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Default oh the absurdity of clothing sizes!!!

we've all seen this.. but things are really ridiculous!!!

yesterday, one of my [thin] friends gave me a shirt that someone had given her. it was an XL, and on a heavy day, this chicky wears a medium...


and today, i dragged mom to lord and taylor [great sale, discount coupons]. and i bought IN THE REGULAR SIZE WOMEN'S DEPT a pair of pants. XL. now, i know this is an aberration, but still, it felt GREAT!!!

and then to lane bryant [a sale, discount coupons, see the theme here???] because i really wanted a pair of jeans that fit. the ones i'm wearing are so big that i can fold the legs in half again.

and so i had to buy a pair of SIZE 24!! now, don't get me wrong, that's ok, but i also bought a pair of pajamas... SIZE 18/20!!!!!

so... what size am i ????????

and just who thinks up this nonsense?????
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lol WTG jiff!!! I bet your on cloud nine!

I dont understand the sizes either....I have 2 pairs of size 18 jeans, one pair are bagging off my butt, and the other gives me heartburn they are so tight......go figure

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Jiff - I think the Lane Bryant sizes are wrong. Here's my (cynical) opinion:

I went shopping for jean. Not sure what size I needed but feeling fat, I went to LB (first time shopper there) I tried on a 14 and 16, both were tight, and I thought over priced. When to K-mart and found regular 14's (not even 14W) and they fit great, and they were cheaper by $20. I think LB brainwashes women into thinking they are too big to shop at a regular store, therefore holding them hoastage in the specialty plus size store. Cynical, but that's my opinion.
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OOOh, Dyan, You might have something there!
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Jiff you make me prouder by the day! I am beaming for you!

Well I don't get the sizes either. I have recently bought pants at the gap. I needed Kakis and so I went to the men's department because hip huggers are ridiculous on an overweight grown woman, right? So my jeans are one size, kakis are another, no consistency there either as the jeans and kakis are the same cut from the same manufacturer.
in tops I can go from a small to an XL, pants from an 8 to a 14. It depends on the designer and the manufacturer. Some cloths are cut slim others fuller cuts.

So welcome to the real world of cloths shopping my friend. Now you know why a) it takes so long and b) why none of us know what size we really are!
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This is why I'm going back to sewing my own clothes once I figure out what pattern size I am right now. I am so sick of buying stuff with sleeves too long, pants that are too long and gaping button closures because hardly anything gets made with bust darts these days. 42DD is NOT to be ignored! A 2X doesn't gape but the rest of it looks sloppy.
I'll make all my own stuff. That'll learn 'em! And shoes are an entirely different gripe! Why should I "buy the next size larger" and slop around in 8's instead of a 7 1/2?
End of rant!
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This has been a life long problem for me, whenever I buy pants I have to make sure it fits my hips first and it usually leaves gaping waistlines. Then there's the long leg issue, either too short a cut or too long. Blouses are another horror story, like Ruth, 42DD is not to be ignored! But never have a I found a decent blouse that fits in all aspects. I think I would be in 7th heaven if I did!

And way to go Jiff, that must have been one special moment. I bought my first XL in the regular size rack sweater on my birthday, it feels wonderful!
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I don't get it either. I went to the Avenue looking for shirts, I bought a size bigger because I'm taller and if I buy it bigger its usually longer, well it wasn't. What gives, why do they think every plus size woman is 5' tall and 5' wide ? All the shirts were very short ?? Same with pants, why do they think that every plus size woman has huge legs, I mean tree trunks ????? And nothing fits right making you feel sloppy. This would get me so angry and HATE to go shopping.

Ruthie, make me some clothes too

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Default Glad it ain't just me!

What didn't ya'll know that if you are big all over then you *MUST* be at least 6 1/2 feet tall and have tree trunks for legs??

I'm short and I could make two pairs of pants with what I have to cut off the bottom of the ones that I buy.


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I have a pair of khaki's that I just hate! They are comfortable only because I can wrap the material from the back of the legs around my entire leg. Why is it that if your waist is big, or your hips are big, they assume your legs are 48 inches around? I could get another person in there with me!!!!!
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Jiff you make me proud!!

Now my clothes grip, and since I have met Jiff, I can tell you she has the same problem...........Why? Oh Why? Do thy think, just because your plus sized.......your shoulders are the width of a 400 pound football player. Can anyone tell me?

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I think Dyan's on to something with her LB theory. Hmmm....

Leens, actually I am 5' x 5' and the darn clothes still don't fit right!

No wonder I hang out in sweats so often - Just My Size from Wal-Mart, perfect for a big day of ebaying. To heck with fashion, give me comfort.

Oh yeah, Jif, even if we never figure out what size you are, you totally rock!

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hugs to all of you... i KNEW you'd understand.

small shoulders??? hmmmm. people tell me that. i don't notice. in fact, i don't notice much of anything about my body, except that there's a whole lotta loose skin!!!

and those sisters ofmine insist that i need botox injections, of all things!!!! I THINK THEY SHOULD DO IT FIRST. DON'T YOU?????
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And everyone wonder's why i don't like to shop anymore? This is just the reasons i don't. You can't buy anything with out trying it on. And i just hate to have to return anything at all, I end up giving it away. My biggest gripe is trying to find a bra that fit's. I can go into a store try on a C or D cup, But the next one i try on ("same size") is to small or to big I don't even know what my bra size is anymore?
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Unhappy Are you sure you want to get me started?


Unfortunately I do have those broad German shoulders so sometimes the XL fit, sometimes not! And as Ruth said, a 1X may fit through the "puppy" area but then looks sloppy!

The only jeans and casual slacks that seem to fit pretty decent is made by Bill Blass. His 12's fit cause he seems to make a "real" woman pant. But I'm not even going to discuss Levi, Old Navy, etc.. They could range from a 14-18!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think we should start an online REAL WOMAN SHOPPING CENTER! Design your own size by using your measurements!!!

I have come to love stretchy materials (for comfort) but then I look in the mirror!

Jiffy ~ You have Katherine Hepburn collar bones !!
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