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Come on Spring!
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Default Weekend in the Coop - March 13 and 14

Well, L144S will be loafing on a warm sunny beach soon and here I sit in a freezing bedroom watching a clear but cold sunrise. I do know spring will come eventually but yesterday's snow sucks bigtime.

This morning, Hershey and I start her first training walk for the MS walk the end of May. I registered her for 5K (3 miles) but hope she can work up to 10K. When we get the lab results on Monday, I am really hoping they show hypothyroidism as the medication will help her drop the weight.

So what's happening with you this weekend? Sit and chat a bit!
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Good Morning Ruthie and Everyone to stumble in later.

Please pass the splenda, ahh thanks. Yes I'll have some turkey sausage and some scrambled eggs, your a doll. You always cook them just the way I like em.

Lets see its a sunny day and beautiful out. My house is pretty tidy but dusty lol. I think me and miss gracie are going to go shopping later or at least go walking in a mall, just to get out, unless it warms up a tad then we'll play outside on the swings.

Our crocus' are up and blooming finally springs is here. I'm happy because my house is all decorated for easter outside so its a nice feeling.

Can't wait until May 15th when we an start planting veggies and flowers.

Whats up with you all ?

2nds on the sausage please.......
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Hi Ruth and Leenie! Just dropping in to say Things have been about the same with weight loss has dropped off, if I ever want to see onederland....I think I will need to "diet" it off. that's okay, my life is so full now.......I'm a happy camper.

Pooky, I read your news, I'm so sorry.

take care all
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Hey Ruthie!!!! I spotted robins here yesterday so they AND spring are on their way!!!!!

Leenie....Where ya going shopping? I need...things...I am in the poor me I would like another bridal shower to get all new "stuff" ! Towels are in shreds, pots and pans are kind of beat up you know the drill.

Hey Debkay

Same old same old around here. I am 3 pounds shy of onederland...who'd of thunk it? Dh and the big kid are off at a wrestling tournament and the little guy and I are just hanging out. I should be cleaning but I think we will go to the toy store and buy a new bionicle and spend the rest of the afternoon putting it together. Or I could clean. NOT. The little guy's meds have finally stabalized and he is doing very well at school. Never thought I would get through that hurdle in one piece.

oh....for those of you looking for a tastey high protein coffee drink I posted one on the wls board. Full of caffeine and able to wind you up with a nice buzzlike feeling...not enough to clean or exercise but a pleasant experience just the same. (kind of sounds like an ad for viagra!) whoopie, now I need a nap!

I'm least I think I should be!!!!

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Hi Ladies

I spotted a robin here the day before our snow fall....poor bugger hasnt been seen since.

Im off for march break.....travelling, visiting and doing the special mother daughter time together!! I cant wait!

Have a great weekend and a wonderful week!
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Hi everyone....... I can't believe it took me all darn day before having a moment to get in here and have a break with you all! This working for a living really s**ks! (I was doing tax returns all day since 8a.m.!) Anyhow, thanks chickies for your thoughts and prayers about dh's "episode"....... you are all simply the best! I am so to know you all. Here's the ending: I'm gonna murder him for causing ME to darn near have a heart attack! Yesterday morning they gave him a thalium stress test, which he passed with flying colors (from the sound of that test, it probably would have killed me!!) - the results FINALLY were delivered to him late last night: 100% perfect heart: no damage, no problems, no NOTHING! It wasn't angina, either.......... they really have absolutely no idea what was causing him to have so many of those odd "episodes" throughout the entire time he was in the hospital (not to mention for the week or so before that!) By the time we got home last night, I just fell into bed - I had been working about 30 miles away yesterday, and during my mid-day break (2 hours) I drove back out here to the hospital to see him and then back to work and then back to the hospital.. my eating totally was so far off the charts that I feel sick today. BUT, he's home and healthy and I really should stop bellyaching! Thank you all again so very much.... big hugs to all......xoxoxox
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Sono, that is so weird. I wonder why he would have been having those episodes if there's nothing wrong with him. MEN!
Well, Chicks, I 'm sorry I haven't been in here all day. I had a lot to do around the house and this afternoon the day was so lovely I just had to get out in it and got a lot of garden chores done. There is still so much to do it boggles my mind but I guess the only way to go is one task at a time.
Boy, am I aching and tired tonight.
Ruth, I never knew dogs could be hypothyroid too. Darn meds never did help me lose weight so if that's what's wrong with her, I hope they work better for her than they do for me.
Peachie, great to see you. Sounds like you're doing really well.
Robin, enjoy your Mom/daughter time. It's so important.
DebKay, what a surprise and delight to see you too. Glad your life is going well.
Not much new to report on the dieting front here. I'm still working on this new food combining program. Some trial and error involved. I keep thinking I'm probably eating too much....especially the nuts. THey should never tell me to eat those things until satisfied. Never gonna happen.
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Come on Spring!
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Sorry not to get in earlier but I've been researching dog problems on the net and by phone.

