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Exclamation A light bulb moment!

I have been noticing that I'm an emotional basket case lately. You don't need all the details, but a lot of you know me and my home situation. Add in job stresses and the recent breakup of my relationship. Let's don't even talk about finances. So, why have I noticed that I'm a basket case?

I'm not stuffing my feelings down with food. For my whole life I would do this. Depressed, angry, hurt, sad, scared? Eat something, anything, and a whole lot of it. Don't deal with the issue, just avoid it. Make myself feel better by eating the comfort foods. The ones that made me that fat-@$$ I am today. Okay, the one I was until I decided to stop this craziness!

So, my question for all of you wonderful ladies is, how do I avoid going crazy while facing all this crap head on? How do you all deal with it? Any advice for the emotional newborn? Thanks, guys!
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......well.....I turned into a *itch!

works for me

might work for you!

It took alot of work and time to learn to reprogram myself not to stuff my feelings, Sherrie. I think recognizing the triggers for what they are is the first step! I want to eat because ___________ (fill in the blank) My job ticks me off, my kids are wild, my dh is a neanderthal. fill in to suit you and then say "no, that is not a good way to handle it".

Good for you, Sherrie!!

you know what Sherrie? I am going to edit this for the third time. When I say I turned into a *itch, that is not entirely true, although my dh may argue. It is about sticking up for yourself and voicing your opinion. Not everyone has to agree with your opinion (unless it is mine ...ok, I am kidding....I think) but you have a right to your feelings and your opinions, cause they are YOURS!

ok, I'll edit ONE more time....I just love that "outta my way" thing you have by your runner!!!!

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Trying to find my way.
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Sherry I can not say much for my self. I too have reached a horrible light bulb moment. Mine has to do with many months of fifnancial,emotional, work related upheval. I got on the scale (I was feeding my anger and frustrations with food of the wrong persuasion) and I am only 10 lb from my high that means in the last almost 1 1/2 years I managed to loose all the ground that i had worked so hard to gain. I too need to learn how to manage the stress with out hitting the pavement let alone the dirt. I was a low of 169 and now am edging at 224!!!

when you find out let me know please.

and I too love the "outta my way"!!
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You guys are the best! Now (I shudder to even think this) every time I want to eat something horrible, I'm going to jiggle my fat a little bit. I mean, even if I just walk around the house or up and down some stairs, at least I won't be pigging out. My daddy used to tell me to go kick some stumps. However, that always makes me hurt my clumsy self. So, I'm still trying not to blow my top every time I get hacked off, now I'll just let off some steam by moving a little.
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I think it's important that we figure out what it is that we really need. If it's comfort, then try to find a different way to comfort yourself than with food. Pamper yourself with scented baths, body scrubs, a good book or movie. Whatever it takes (other than food) to make you feel as if you are special.
If you're angry and need to vent, try punching something that can't hit back like a pillow or a mattress.
If you're feeling frustrated over things you don't have the power to change, tackle the things you CAN change. Scrub floors, clean drawers, sort closets, pitch and toss out every single thing in the house that bugs you (including uncooperative men and children)
If you're just irritated and ticked off at the world, try going for a walk in a nice area where you can see, smell and appreciate all the things that are right and wonderful in this world. Working in a garden can be very therapeutic as well.
And, don't forget, we are here for you to vent as much as you need. We all have our troubles and if it wasn't for friends, I honestly don't know how we'd survive.
Now, I just need to learn how to take my own advice.
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Hi - a few times when I was upset & struggling about what to do, I went to the movies by myself with my "low point snacks".
Have seen quite a few good movies (tear jerkers were great) and I really felt rejunated when I went home.

I also rely heavily on my girlfriends and their thoughts. Sometimes just having someone listening makes you feel better.

Or maybe just have a "time out" and not talk to anyone for awile
(except the cat or dog)

Hope this helps.
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Come on Spring!
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Sherrie, journalling helps me. I can relate very well as I've been where you are. It really helped me to write it all down. I got through it and you can too.
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Oh, I know exactly what you're talking about! Until I started atkins and effectively had my emotional crutches taken away from me, I had no idea I could love someone to death until they were in my presense and they want to scratch their eyes out. I was a huge basket case - a great example of neverending PMS.

What has worked for me is (oddly) exercise. I've become a real fan of yoga and pilates. They make me breathe and focus myself and I find the meditative quality of the exercises very soothing. Admittedly, there are times when I'm too ticked for soothing. Those are the times that I go to the track for a jog or hop on my bike and just go! I'll keep going until my legs feel like jello and by then the angry energy is gone and because it's a solitary activity and I can work my own crazy mind out.
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Default Typo!

I meant THEN want to scratch their eyes out. They probably wanted to as well, but that's not what I meant.
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