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Default Atkins to SBD

I have lost 36 lbs on Atkins since December with 20 more to go. Am thinking of changing to SBD. Do I need to start with induction or phase II? I have beeen stalled for the past month. I hope this will get me past the stall and on my way down again. Did anyone have an initial weight gain? Any suggestions on making the change? Thanks.
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Hi Emeline. I have been on SBD for almost six weeks and as long as I stay on Phase I, I do just fine, but the minute I add the extra carbs in Phase II, I stop losing. I have been thinking of changing to the new Atkins plan. Can you tell me why you don't like it? It seems like you did wonderful--I'd love to lose 36 lbs on any diet.
Not knowing how many carbs you are eating now, but Phase I of the SBD might jump-start your weight loss again. Caci
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I'd like to jump in on this conversation as I'm just starting (day 4) the new Atkins eating program. I too am insterested to know why considering the switch. Boredom, slower weight loss now?

Curious minds need to know<grin>

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I think I have been eating way too many nuts and SF candy. I am going back to Atkins induction and see what happens.
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Default Atkins and loosing

I would just like to say that I have been on Atkins since 1/06/03 and have lost 28 pounds to date. I have gone through a phase of not loosing. This lasted about a month also. I have finally began to loose again.

I took the attitude that I am frustrated but not defeated. I was very happy with what I had lost and was refusing to give in to my frustration. About 2 weeks ago I began to loose again. I have added a few more carbs. But I try to stay close to the induction part of the program. Since fruit is coming in season this is where I am getting my extra carbs.
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