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Question Question for the ladies

Ok here is my females only question: Does your weight loss ever slow down because of your period? The first part of this week I lost about 4 pounds. I mean with in a few days. But when I started I have not seen anymore weight loss! I have been on atkins a week and I thought that I would have lost more weight than this. I have been eating right and not cheating execpt that I had one Dr. Pepper this week. I read other people's journals and they lost like 12 pounds the first week. So what is going on here? Help! I don't want to give up!
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Hi elizabeth, and welcome

yes! period weight (water retention) can be 2 or 3 lbs.

but 4 lbs is a great loss for a week! I think 12 lbs is unrealistic and unusual- maybe someone who had a tremendous amount of water to loose, but to burn 12 lbs fat? Rare.

Are you reading the book or using the Atkins website for help? So many things can effect how this diet works...

but in the meantime, I think 4 lbs is great! I never see loss for a bout 10 days for two weeks, and then it's about 2 lbs at a time. I fight for every lb. I loose. I would not expect huge losses and it is generally expected that one and a half or two lbs per week is a healthy and reasonable amount to loose. You have to cut or burn 7000 calories to loose 2 lbs. But many of us find we can eat less when we have cut carbs first from the diet, as that reduces the feeling of hunger and evens out the blood sugar. Then you can stay on the diet longer.

your milage may vary! you will learn how your body reacts-

have a good one- dottie
(there's a thread for daily check-ins, come say hi!

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