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Default Daliy cluck,Wed. Oct.8/03

It is 4:40am,ready for work. Good Morning to you all. Lucy is sitting on my computer desk being too cute. She will go in a she sees DH getting up.
It is Hump day again. Can you believe it? Where did the week go? I know I am up a few pounds this week, Tonight is TOPS. But you cannot "not" diet and lose weight
Gee chicks, you are doing great. I love to read your posts. But see, I was doing better when I was not on line, I walk instead of talking about it. Well going for now as I want to read some more posts.

They say you will
never be lonely
from the start of each
day to its end
If you walk life's pathway
with love in your heart,
and side by side with
a friend.

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Come on Spring!
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Good morning, Taz, and chickies to come.

I'm off to give enough blood to get some tests done. The appointment is not until 9:15 and all I can think of is coffee! However, I'll be good and just glug water until then. Last week one of the clinic nurses could not find a vein and told me to go right to the lab. However, another nurse, Jane, insists she can find one and wants me in there today. I guess a 10 minute drive is better than a 30 minute drive but.....

The weather is supposed to be great for the next few days so I'm hoping to get more yardwork done. The wicker porch furniture is up in the loft now so summer is officially over - alas!

Happy Hump Day!
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Owned by Dixie
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I am looking forward to the good weather Ruth,
Off to the gym to work off fair food!
Arnold....the gov of California!
Who'd have thunk it?
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Good morning.

Taz- This week really is flying by. Good luck at TOPS.

Ruth- good luck. I hope they get the vein on the first try.

L - What is it with California and wanting actors as governor? I know that politics is a kind of showbusiness, but I don't want to be reminded of it so vividly, every day!

My good news for the week - - - My student came home from University Hospital last night. I'll call home and see how he's doing today. I hope he gets to come back to school.

Have a great day, chicks and rooster.

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I'm a Jovi Girl
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Good morning all!

Sorry I have been MIA. I caught my DD's Cold and I am feeling pretty miserable!

Anyone know if Echinatia will throw me out of Ketosis? It has always helped me feel better in the past and I really need something!

California - sheesh. I am a california girl born and bred. But Man I am so glad I have moved! Love Arnold in the theatre, but I dont know what he will do for the state.... I havent talked to my parents yet.. but I know mom is going to be upset! Dad.. Who knows.. he voted for Regan when he was govenor!

Karla - I am so glad to hear your student is home now!! I have been praying for him!

Ruth - I hope it all goes well with the blood work today! I have "bad" veins myself! So bad that when I was having my DD, the phlebotomist couldnt find the vein and bruised me so bad another nurse sent my hubby out of the room to ask if he was abusing me!! I set her straight with the blood work that was done!

Taz - Here is wishing that the TOPS WI is not as bad as you think it will be!!

I am going to run, but I wanted to say Hi to everyone!!
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Hey everyone! Still sick, feels like a softball in the throat when swallowing. The sickies are for the birds, I say!

Hope you are all doing well, come out and play!!!!!!!
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Setting up the sick bay for our ailing Chickies.
Ruth, hope they can find your vein. It 's always been a problem for me too and oy the bruising!!
Karen, I don't think Echinacia will throw you out of ketosis. It would be worth it anyhow if it makes you feel better.
Taz, do your walking first and then visit us as a reward for exercising. LOL

This morning I went to the pool and had a vigorous workout. Since I've been home the power has gone out four times. That's four times I've had to reset all five digital clocks including the VCR and not counting the darned outdoor lights. Sheesh. It's a pretty lousy system when a bit of wind can cause such a hassle.

Well, off to watch Y&R and hope I can stay awake through it this time. I think it's about time somebody got murdured on that show....preferrably some of the writers.

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Up 1.5# not bad, as I have been very bad.
Karla, lot of praying still going on for your student. Great news that he is home.
WHO is our Rooster??
You are my reward every day LindaBC. I love you all.
See you tomorrow, not early as it is my day off and I hope to get some work done.
Ruth you could use my veins, they are so big you could use a gas pump on them.
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The question isn't WHO is our rooster but WHERE is our rooster? Brad, come out, come out, wherever you are.
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