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Default Thursday, January 9th chick chat

Up an at um. More snow this morning so I have to go start the car, but the kids are having breakfast as I type.

All is well but I am wondering if anyone has a portable DVD player? my kids are hounding for one, we have a few trips planned this year and I have someone who wants to get one for them...any pros or cons?

Have a good day,
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workin' my way back down
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Good Morning chickies....... I have missed you all. But why did you have to choose the 3 days that I was away to post tons and tons and tons????? Sheesh! I'm getting just trying to catch up with you all! (not to mention that my back still hurts and it's hard to sit still this long!

Anyhow..... here's what the crs is letting me recall:

Pooky - happy dancin' all over the place here for you! I am so thrilled that your rosie is back home where she belongs.....

Jif - how was the interview? inquiring minds want to know, and so do just plain nosy ones!!! (btw, better do lunch soon - looks like the grandbaby might be coming sooner than later!)

Mamaj - good for you! WTG on getting shdh to realize your worth and meaning to him!

Ruth - I hope that nasty virus is leaving you alone by now...

ummmm -- Noranoranora -- wow! long time no see! it's good to see you

All the rest of you lovelies....... I hope you all have a great day... it's good to be home!
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Happy Thursday Ladies!

Had a busy night last night. Still taking down Christmas decorations. I am making the job bigger than it should be, I am organizing and getting rid of unused trinkets. The house has to be clean by next Friday for Don's 10th birthday party.

Darren and I went to religous ed last night where I met up with a friend. She was weeping and I thought it was because her mom just died before Christmas. But, (beware another SH story) after returning from Chicago and her mother's funeral, her SH announced he is leaving her. What an a$$hole! MEN! I just kept hugging her until she let go and excused herself saying she did not want to cause a scene. Please say some prayers for her, she is a sahm with 3 very active boys.

Don and my SH had their first ski club event last night. Don had lessons and loved it. Wish I could enjoy skiing for Don's sake, but I have had too many bad experiences with it. I believe that it is a sport that you have to learn at a young age.

Pooky ~ I am not a gambling gal, but I am willing to bet that you will be in one-underland soon!

L ~ We have a portable DVD player and love it. I do not know what kind, but it certainly makes a long trip go much faster for the boys.

Jif ~ How was that interview?

MamaJ ~ Hope all is well with you.

Ruth ~ Still getting snow? We are supposed to get 7 inches by Friday morning.

have a great day chickies!
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Come on Spring!
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Good morning, L144S and Samsgrandma, and to the others who sneak in later.

L144S - sorry I have no input on DVD players. I just figured out what a DVD was three weeks ago! Anyhow I know I don't have one but I do still have a record player. No! Not the wind-up kind!

Samsgrandma, was your sister's cataract surgery easy with a fast recovery? There is something about eye operations that's scary to me - I guess it's because the eye is the window to the soul and mine does not need any messing about!

Another big snowstorm last night! Miss Lucy hears the plow go by and decides it's time to go out to play. I was up again at 3 to force her to go out to pee and then settle her back with a Kong. It reminds me of my kids who woke in the night and got apple juice! You'd think I'd learn not to reinforce bad behaviours but the Mummy in me snaps into place.

We are snowed in because dear SH/DH did not call the plow lad! He told me yesterday he had called but neglected to tell me the line was busy! Grrrrr! Anyhow he finally got the "lad" this morning at 8 and he will be around to plow in "the forenoon" which I think translates to late morning. So here's another day when I can't go to Brockville for bloodwork.

Yesterday was a complete loss because the barfy/poopy disease descended about 8:30. I feel just fine today so I guess it was not the dreaded N virus. At least it got me rested and was a great excuse not to go to a meeting last night.

Today I plan to pack away the rest of the Christmas decorations. They have been down for a while but are still on the dining room table. I did not get all the stuff out this year and am hoping to sort of pitch and reorganize as I stash away for next year. Labelling the boxes would be a good idea too!

Off for my bubble bath with some herbal soap LindaBC gave me. It makes you smell sort of salady and goes well with the vanilla bubbles. Maybe I can skip lunch?
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Angry Good Morning !!

L~ Had to come back an edit this! You said DVD and I replied regarding the portable CD! Let's you know how techie I'm not !! Sorry I couldn't help!

Sams ~ Welcome back. Sorry to hear about your back. Did you injure it? Hope you're feeling better soon.

Ruth~I was so hoping that you had escaped the virus! Consider yourself banned from that accounting office in the future! Definately hope Harry and the girls don't get it!

Jenny~Been thinking of you. <hugs>

Jif ~ Details! Anxiously awaiting! (tapping foot here!)

Nikki~ Hi! Been thinking of you!

Ok-that's about all I can recall from yesterday! Warm healing thoughts to everyone who's not feeling well and a big welcome to all the new chicks!

