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Default Meridia/Wellbutrin ?

Has any one been on this combination before? Did it help?

Does anyone have experiences with one of these?

I started the meridia today, and I really am not that driven to eat, tomorrow I will fill the prescription for wellbutrin.

any thoughts would be appreciated!!!!


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Peachy, my doc put me on the same combo a couple years ago. I could not afford the meridia, but the wellbutrin helped some. It's for depression, but also helps with compulsive eating (and smoking!) but it had some side effects I couldn't deal with. Felt like I'd burned my tongue on a hot griddle. Good luck to you!!
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I was on Meridia for a few months last year. My doctor took me off it because my blood pressure was getting too high. I'm not sure if the Meridia was the reason though. It's high again and I haven't been on the drug in months. I found it did help with my compulsion to binge but I still got normal times. I've never tried Wellbutrin.
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Gee I thought these were places in France.
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France, Taz? I've never been there...perhaps if I take enough drugs.......

Linda and Sherrie, thank you for your info!

Linda, my blood pressure is pretty low...I could use a little rise...but if it starts in with the palpitations, I am not going to like that one bit. I should call my doc and see if he wants to monitor me. Thanks for the heads up on that!

Sherrie, meridia IS expensive, but I was pretty darn lucky that my doc gave me a 30 day sample supply. Don't like that waffle iron tongue one bit!!!!!

Anyone know how much the wellbutrin is gonna set dh back? Hate for the poor guy, and Debkay's poor guy to hit the floor over it! They seem to do the sympathy thump!

anymore experiences would be great!

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peachie.. the welbutrin should be covered under DH's insurance.. prescription plan. that is, if your darlin doc wrote the indication for depression and not smoking cessation
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Peach, I was on Welbutrin for a few months alone and it really didn't help me w/the weight loss. But the combo just might work for you. Years ago I was on Prozac and Phentermine and that worked wonders until the doctor found out it was causing some weird chemical in the brain and discontinued me using it (never tried Phen Phen pheeeeeeeew! )

Good luck and let us know how your doing.

Love, Leenie

Pssssssssst. My hubby was on Zyban (welbutrin) for his smoking and my insurance covered it. He hasn't had a cigarette since last June
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I took Meridia for a few months. This was years ago and I know it helped me.

In the first month I lost 14 pounds. I ate three meals a day but really watched my fat intake. I lost a total of 30 pounds in three months. I would have kept taking it but my insurance wouldn't pick up the tab and it was really too expensive for me.

I dont take Welbutrin but I do take Porzac and have been taking that for several years. I don't know how I ever did without it. It really helps me especailly with my PMS moods. I was...well le't just say....less then nice when TOM rolled around.

The only side effect that I did have with the Meridia was I was really thursty for the first week or so. Other then that I didn't have any problems with my BP. When I started Prozac it made me feel a little dizzy....yea, I'm blonde but not that type of dizzy, then that too went away. Now, I'm fine....just my opinion on that statement....

Best Wishes, Chrissy
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