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Default Journal - Wednesday, August 1, 2001

Good morning! Happy August!!!

Eddie woke me up at 5 a.m. (MEOW), so I got to work bright and early (which means I get to leave early, but maybe not so bright, too).

cheerios, raisins, almonds, milk 6

Lunch out with work gang at fancy-ish Ital ristorante - could be trouble - yup it was trouble...
garlic bread 7
wine 4
salad 3
chicken dijon 9
coffee w/cream 1

large salad w/a little lt dsg .5
pickled beets

total: 30.5

exercise: pushing self away from table (oh well, that didn't happen)
but I did do 1/2 hourBody Electric tape -1

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Good morning! Another scorcher here today - heat advisory.... Laurel - how many exercise points do you earn for pushing yourself away from the table??

Decaf coffee (0/0)
Baker's breakfast cookie (4/4)

Carrots (0/4)
Watermelon/grapes (1/5)
Turkey/ham on 2 slices LF bread (2/7)

Leftover chicken veggie stir fry (6/13)
1 cup skim milk (2/15)
Nectarine (1/16)

2 WW 2 pt bars (4/20)
1/2 cup sherbet (2/22)

116 oz so far

3 miles on the treadmill (45 minutes, 4 MPH, 6-7% incline)

Point Range: 18-25

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Good Morning! :

Hubby got me up at 6:15.


1 English Muffin - 2 pts as of 10:00 had 26 oz water
2 strips bacon - 2 pts
l cup coffee w/ sugar - 1 pt

Exercise - 25 min brisk walk around neighborhood at 7:00!

Lunch: Low Pt sandwich - 5
skinny cow - 2

Snack - peach - 1 pt

Dinner - White Beans 1 cup - 2 pts
1 pc LF cornbread - 1 pt

Snack - l pc of LF Key Lime Pie - 4 pts

Have a great OP Day!!!!
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Good Morning all .

Hubby got me up as well... and we went for a short bike ride, ending up at a local cafe for a cuppa java and splitting a roll. Now it's off to work.

And of course Katie... Laurel earns lots of points for table pushing. Isn't it a new Olympic sport... along with Fridge and Cabinet door opening/closing???

Morning (4)
1/2 roll - 2
cof - 1
fruit - 1

Midday (9)
Vietnamese Noodles and Chicken
noodles - 3 chicken - 3 "fish juice" - 1 mini eggroll - 2

Evening (7)
sushi rolls (8 pcs) - 4
ice cream - 2
grapes - 1

Est Total - 20 (5 add'l banked points today)
(10 banked so far this week / 2 1/2 Activity Pts)
Water - 32oz +
Exercise - Bike - 1/2 pt

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Hi Everyone!


Dairy:*** Fruit: * Veggies: *

Exercise: Not sure if this counts but...reorganized the house last night for a few hours which involved moving heavy funiture, continously moving, going up and down the stairs repeatedly, ect.

BR: 1 egg(2/2), 1/8 c. red-fat cheddar(1/3), 2 sl. lite bread with ICBNB spray(1/4), and 1 c. Postum(0/4)

SN: 2 slices lite bread, plain (1/5)

LN: 2 slices lite bread(1/6), 4 slices low fat ham(1/7), 2 slices fat free cheese(1/8), &1 c. skim milk(2/10)

DN: 1 c. ziti(3/13), 1/2 c. brocolli(1/14), 1/8 c. lite alfredo sauce(1/15), 1 c. skim milk(2/17)

DS: 1 chilled banana(2/19) & 1 tbsp. choc. syrup(1/20)

SN: 2 slices lite bread(1/21) & 1 tbsp. p.b. (2/23)

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Hi all- whomped from helping my office mate move...

the dog woke me up at 0015, 230,cat at 315, office mate and wife at 415, houseguest at 630 and I got up at 715 and DP shortly followed. I'm going to skip out early and nap.

mozz sticks 3/3
1/2 eas advantage bar 2.5/5.5
turkey 1/6.5
salad 2/8.5
mozz stick 1/9.5
1/2 eas advantage bar 2.5/12
skinny cow 2/14
veggies for enchiladas
green chile sauce
cheese 3/15
baked tostitos 3/18
black beans 1/19
smart start cereal 3/22
1/2 cup oj mixed with seltzer 1/23
exercise: weeding and dog run at park
this pm (tired basset )

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S/C/G: 183.6/173/140


I'm really happy. I lost 1.6 lbs. this week bringing me to the 160s for the first time in three or four years.

ww smoothie with soy milk 3
strawberries 1

boca burger 1
english muffin 2
salad 0
ww bar 2
stuffed grape leaves 1

boca smoked sausage 5
roll 3
corn 2
summer squash 0

Total: 20
Exercise: 30 minutes on elliptical trainer and 1 hour body sculpting class.
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Great going Myra! This is getting exciting!!!!
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Again congrats Myra. You are doing so well and it shows! They're right when they say: Nothing tastes as good as thin feels. Passing that bar into the 160's is the best. Savor it this week and - since it's your Birthday - reward yourself. You deserve it.

Lala - whoa! I'm tired just reading the number of times you were woken up.

Jamie - physical work around the house absolutely counts. Just figure out if the intensity was mild, med or intensive and you can count the points. I usually figure 1 pt for 1 - 2 hrs of pretty light activity, 2 pts for med level activity / hr and (as the good WW book says) 5 pts per hr of Heavy intensive (can't catch your breath) level. Patch
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Congrats Myra! Way to go!

Patch-Thanks for the info and the reassurance. LOL.
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