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Default Monday chat/Mar.3/03

Good morning chicks, starting us up with second cup of coffee. It is 5:35 am, raining cats and doggies, the rec room is flooding . DH has gone to work so he can take a floater for today. I don't know what we are going to do with this mess. I think I need a trip to F OR G or H etc.

Well we had a good weekend, I ate tooo much. I really had good intentions but you know that story.
I will check back tonight, must get ready for work,
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Morning Taz..... thanks for the coffee. the timer for my pot hasn't gone off yet DH set it for 6(well, he TRIED anyhow - he DOES get points for that!!)

Just a quick hi on the frosty cold morning before I hit the shower... today is a double shift. I start the day in New Hyde Park, which, in rush hour will take me about 1 - 11/4 hrs..... so, it's time to hit the shower and get on the road...... have a good day all.. I'll try to catch up when I get home tonight, sometime after 8........ hope you all stay warm and sane!
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Good morning
All of the snotty noses I wiped have caught up with me and I am now sick. I have no voice and my ears have not stopped humming all weekend. I couldn't take another day off work so the kids are all in for a great day. There is no way I can make a peep.
Spent the weekend in bed looking for a cross stitch pattern. I have decided to stitch a christmas pattern for my SIL's wedding present. She and her boyfriend have already lived together for 8 years so there really isn't anything they need. Wedding is in October so I will be spending many late nights under my lamp stitching away!
Have not read the weekend posts yet but I hope everyone had a good one. I am adding 5 more carbs today so it brings me up to 35 a day. I am still losing but it has been slow so this might be my max. until I start walking more.
Have a good and OP day!
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Hi all........just passing through. I think I'm on my third cup of leaded coffee and it just isn't giving the pick-up I had hoped for

I have LOTS of errands to run today and they are all for someone else........hubby and son. I rented the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" and didn't get the chance to watch's going back unviewed this morning. I've heard it's a great movie.

Hope everyone gets over their colds, stays warm, basements dry out......yadda, yadda, yadda!

have a great one all!

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Good bitter cold morning,
I am off to take the kids to school. Little man is star of the week and I worked too hard on the project. I had printer trouble so I only have pictures through 2001. Oh well. I have to put it up at school this morning and then off to the gym. my new gym, (the old one was not fixing the machines) has eliptical trainers that mesure milage! That is a huge motivator for me.

Anyway, off to costco today too and the regular stuff on top of that.
Keep warm and good day.
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Come on Spring!
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Everybody is off to a quick start this morning and I'm still not dressed! DH got up with the dogs but I don't smell coffee yet.

We aren't sure what we are going to do today. Kevin MAY be back to do baseboards if his leg isn't killing him. No way you can kneel to do baseboards with 22 stitches in your knee.

If he doesn't come, we are going to drive to Perth to look at a new woodstove. Harry is in love with the one Claire and Doug have so we may be blowing more og MEW's inheritance, poor baby! The driving should be good as we did not get all the rain that was predicted (Taz took it) although we did get the flash freeze. From 0C to -22C overnight!

I am kicking my butt to get some of this weight off during the next two months. Putting the scale away for a month was not a good idea! I rant in my journal, not here, because I even bore myself!

Have a great Monday.
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Trying to find my way.
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just finished my bowl of ( ) frosted mini wheats


Can you tell what kind of day I am going to have. took a shower and then attacked my hair with a pair of scizzors. te good new is that my curls can hide an awful lot of damage but i have had enough of everything and if i only cut of 3 inches o am doing god. i was thinking of taking my hair down to about 1 inch all over. it is down to the middle of my bra or was when curled my panties when pulled out so it is a bit uneven but i wear it up for work so who cares.

does this sould like a woman in desperation?? YES!!! I atleast know when i feel this way. the lst time i was this stressed i was home alone with 3 small kids and just figuresd i was preg with #4 and dh was gone all week so i was essentially a single mom except for the weekends when i was a slave to laundry cleaning and kids and that was my good weekend add working to that picture and you get even worse. Unfortunaly i feel close to that right now. finanaces are still tight even with working. i can not seem to get cought up and that is the worse stressor for me. i can work my bones off if i can see that the bills are boing paid and i can afford the nice things but i have to watch every penny and wonder if i paid the bill on time to get the electric from shutting off, adn wonder what is next. This is not fun!!I still think hooking is the best idea but there is no call for that in my area. I can only wonder why i can not focus on me and getting the diet under control.


Well with all that said I have 3 days off I think i can even get one for the rest thing that so many people talk about. but that leads to 4 days on again!!! UGH

have tons of things to get done today so I will check in later.
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Trying to find my way.
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Oh good news is that this puppy is going back!! She is impossible to train. she will soil and just lay it in her pen!!! has no problem with chewing everything. is way too hyper and just about destroying everythign i own!! My new coffee table 10 years old but like new is all chewed on the corners. (NOT WHEN I WAS HOME) and she chewed my kitchen cabinets right in fron of me. just looks as me like there is nothing wrong. will go out side and then come inside and poop. I am so guarded with her i can not stand it. the kids who wanted her has no problem with sleeping and then rinning off to work ingonring her. so let her go to a good home that can take the time to train her. all the neighbor kids think she is the devil dog and run i tell them not to as it makes her excited. and startign jumping!!!

well i guess i was not done ranting!!

love you guys I am running the kids to school.
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Wow, Sue! I almost feel guilty because my day isn't as hectic as yours. I feel your pain on the working your bones off and the bills still piling up. I am trying to get a handle on my debt, now I'm helping bf with his. His idea of saving money is buying pizza with a coupon! Anyway, here's a big hug (((((Sue))))) cause you sound like you need one!

