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Hi all! Hope you don't mind one more.

I started atkins 3 weeks ago and have lost 11 (from 176 to 165). My weight goal is 2 per week, so 10 total.

My First weekly goal...Well, I guess that more exercise, less smoking and less vodka drinks would all be equally pressing at this point. I will go with........

No more than 3 drinks per week. Starting now.

Thanks for starting this great thread!

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S/C/G: 242.5/193.4/170

Height: 5'9"


I'm joining in! I have no idea what I weigh, but the waistband of my tightest pants is starting to pinch. I've been goofing off in the exercise department, it's just too dang hot!

My goal for August is to get my butt moving! At least 15 minutes walking every day, and my stretching/weight-lifting at night. Ugh, it sounds like such a chore! We're all in this misery together, right?
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Wow Robin you started a revolution! This is great, and I think we can get a lot accomplished. I am so PUMPED over this. I think part of me knows the summer will be over soon, and we'll be back to cold weather. I always feel better and happier in the summer and I think I can accomplish more in the summer when I can be more active and eat fresher veggies.

Ok everybody that didn't weigh, go find a scale or go to the pharmacy and see. You need some accountability and what better way to measure! We don't care what you weigh, we love you no matter what! You might find your turning point if you do!

Kimbova - I like the Atkin's Morning Start bars. I especially like the Apple. I like the chocolate premixed shakes, but I only drink in emergencies since they are pricey. Hey don't get discouraged on the next few days. I had a hard time for a while, and I just kept reaching for the low carb snacks, like macadamia nuts and cheese. I ate too much, but I ate the 'right' things, and eventually that sugar did get out of my system. I personally do not recommend many shakes/bars in these first few days so you can get it all out of your system! Forget what sweet is for a few days and you'll thank yourself later.
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Well this is my first posting...and how perfect! I had been on the Atkins right after my daughter was born lost 60lbs, was down to 170lbs....and gained it back 3 yrs later. When I did the first time I had alot of support because where I worked there were four other women doing the atkins so we made sure noone cheated, shared recipes etc...well when I left that job I had no support...and have found it almost near impossible to stick weakness is ICECREAM and I have a 3 yr old so you can imagine...

So here goes--

This morning when I weighed myself I weighed 231lbs.

My goal at the end of five weeks is 211 (that's only 4lbs a week)

My challenge this week will be to drink more water (I am usually really good at this but here lately I am addicted to diet root beer, and coffee)

I am so glad to be a part of this group! Thanks everyone! Love, Julia
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Thanks chickies!!

Welcome to all the newbies...this is a great bunch!!

Had a decent day food wise yesterday but most importantly, I feel back in a kick butt sort of way! Today I should go explore protien shake possibilities!

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Hi & a big welcome to Kimbo, CJ, Julia, Bailey, Sterling, Meowna!! I recognize some of you and it's great to see you again along with the new LC chickies!

I did well yesterday. Day #1 of Challenge conquered and I feel good about it.

Food Intake - Not one morsel of forbidden carbs!

Water Intake - approx 92 oz. + (1) CF diet pepsi

Excercise - I parked at the far end of Wally World, walked around in WW for 2 hours pushing an overflowing grocery cart. I kept moving when I got home and didn't sit down ('cept to drive home) for 4.5 hours. It wasn't the gym but I kept moving-was better than plopping behind the puter!

I'll find a scale somewhere today. Jennifer, there's no scale at our pharmacy! But I do think it would be a good idea if we took our measurements! The scale doesn't always show what our bodies are doing!

How'd everyone else do on day #1?


Morning Peachie, you snuck in on me again!
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Good morning ladies,

....and thanks for the warm welcome! It's nice to know that you're not alone in this battle.

Jennifer-thanks for the advise, I'm so busy during the day at work and I work a P/T job in the evening that if I don't do a bar or atkins shake of some sort than I end up not eating at all. I perfer the bars, they make you feel full for a long time.

Yesterday was a great eating day! I didn't go off plan not even once. I'm so excited about that! I was feeling a little nervous, I guess that's because I pigged out on high carb food on Sunday and then under 10 carbs on Monday. Anyway, I will do my measurements today and post them tomorrow. My stats, which is very difficult for me to even type are 290 started / 245 current / 190 goal. It's been a rollercoster ride for me for about a month now. I've been stuck on 245 cause I couldn't make up my mind what I wanted to do, low fat or low carbs. I just wasn't moving on low fat so I decided low carbs is what it will be for me.

