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Trying to find my way.
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Pooky I understand oabout the frozen car. My car doors will not close untill i have it ruiing for about 20 min kiss the gas i have ti bungied for now as i do not have the time to wait every time i leave the car.

as for me I am having a day off but now have to run way all over the place to get the trash out and all kinds of stuff. UGH. I hate these days it seems every day is like that with no time to do the house like i need to. let alone get the taxes ready!!! the next two weekends are going to be busy asi willb e working 2 in a row to get off for the states for the boys swim meet. life here is fun (not) and busy!!! I hate it!!
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dishsoap works well on grease as a pretreatment
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Tammy - There's a product called "Greased Lightning" available at Wal-mart for about 3 dollars (white, yellow and black bottle in the laundry aisle). It takes out everything. DH got oil on a white shirt and I scrubbed it out with no problem. Word of caution, it will also take off skin if you have prolonged contact with it. Wear gloves.

I hope everyone stays warm and OP today. Although those with colds are excused from being OP. (It worked for me. I wasn't OP for a week with that cold, and when I went back OP I lost 4 lbs in three days. So eat up...or not. )

I'm a little anxious about this weekend. We're going to New Orleans for BIL's wedding and an extra night to do Mardi Gras. I'm the only one on Low Carb. I don't plan to drink, or if I do it's only going to be 1 drink, but what the heck am I going to eat? I need to re-read the Atkins chapter on eating out. I've just avoided it since I've started back in Dec. What food travels well? Maybe I can just pack my own. I'm also worried because in-laws don't seem to understand that I must eat every 2 hours or I get sick, as my blood pressure drops quite easily. Grr. I can't wait but I'm also worried about this whole thing.
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Ruth, did you get my e-mails or do I have the wrong addie again? Hope you're feeling better soon, girlfriend.

Tammy, I seem to get a lot of grease stains in my t-shirts and sweatshirts. No doubt it comes from sticking out too much in the front and generally sloppy eating habits. I learned that if you drench the grease stain with WD40 and then soak it well with any liquid detergent (let it sit for about 20 min) then wash as usual, it takes out quite a lot. It would seem strange to use a lubricant (oil) to get rid of an oily stain but apparently you need oil to get the grease to release its hold on the fabric. It freaked me out the first time I tried it but with a bad grease stain, what have you got to lose?

Thanks for the reminder about stored plants, Pooky. I forgot I have dahlia bulbs in my garage stored in sawdust and I'm hoping they haven't rotted. Our garage is quite warm. I don't usually pot them up as they can go right into the ground in April. In fact, often I just leave them in the ground and they are usually fine. I don't think we've had a deep, hard frost all winter.
I have geranium (pelargoniums actually) cuttings rooting on the garage window sills. It's amazing to me that most of them have survived my neglect. I absolutely refuse to start seeds indoors anymore. After nurturing the spindly little things for months on window sills, they usually croak the first time they're put outdoors.
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I say we all swap plant cuttings. Too bad we probably can't do that thru the mail.
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