Hope you're all going to have a great day, Monday is same old same old around here, hectic at work and stressed to the max, but I shall overcome. Got some great steak for lunch, so all is well in the world Then, well, 5 o'clock can't come too soon for me!!!

Talk to everyone later!
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Morning chickies---AGAIN!!
Yes I was in the middle of posting and I clicked out of one of those pop-up advertisements--and lost my post---GRRRR...........

Sue--(((())))'s to you--now for a little ranting of my own--My house is a tee-total disaster--can no-BODY pick up anything around this pigpen???? I mean really-what good is a dishwasher if DH can't even put his plate in it? Laundry is up to my eyeballs---YUCK and I NEED A JOB--BUT I CAN NOT AFFORD TO WORK OUTSIDE THE HOUSE--does anyone understand this dilemma?? Child care just sucks every penny I have when I work, and Lord Knows we need the money!!!! And on top of it all I AM NOT LOSING!!!! I can't afford a vacation soooooo.........This board will have to do

Done with that--ODD had the SPELL again last night--belly hurting and shaky-I gave her some gas pain medicine--she did feel better but it took about an hour. Should I call the Doctor? Or am I know what I'm trying to say...obsessive??

Ruth--I'm with you about kicking butt to get this weight off--I'm tired of messing with it!!

It is cooollldddd here!!
I'll check in later--when I am in a better mood!!

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Isn't there a Murphy's law for when you go away and 10 things are waiting for when you get home? I have a meeting for tomorrow night and a ton of paperwork to do before that. Always the way, isn't it?

Right now it's carry on with neglected housework from the last 3 days, keep the house warm because it's -31 right now and will that way all day, and call the oil company to get more oil--sigh...HURRY UP SPRING!!!

Sue ((((HUG)))) I am so sorry things with the puppy didn't work out, it really is a lot of work, just like a real baby. Maybe if you wanted to get a dog in the future, I'm sure your local shelter has some wonderful full grown dogs who would need just a lot of love.

Ruth, I need a woodstove too--happy shopping!

Sherrie, I think the debt situation goes around, kind of like a cold virus!

Oh Deb, it's too bad you can't just keep it a few hours and watch it, it really is worth the time!

L, sounds like you've been one busy lady lately, hope you make time for yourself!

tammy, feel better soon!

OH taz!! I don't envy you! I hope it isn't TOO serious. Will insurance cover the damage?

Take good care all those to come!
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Happy Monday everyone!

Sue, did you really say "HOOKING" is the answer? Sorry about the puppy--I know exactly what you mean about the kids begging for a dog. The novelty wears off the first time they have to pick up poop in the yard.

Miss D, I would definitely call the doc about your daughter. In October, my 10 year-old son had the exact same symptoms. I thought he had the flu, so just kept him in bed. He'd eat, then throw-up shortly after, and ran a fever. Finally (bad mommy), I took him in, they did a abdominal x-ray, and he was FULL. He was put on a 9 day bowel cleansing regime of milk of magnesia, suppositories, and enemas. Not a pleasant experience for any involved parties. But, it took away the terrible stomach pain, and taught him to eat better food. I would call the doctor, because loose bm's can still be a sign of constipation.
I also know what you mean about not being able to afford working outside the house.
For everyone who's ill, I hope you're feeling better soon.
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Coming down from a Sugar-high is really painful. Darn King Cake. New Orleans was really fun, but not good for the diet. I completely gave myself the weekend off. I had Red Beans and Rice (my fave) and baked potatoes, pizza, coke classic, mudslides, Smirnoff ice, doritios, Resses cups... all the stuff that's bad for you. We did get a lot of exercise in, but I don't think it made up for the food. I'm still hyper from the sugar and caffine. Mostly the sugar probably. I popped a migarine this morning so I'm paying for my excesses, my tummy is not happy, I managed to get most of the head pain to go away, but still a little queasy. Probably just the thought of the damage I did. I got lots of beads though, so it was worth it.

Can you tell I'm still sugared up, I'm babbling... I'm sorry to hear everyone is sick, flooded, tired, cold, in debt (me too!) and I'll check back in once I've crashed.

Tammy - did you find a cross stitch pattern? If not I can look thru mine and see what I have.
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Coming in later than usual. I went to a hospital auxiliary lunch with a friend today. It involved three hours of speeches before a high carb buffet so guess who had two desserts. I'm not even a paid member but I do help out at the baby clinic occasionally and I'm not one to pass up a free lunch, even if I have to listen to three hours of speechifying.
Came home and watched Y&R. Makes my life seem very ho-hum and I like it that way. Then watched the Canucks play Boston. They won but I'm afraid I dozed through a good part of the game. I was just starting to make dinner when Peter phoned to say he wouldn't be home until about 9 and he just came in the door a few minutes ago. Warmed up home made soup and open faced buns with broiled ham and cheese. He's not complaining.
We too are having financial difficulties which is why he worked all weekend and has been putting in extra hours in the evenings. I feel guilty thinking I should get a job too but who wants to hire an old bat like me? I can still type pretty fast but I get terrible pains in my fingers from arthritis if I try to type all day, and I can't stand on my feet all day in a shop because of hip pains. Makes me feel so useless. If only the people who owe us money would just PAY UP!!! They are always in a hurry to have the jobs done but don't they realize that we have to pay our workers and for supplies? Must be "Rant Monday".
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