I did not manage to get alot of my cleaning done yesterday - frustrating when you go to get a ladder for the ceiling fans and all three of them have been "borrowed". Doesn't matter cause half of the furniture will be delivered today and I'm sure not refusing it cause of dusty ceiling fans!

A bit of clean up this morning and off to the wound care doctor this afternoon. The puppies are doing pretty good. The right one is completely healed and the left only has about an inch wide by 2 inch high open area but the new skin is growing in very well. I met with the plastic surgeon last week and we may not need skin grafts altho he mentioned a bit of "nippy" reshaping and realignment on the left. I told him I'm not too sure I'm ready to think about that! I've only recently lost most of the fears of finishing out the lipo and TT.

SHDH is back home. He definately has a new attitude and so do I. I guess when you truly look at the truth of things I don't feel that the relationship and goodness of who we are is worth throwing away for an "indiscretion" that happened five years ago.
He knows that I did consult an attorney and was quite serious - that combined with the shock to his system to discover he was jealous gave him a reality check. He keeps saying, I never thought I was a jealous person. Gee, maybe that's because we as women go out of our way not to present situations for men to be! Duh! I definately think we will have a stronger long term relationship in going through this. Again thanks for all your love and support.

Need more coffee ~ Be back .


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Don't that just bite??? If I didn't feel so good today, that extra 45 minutes of sleepmay have ruined my day!! I did not sleep well last night as DH had a serious snoring problem--so I guess I forgot to reach over and set the alarm---so ended up rushing th kids thru breakfast ( and let me tell you--little miss queenie is NOT one to be rushed!) and took them to school.

Well here I am at Day 5 and actually I feel pretty good today, I am confident that I will get my housecleaning done today that I have been neglecting and maybe even go a few rounds with the treadmill.

Am I the ONLY chick on the board who takes down Christmas decorations the day after Christmas? Believe me, I Looove the Christmas holiday, and we start it by cutting a live tree the day after Thanksgiving, but come on Ladies--I cannot comprehend dragging it out until January Uusually the day after my tree is in the backyard, this year I had to wait a day because my mom had surgery the day after, but by Friday it was gone gone gone!

Well, just ate my scrambled eggs and bacon--I need something new for breakfast--and lunch actually, I did get a couple of books from the library on lo0carb cooking--I'll let you know if I see anything interesting.

L~I do not know ANYTHING about DVD playes-portable or not--sorry!!

Jif--how did it go??

MamaJ--Congrats on the new furniture--I should be so lucky!! I'm sure it will be wonderful.
To all others Hello and if GinaMArie is lurking--come back I miss you!!

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Good morning hens and chicks alike,

L-what is a portable DVD?

Samsgrandma-Welcome home, you are right , a lot happens when you are gone for a few days.

DonDAr-Christmas stuff? I am thinking now is the time to start to look around for gifts for next Christmas.

Ruth-Careful, just as I thought that I was feeling better, I would get sick again. So far today, nothing yet.

MomaJ- I am so glad that things are working out for you.

That puts me at 159.25. Still a long way to 145.

I am at a point where I am not sure what I want to do for woe. I really miss Fruits, which you can have on SS. But I don't think I could Keep it straight how to eat. I am going to decide today .
I like Atkins if it was a little more flexable on things like , oatmeal, apples, I guess I am into craving carbs .

Well Chicks,

We are so very rich if
we know just a few people
in a way in which we
know no others.

Another something, I read somewhere "What is an American", I cannot remember where, I have spent time looking for it, can anyone help with this.? I want to take a copy to work. Thanks,

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Good Morning chickies, just a quick onetoday as I am taking my wayward, high strung child to drop-in (thought I was going to say Rosie, didn't you? LOL)

Massive cleaning out of the master bedroom on the agenda today. I have 2 large dressers and a TV and stand to move out of the way and then I can start the tedious task of peeling off the paper backing of the wallpaper off the wall. Gotta go and buy some more wallpaper remover today too before I start.

Anyhoo, I'll catch up later with everyone--have a good morning!
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Back in from shoveling the bottom of the driveway form all the crap that the town plows leave behind! I was at the gym, rounding 30 min. and relized that I have not put the stickers on the trash! ( a dh job, but he is in Atlanta). I ditched the gym, slid trying to get up the driveway and relized I was it to shovel! So i think the 45 min. it took me count concidering I ditched the gym.

Thanks for the help on the DVD thing ladies. We have a few trips planned for the next few months, North carolina, minnisota, Colorado, New York, and Alaska. I think the DVD player is in my future!

If any of you on the clean and organize track want to come and help out another chick, my door is open and the coffee is hot. I can't get modivated to do it. Winter blues I guess.

