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Default Thermogenics--help!!

OK ladies, I'm putting this question out to you all, for the past 2 weeks I have been sweating --I mean profusely!! Now In Atkin's book he talks about this "thermogenics" and I was wondering if this actually caused outward affects or if I am just crazy??

It is so bad right now even--I worked out earlier and took a shower...I just finished supper and cleaned up and I need another shower!

Usually at night I sit with a blanket to watch TV--lately though I have had to skip the blanket--no one else in my house has been aaffected by this crazy hotness-just me--any theories??

see ya!

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One word....MENOPAUSE....or as I prefer to call it MENTAL-PAUSE. Could you be in the early stages?
Another you drink a lot of coffee. I find caffeine gives me hot flushes, same with a lot of chocolate.
If it's helping you melt off pounds, I'd learn to live with it.
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Trying to find my way.
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there also could be another reason. increased metabolism!! WHOOO what a way to sweat girl!!
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Well, I hope it is increased metabolism and not the other At 31 I am not ready yet to put my body through yet another change! Having kids was a change enough.

Last night I could feel the air in my room was cool, but yet my body felt so hot, I could not even stand the covers on! I checked those old ketone stix and I am showing about 80--I have been srinking water out the whazoo so I don't think I am dehydrated--I just hope I am burning fat and that is the reason for this "hotness!"

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How strange... I am hot all the time as a rule. Partly because of my weight. But since I have started Atkins, I noted that the profuse sweating from the smallest activity stopped! Go figure! I am also one of those folks that has a perpetually low body tempreature. Who knows how all this works? I want to go with the burning fat metablolism theory. I hope it does not become too annoying for you. If it continues or gets worse or is really bothering you, maybe you could ask your doctor?
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