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Default Friday, At Last

Good morning to all. TGIF! Coffee is on, hot and strong. Help yourself. Tomorrow is my 3 month anniversary on Atkins. I can't believe I've made it this long! I'm really pleased with my 26 pound loss. This is such an easy and satisfying woe, but yesterday something odd happened. When I was walking through the grocery store, I could smell the cookies baking in the bakery. For some reason, this set off a huge craving for a sugar cookie. I got through it, although it took several hours to do so. I just don't understand what brought it on. I haven't had anything like that happen since I began this woe. Any thoughts?

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'morning, Karla.

Yes, I do have an explanation. Smells come from molecules in the air so you were really ingesting tiny bits of sugar cookie. Maybe that set off the craving. Good work getting over it and congrats on such a good loss! happy three month Anniversary.

Nothing much new here. I'm in survival mode on the dieting - no loss but holding my own despite stress. This too shall end and I'll be back on track soon.

Have a great TGIF and enjoy the weekend.
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Angry Good morning all!

My server has not been cooperating for almost a week! Puter Kid (ds) Chad has been down with the flu on the other side of town and couldn't come fix it! And he has so many gadgets hooked up to this thing that I'm afraid to do much more than turn it on! DSS, Big Mike came over last night and I was at the point of begging for internet access. He just turned off and on one of the gadgets and voila! I'm back! tytytytyty

Hope everyone is okay - DH is supposed to go to the deer lease this weekend so hopefully I can catch up with everyone! (Hard to do with him in the office all the time!)

Hugs ~ J
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Hi, J, glad you're back. Isn't that irritating when these kids just make a little adjustment and everything is ok? Mind you, it's good that somebody knows what's what with the darned computers. I sure don't.

Karla, my explanation isn't as scientific as Ruth's but it makes sense to me. You probably haven't been doing any home baking since you've been on Atkins so you're not used to that tempting aroma. The sense of smell is one of our strongest for bringing back happy memories and for you, the smell of cookies baking must be a very happy one indeed. I know it is for me. Good for you for resisting. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger.

We have been having heavy rain for the past two days with many homes being flooded and roads closed. Sheesh, you'd think we'd be used to it here. Anyhow, it was a good morning to go back to bed instead of to the swimming pool. I did do my Body Flex before a very late breakfast though. BTW, you can laugh all you want about the breathing helping to lose inches but I have it on good authority that it has worked for many. I think the secret is in the clenching of muscle groups after the breath has been expelled. Now, perhaps I would be noticing the same improvements if I just did the resistance exercises without doing the breathing exercises first, I really don't know. I just know that my endurance and flexibility have improved. I'm feeling good and I have muscles where I didn't even know any still existed. So, in my book "it's a good thing".
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Hi people, what happened to the daily clucks? I remember when I It would take me a long time to catch up on one.

LindaBC i think you are wonderful for loosing inches, I cannot stick to anything.

Karla good for youuuuuuuuuuuu.

Well all for now I am going to make a cup of tea, and read some threads.

Love you all, Tazcat
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I am so proud of you, Linda! You are just doing soooo great these days! What an inspiration you are!

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Thanks, Kel, but I really haven't lost many pounds or inches. I'm just firming up and feeling a lot better. I have such a long way to go that I can't let myself think about the big numbers. I just want to get through one day at a time.

Taz, I think our daily cluckers have been side-tracked by some other forums such as the new Atkins and South Beach Diet forums at this 3FC site. There's lots going on there and you'll see lots of your old friends, and some new ones visiting there instead of here. I try to visit both the Atkins threads and here but some days there just isn't enough time. I'm sure that's the case with many other Chicks.
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Evening, Tippurr, Ruth, Tazcat, Janice, Linda and Kel!

Sending good wishes and vibes your way. I don't seem to be posting too much lately. It seems like I don't get a block of time anymore where I can read and write and say hello. Part of it is baseball which has been keeping me up late. I get annoyed at late night games. Not only do I have to stay up late but it doesn't give the kids a chance to watch.

My kids have been making me a bit nuts. Had to change the little guy's meds around and that has been taking some time. The big kid got in trouble at school last week so I have been riding him pretty hard.

Planning a trip to Disney the first week in December so I am determined to get my Christmas shopping done now. I have a bunch of wood sitting in the corner of the "toy room" (read the room that never gets cleaned) that I am not touching...I feel real good about that!!!

Where's Dottiejon? Does she not love us anymore? How about DonDar? There are alot of old gals MIA. I guess life happens.

My weight loss has been pretty steady. I am down about 44 pounds and I feel really good. Some days are better and easier than others, but I am glad that I had the surgery. I feel a bit more engaged with real life now.

Hugs to all and all who lurk,

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Who you callin old??!!

Peach your doing great!! I think about you often.

Linda!! Wow, you go girl!!

Me? Im still op and doing BFL. Ive been struggling the last 3 days, but I managed to get past it, and keep on plugging away.

The store has been very very busy, and Ive just been too tired to or lazy to sit and write.

to everyone, and the lurkers that were sitting infront of the screen with me.

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Hi isn't Friday anymore, but too early to start a Saturday thread! I've been quiet for a little over a week, but didn't mean to be away so long. Rob was in Holland, then he came home, and we had catching up to do, and I started SBD and had a lot of preparing to do, and Cody went to camp, and I got overloaded at work, etc etc and it's just been tough getting organized again! I've also been exercising regularly, and that seems to suck up a lot of time that I used to spend in front of my screen. I'll learn how to balance it all again soon.
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