daughter is in the band. I enjoy it.

Very quiet at our house today, daughter stayed the night with a friend. It's her friends birthday and to celebrate they will go to a spa today for a massage and the rest of the works. Took my daughter school shopping yestersday, OUCH my checkbook hurts We saw one pair of jeans, bellbottoms or what they now call flare. The jeans had silver studs on the flare area, we just had to have them, $59.00 dollars, I know, I'm a sucker!!! She is my only daughter and my youngest, and she's a really good kid. I'm a member of a frugal moms BB, they will throw me out on my ear.

Off for my coffee.

Have a great day
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Debbie, you make me smile! That is exactly what dh would do if the ac went dead...check into a hotel! sometimes he keeps it so cold in here that I have to wear pants and a sweatshirt! $59 for a pair of pants!!!! yep...f.m. would throw you out...they would have told you to go to a thrift shop and and put the decorations in yourself...not nearly as cool!

Pooky, hope that back is feeling better soon! I think we are sharing the wilt index here and I don't think it is going to break until Saturday! It is almost like being snowbound!

AdoAnnie...Where the heck do you live????I must have missed something 'cause I thought you were a southern gal!!!!!! Buy me a clue

Have to go to the craft store today (hold your collective gasps of horror!!!) Tomorrow is mom's birthday and I have to find something for the kidlets to make her!!! NO big projects here!!!!

stay cool
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Good Morning!

Ruth - Sorry about your a/c. I can't even imagine no a/c in this weather.

Pooky - Hope your back feels better. You keep cool, too!

Kathy - Good for you realizing that eating those cherries and having caffeine was not worth what you'd have gone through.

Hi to Deb & Peach!

Catch ya'll later

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Default Hey LC buddies!!!

Been heating up here in Sacramento, CA also. We would die w/o our A/C (actually, this is a real problem in the area cuz with CA electric prices being what they are, some elderly people don't/won't/can't use their A/C and end up in very bad shape - scary!)

I giggle when I think about Ruthie's post the other day about that silly dogger of hers like a beached whale in her wading pool! lol I can just picture it!

Been school shopping a couple two three times here myself lately! Luckily, the boys (Bry 12 and Cody 11) are content with a few new additions to their wardrobe and new shoes. But NOOOO, not Melis! At 14 almost 15, she is horrified at the prospect that she might ACTUALLY have to wear some clothes that people have already seen her in! We worked out a compermize (sp?) and I did spend more than I wanted to (whats new) but she didn't get a new outfit for every day of the week like she originally wanted.

Peachie - Ugly Bucket? that is pretty bad but it COULD be worse!

Well, our baseball adventures are over for a while now. Bry's team won the sectional tourney and they played 4 games in the Regional Tourney in San Jose (that was THREE round trips, 2+ hours each way in icky Bay area traffic - didn't get home until midnight twice!) and came in 4th out of 8 teams. Bry got to be starting pitcher in the 3rd game and pitched 3 great innings. Then he got a chance to bat and PUNCHED THAT BALL OVER THE 255' CENTER FIELD FENCE! It was awesome! Everyone was saying "Why haven't the coaches been playing him?" We had to peel Bryan off the ceiling of the car by the time we got home he was so excited. Sorry if I already posted this here - haven't been posting much and can't remember if I updated you all or not.

I've been READING low carb. I've been THINKING low carb. I've been FOOD SHOPPING low carb. Now if I could just EAT low carb it would be great! Guess I'm just still mentally preparing myself for it. I know, I know, its that Nike thing: JUST DO IT!

Love ya all and I DO read here daily,


(still sending out healing vibes to Jiff)

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Hi everyone. The heat here in Florida is also sky rocketing. My battle over the cherries paid off big time, down another 2.5 lbs this morning. Total of 5lbs since monday. I know it will slow at some point, but I'll enjoy the lose until it does. Thanks everyone for the encourageing words. May headaches are gone, but I noticed a bit of carvings today, so I drown them in water. So far so good. Other than the heat, I hope everyones day was good.
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Hello, Chicks. Is everybody melting from heat? It just makes me swell up. We are finally getting some warm summer weather here on the We(s)t Coast. It got into the high 70s today which is plenty warm enough for me. I close all the blinds early in the day to keep the heat out. No A/C needed here though. I just don't put the oven on and do any cooking early in the day.
I went to the pool this morning and it sure felt cold but invigorating. Then went to my friend's for coffee after and she tried on a new outfit that I'd bought recently but shortened too much. I was sure I'd measured correctly but somehow I goofed. Luckily she's shorter than I so it fit her perfectly. Then, when she wanted to pay me I told her I'd take the Braun Multipractic she had hanging on her kitchen wall. She's a widow and I know she hasn't baked a thing since 1979. She said it was a deal so I got busy with screwdriveer and took it down. Then, darned if she didn't come up with the original box plus the measuring jug and whipper and other attachments. I think I got the best of the deal but she's happy with her new outfit.
Then I had to come home and start making salads for dinner tonight because I was expecting our young German guests back from Vancouver Island this evening. He phoned late afternoon from Vancouver and they were spending their last two nights in a hotel there, it had been booked for months. I had no idea so I was kinda ticked off. Here I'd invited his cousin over to meet him and had to cancel that. Sheesh, he made it sound as if I was the one who suggested they stay in the hotel. I remember him e-mailing me months ago and asking me what hotels in Vancouver were reasonable so I told him which website to search but I'm sure it never even came up in conversation the two nights they stayed with us last week. Oh well, they may come by tomorrow but I'm not going to hold my breath.
This afternoon I had more company (my family this time), Aunt from Vancouver, her son-in-law, my other aunt visiting from Hawaii and her daughter from Modesto, Ca and HER daughter and a friend. Too hot to do much more than sit and drink water and yack.
I know, it's cool here compared to some places but it just suddenly warmed up and it's a shock to my old system.
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