See you all later,
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Michigan weather was awsome yesterday 49 degree's ?? But all good things must come to an end. We have a storm headed our way today.

Well i'm not sure what is happened to me yesterday?? I did nothing but clean all day? I think i got that energy thing going on ahhhhhhhhh............. At last I feel good & have some energy back that i have NOT felt in year's. But I still have to be careful not to throw my back out, it's so easy to do. But I felt good yesterday and again today...............
Today the master Bedroom get's a good cleaning, But first it's off to the meat market, Before temp's & snow start to come down

Missedbeinhere : I hear ya on the hubby snoring. Mine does it too. I don't know why i bother to go to bed at night, When i know that i'll be back up to sleep on the sofa. Sometime's i just want to scream , But he's making so much noise i don't think he would even here

You girlies have a Good LC Day
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Lovin' Life
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Default Good Morning

Everyone is very very busy this morning!!

Im off to try out another new hairdresser today.....I really hope this one works out. Im getting tired of changing hair dressers. Big hair is starting to move in, Im considering having it cut really short again. Im not so sure hubby will like it though.

Im still very tired from my travelling. Looking like poop warmed over as my dad used to say lol.

As Im reading what everyone is doing, and cleaning, Im thinking of all the things Id love to get into and clean out, toss out and simplify!! Maybe tomorrow.

L- I dont have a dvd player, but we have in the past taken the laptop and used it for playing dvd's on long drives, and my daughter just loved did I. I could crawl in the back seat with her and watch stuart little lol

Janice- Im happy for you

Have a great day everyone
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Congrats Pooky on finding your Rosie!!

Well babe and I seem to be on the mend here, our colds have broken, now just have that yucky wheezy cough! But my head doesn't hurt as much and I don't need to keep running to the bathroom. Yeah.

Going shopping today for low carb groceries, to restock and become an active low carber again. Weight is not too bad, hovering around 190, so I am sure it will go down with a nudge in the right direction.

Ruth, did you answer my soup question? Do we have a spot to put soup recipes??

Got the diagnosis on babe, does anyone else have special needs children on here?? Anyone know about PDD/Autism?? I would really like to hook up with someone to give me their thoughts on this disorder, I knew it was what we were looking at before the diagnosis, but now....I need info, knowledge is power right?

Happy thoughts to you all today!
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Come on Spring!
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Sorry Meowna - what was the soup question? I'll search back and find it.
Soup recipes are in the Miscellaneous section.
Just searched back. Sorry to have missed it. I try to keep up but life sometimes interrupts.

I think we need a soup index in the low carb section
I agree and will take a look at it and get Suzanne or Jennifer to put it in.

As to converting existing recipes, you need to take out the carbs and put in low carb stuff. For example, I make noodles from egg white by just cooking a thin layer in a non-stick pan, rolling up and cutting. Zucchini or cauliflower sometimes works as a substitute for potatoes or rice. You can also thicken soups with egg yolk instead of flour or cornstarch. How about Chinese egg-drop soup? I'll see if I can dig up a LC recipe for that.
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has to be quick post here...

interview yesterday went well.. so well, in fact, that i went back this morning to meet my boss's boss! a lovely conversation with both of them. and a brief, but good, conversation with a woman who would be my peer.

they said that they'd call to set up more interviews...

a great company with lots of resources, a lot of pride, and an interest in getting things done RIGHT. and everyone i talked with took lots of notes on what i said. will this come back to haunt me?????

can't wait to hear how the rosie-miree reunion went [and wondering just how pooky separated the two of them to get miree to drop in!!!!]

more later, i hope. sorry you're all sick...
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Just popping in to say hello, thinking I might be one of the early birds for a change but nope, you've all been here ahead of me. One of the joys of living in the western time zone.
We have another gorgeous, warm sunny day here but it won't be lasting much longer. Rain is in the forecast. Well, I've enjoyed it while it lasted.
Still OP since Jan 2. Keeping my carbs around 20 gr per day or less if I can. Using that FitDay really helps keep a handle on them, doesn't it. It's like having a conscience, something that's never bothered me too much in the past.
Mis the reason you're so sick of your Christmas decorations is because you put them up so darned early. Christmas ornaments shouldn't be seen until the week before the big day. That way they still seem fresh and delightful and you can tolerate them until New Years or a bit later.

Well, no time to linger here this morning as I have a women's club meeting and the darlings have decided to begin a half hour earlier from now on. This really messes with my system. It also inconveniences a dear old gal who has to take a handicapped Handi-dart bus from her home some distance away and she can only travel on THEIR schedule...which means she'll be nearly an hour late arriving but then will have to sit and wait a good two hours to be picked up. I told her she can spend that time at my house (which really needs a good vacuuming). I'm hoping she's near sighted and can't see all the dust. So, there goes my day.
Catch you later.
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