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Yes, I also think you need to eat more. Plus, where are your salads??? I am convinced that eating the required helpings of salad greens and such, regularly, greatly helps the weight loss. I think it has to do with food combos or something.

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Thanks a lot ladies. Wow do I appreciate you all. But goodness. how does one eat so much? I can easy eat 200 or more of carbs but protein just gets stuck in my throat, But hey, I'll take your word for it and up those cals. Far be it from me to argue with the voice of experience. My husband disabled the scale so I can't weigh till sunday morning when my week is done. We have a drs scale so he took one of the weights off. And you know what. I can't believe the support on these boards. I've been to other diet boards and not had any of this rallying around and support that you all are doing here. You don't know how I appreciate this. You better believe that I will follow your advice Thank you Thank Thank you, You can come catch up with me in my journal!
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Trying to find my way.
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Wishing i feel the same way here I have strayed to other boards but as you see i have been here a long time and keep posting here even if i am off plan!!!

and i can not agree more with the eat more. your body is trying so hard to fight the weight loass it sees the lack of caloric intake that it is dropping your basal metabolic rate dwon so you can not lose weight unless you do not eat!!! so eat!! take a chunk more of cheese or even a few nuts I usually have a huge bowl of chilli with sour cream and cheese that really fills you up and gets in the calories. and even try eating 5 - 6 meals a day if you can manage that at work

good for DH disabling the scales. i wish my DH was creative like that but he would just curse that they were not working!!

also check the FAQ section i see some one brought up the post regarding stalls read that and print it out great info there! (I can not take credit for that i found that on the PP board)
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Yeh your chili sounds yummy but I can't have it on the stage I'm in on the Atkins diet? And believe me I don't havea problem feeling full. I'm positively stuffed all the time on this diet. It's so hard to eat enough. I'm not doing nuts yet either because I'm still in thr induction phase. I'mcarrying it on a few more weeks til I start losing again. I'm going to read the info you suggested. Thanks!
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Default Wow!

I wish someone would come and diable my scales! I have TWO of them and both DH and I weigh every morning. It's like a compulsion!

Believe me, these gals know their stuff! They helped me when I thought I was beyond hope!
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Please don't be worried; there are several factors to consider...

1. As mentioned in previous posts, on Atkins and low-carb diets, you lose fat, not muscle mass. Muscle mass weighs more, but takes up less space. Again, as mentioned previously, measure yourself and see whether you've lost inches even if you haven't lost as many pounds as you would have liked.

2. Some of the initial weight lost is water weight. This is a buzzword but what it means is: when you are eating an improperly balanced diet, your body retains water. When you start eating healthfully and/or exercising, your body sheds the excess water, and then after the water weight is gone, it starts burning fat. Fat burning takes a lot longer than losing water, but it's the one that matters.

3. A couple weeks after starting a new diet/lifestyle plan, your body, after having shed the excess water, starts to build up its salt and water levels again, which may make it seem as if you aren't losing fat, but you probably are!

Hope that helps.
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