Hershey is NOT hypothyroid so it's back to adjusting what she eats. Would you believe I'm putting her on Low Carb? I've decided to put her on the Bones And Raw Food (BARF) Plan. Terrible acronym but it sounds healthy from what I've been reading. She and Lucy had chopped romaine leaves and medium ground beef for dinner just now and think they have died and gone to heaven. For the first time in her life, Lucy just walked up to her dish and inhaled her meal! Hershey will also be doing doggie treadmill three days a week starting tomorrow morning! She is 59 pounds and has to get down below 50 to be bred in late summer. So three mornings a week, I drive her to doggie curves! Whatever works.

Sono, I'm glad your DH is home but it sure is weird. By the way, I have another Portie kennel contact now, if you want it.

Robin, enjoy your mother and daughter time. Spring WILL come! It's always like this for the March school break.

Linda - NUTS! Be vewy vewy careful! Is that plan similar to the Somers one?

Peachie - um .....I know you are close to ONEderland but maybe your avatar should wear a bra!

And it is certainly nice to see the elusive Debkay checking in.

Leenie, enjoy the spring weather. Not a chance of crocuses up here as yet.

Rose, welcome to the Low Carb Board. Please join us in the weekly and/or weekend chat.

Time to crank up dinner. Have a great Sunday evening!
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Oops! How'd it get to be Sunday evening already????

Yard work, major house cleaning and then plenty of yummy crab to top it all off yesterday. Vehicle washing, laundry, more house cleaning, dog washing and taking Bry to a pitching lesson today. I did get a bit of a sleep-in both days so THAT was nice.

Doggie Curves? lol - I wish I had someone to cook good low carb food for me and then take me somewhere and force me to exercise........

Linda - I hear ya on being overwhelmed at how much there is to do in the yard! It certainly is a never ending job out there. I'm thinking of looking for a handyman/yard care person to help us out. My boys can do some helpful stuff out there but repairing sprinkles/broken PVC pipes and hauling away tree trimmings is a bit beyond them.

Hang in there, Sono, you are coming down the home stretch with the tax returns. Strange that they didn't really figure out what was going on with your hubby. Hope it was some kind of wake up call for him and he will take it a it easier, huh?

Robin - Enjoy your time away. Make the most of it.

Peachie - Nice to see you in your old stomping grounds. Very good to hear about little guy's meds being stablized. Bet that makes life soooo much easier!

Good to see you too, Debkay - how is that senior of yours doing? She got her senior ball dress yet??? Lis got hers a couple weeks ago - its being altered right now.She needs shoes but we will probably go cheap in them.

Leens - We have been warm here lately so EVERYTHING is blooming. And while that makes it really pretty around here, it also makes many alergy sufferers miserable. The good with the bad, I guess.

Ok - gotta hit the laundry folding. Been a long day - wish I could just go curl up in bed with a good book. Oh well, no rest for the wicked!

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Ruth....... do I WANT it????? OF COURSE I DO!!!!! I hope that the dog problems that you've been researching aren't for Lucy and Hershey....... poor Hersh: just like so many of us, needing to lose weight before getting preggers give her a big sympathy hug for me!
You and LindaBC are both so right about the weirdness.... I mean, after all that, the docs give him an Rx for Prevacid!!! to coin a phrase "what's up with that????"...... anyhow, just like I knew would happen, dd1 is furious at me for not telling her about the "episode" - I told shdh that the kids would be ticked off if we didn't let them know, so I told Lys that it was totally "Daddy's" decision and if she was gonna be mad, to be mad at HIM, not me! didn't work tho....... oh well...... what else is new........

Oh yeah, Peachie, I'm glad Ruth mentioned your bra, I was too embarrassed to do so Boy! it sure was good to see you again..... ONEDERLAND for you?!?! way to go!

And Deb... so good to see you too - it's been way tooooo long! Please try to stop by more often, we miss you!

Leenie, if the crocuses (crocii??) had popped up their heads here on LI, they would have frozen their little tootsies off this weekend! I thought it was supposed to be nice and warm - somebody lied!
Ok, gotta go now, dh has an "extra" role in tonight's episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm and I gotta go see if I can see him.........

Gnite everyone.......

oops, hi Kel, you snuck in on me there......... have a good, restful evening - you sure do need AND deserve it!
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