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Default What is so wrong with carbohydrates?

Is it that bad?

I'm starting another diet plan. I didn't base it on another plan like southbeach, atkins or anything. I bought HI-CAL VEGETABLE CRACKERS and LOW FAT CRACKERS . I plan to eat with either tuna or low-fat cheese spread. Also, I bought some yogurt, oranges and apples. I'll try to eat vegetable salad if i can.

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Welcome, Orange!

Plenty of us here follow our own plan that by trial and error we have discovered works for us and is something we can live with BUT we all have one thing in common: We are true blue carb addicts.

Have you read any low carb books detailing how/why low carb works for those that are carb sensitive? How did you score on the test to check your carb addiction?

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have - if someone here can't answer it, we can usually direct you some where for further research.

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For the last couple of days, I have been counting WW points in addition to my carbs. I don't do fat free or low fat. I use the pts to describe my low carb woe that I have been doing for 32 months. Here is a sample of it:


2 LC tortillas..................6 carbs / 2 pts
reg shredded cheese....6 carbs / 6 pts


salad .............................5 carbs / 0 pts
reg greek dressing.........1 carb / 4 pt
steak..............................0 carbs / 6 pts

plain whole milk yogurt..4 carbs / 4 pts
blueberries.....................2 carbs / 0 pts
flaxmeal......................... 1 carb / 1 pt

2 Wasa Soya crispbread..12 carbs / 2 pts
reg yogurt cheese............2 carbs / 2 pts
cinnamon/splenda............1 carb / 0 pts

Total................................40 carbs / 27 pts

100 oz water

water aerobics - 60 minutes
266 x 60 x .00033 = 5.28 Activity Points

I won't let anyone put down my low carb woe by saying WW is better, because they can reside side by side. I even heard that WW is launching a low carb meal option this month. I guess they were losing too many paying customers to the low carb faction.
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thanks guys for posting. i don't know if i'm a carb addict since i haven't read any of the books yet...

can you suggest an online quiz?
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I'm a type 1 diabetic I take insulin everytime I have 15 carbs I have to take 1 unit of insulin.Low carb keeps me fom being a tired out pin cushion.Too many carbs can be very very bad for anyone.Some people have a hard time controlling how many they eat so low carb cut's the cravings.
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