My DH & I are going on a cruise Thanksgiving week and I don't want to take at least 35 of these pounds with me.

My weight goal in these 5 weeks is at least 10lbs but of course I want more.

Until later, have a great morning!
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S/C/G: 300/too much/155


Wow!! Its great to see so many of us!!! Welcome to everyone and good luck!!!

Yesterday went great. I ate too much, but like Jennifer, I ate the right things, and noticed I pee'd ALOT yesterday lol. So, the water is leaving!! YAH!!

Got in a little walk, which is great since I turn into a slug in the summer!! I hate exercising in the heat But if I want to get the last of my weight off, then I need to do this....and I am

Tip for the day.........when your feeling cravings, or ghost hunger, drink some water, chug it and get as much in as possible at once. Then wait and see if your cravings go away. If not..............go clean the bathroom

Have a great op day everyone!!

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Hi Girls do you mind if I cut in?
My goal is to lose 15 by Labor Day
which would put me at 185/4
My Challenges are Staying OP during a crisis or at a party lol
and exercise
Yesterday was a bad day I ended up having chicken bake the costco version of Hotpockets b/c I was too pooped to be culinary genius
Today's a NEW DAY! and tho I dont know If i'll get to the gym I know I'm goign to be OP and drink Water!
I want to melt it off!
Ready to kick some ARSE
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Come on Spring!
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S/C/G: 232/170/150

Height: 5'0" on a tall day


OK - I am out of ONEderland, dammit! I changed my profile stats but fully intend to be at or close to 189 in 5 weeks. I've got 3 pounds of new fat from the Fair to lose and then 11 more. Two pounds a week is a lot for me but I'll try.
I will drink more water.
I will walk Hershey for a half hour twice a day.
I will NOT have even a single ju-jube or red licorice stick.
I will not give up if I slip up on any of the above.

Onward and downward!
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Count me in!! I'm new, from Los Angeles and have lots to lose, but I know that I'll get there one day at a time.
I love this challenge! Started yesterday, did great, and will continue drinking my water, watching my meals and get in some excercise.....for the challenge I would like to lose 10 lbs....
not much, but I'm a slow loser!
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The scale showed one pound gone this morning. I'm not going to get too jubilant about it but it's a small step in the right direction. The only thing I'm having trouble with is nuts. The other day I broke down and bought a bag of mixed salted nuts and I'm afraid I've been dipping into them rather greedily. Otherwise, I'm having no problem staying op.
Tomorrow morning I will put in my hour at the pool. It will be a real treat because of our current heat wave and the pool I go to keeps the water pretty cool. I still can't do much in the way of land exercises. Even doing an hour or two of gardening makes my knee swell up terribly.
Nice to see so many new faces (and some former posters....HI MEOWNA).
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S/C/G: 300/too much/155


Tuesday's check in:

I had a great day today....didnt have to battle any sugar monsters think maybe they are giving up???? (I hope so)

Drank my water, and did my walk tonight. Ive been thinking about my next challenge, and already I dont like it We'll see how ambitious I feel and how hot it gets.

Linda, way to go on your 1lb loss already You can do it!!

Nighty night all

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Angry WTG Linda!!!!

I still haven't found anyone with a darned scale--but that's ok -- I'm glad to hear of your loss - no matter what!!!

I'm having an ok day. Things went wrong - again! But I've managed to at least OP. Excercise did not go as planned - which is sorry since I've been up so early! Just goes to show you my family needs to give a bit!!!

I am doing this for me! Right?????????????
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Hey there- first time posting here for me! I started Atkins for the first time July 8th. So far so good. I started at 267.5 YIKES! and am now down to 253.5!!! Yipee!!!
I sued to drink almost 4 cans a Coke a day, so this is a big deal for me! Generally I feel like I have way more energy now and my appetite has gone waaay down. I have to remind myself to eat.
( that is new to me!)
I think I can really stick to this, with seeing results so fast. My pants that were too tight now fit, and the pants that fit are now too big- AMAZING!!!
Anyhow, I have babbled on enough for now. I am so in on this challenge! Thanks!
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