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Default Kick your bod into shape Week #1

I know it's Sunday nght and I was gonna make this a Monday to Monday sort of thing but it's likely I'll sleep in tomorrow! LOL

For this extended maintenance of kick your bod back into shape, we are going to repost our goals and see how we're doing.

I'll go first, here were my original goals so I don't lose sight of them:

1) My plan is Atkins and I am reinducting myself today! Induction started last Wednesday and I have been ture to my word. I work overnight shifts on the weekends so it is during this time I have allowed myself carbs in a bid to stay awake. When I am not at work, back to low carb, even if I am home between times.

2) 5 pounds gone on the scale, I'm not weighing in till tonight to see where my numbers are.
Lucky me did a pre-weigh in today suince I was curious and lo and behold a 3 pound loss! Official weigh in for me is Wednesday.

3) My emotional goal is to find something else to do with my hands when I am under stress instead of putting things in my mouth.
Happily, I have been picking up a book or cleaning and avoiding sit down too long times. I find at my comuteris te best since I hae to use my hands to communicate!

4) My water intake goal is to have at least 2 glasses of water every time I put something in my mouth.
Well, I know I can do better here, I am going to makea solid effort to get those two glasses down every time I eat. Did do it tonight at diner

5) This is a big one for me and I really hate to exercise, BUT I vow to haul out my yoga tapes and do them at least once a day. If there was nything that could screw up my plansit would be this--no I haven't go the tapes out yet and yes I will do it tomrrow moring. My own personal kick in the butt!

6) My other goals have been well under way for a while, save my money, pay off my small credit card debt and start saving for school!
Proud to say I have NOT touched a paycheck yet to spend. It sits in my bank accumulating interest and will soon go to pay off debt. That alone is a miracle to me!
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Default Hi Pooky!

I'm glad to see this tonight- I can post before the week, and set the weekly plan in place.

1. Nutrition: About 60gram carb, in 15g. servings per meal. Doing pretty well, some white rice with Thai food Saturday, a pastry on Friday night, a cookie today. But still OK I think.
2. Weight Loss Goal. I'm aiming for 4 lbs(1 lb. per week). I started at 191, I want to end up at 187.
3. Keeping emotionally less stressed. No spousal death, no co-worker's suddenly dissapearing, everyone I know is speaking to me, so I am doing OK. I am trying to take it easier on myself, have a little fun or something; so far I read a book, and bought some nice skin cream.
4. Exercise. I am generally not a regular exerciser, as many of you know. However, i have been doing the Leslie Sansone "Walk Away the Pounds" tape for a while, and I'm liking it. Goal is 4x's a week. Hit it last week.
5. water. no problem, I do OK here.
6. except for DH's penchant for jumbo shrimp, we are being very frugal. Great timing for the Frugal LC'er thread, Debkay! Burgers and salad this week! Also redid the annual budget today, and did a bunch of filing and decluttering the desk/files for the new year.

So, starting off OK> Once Monday hits, this can all be shot to heck. I'll be swilling Hawaian Punch and downing Krispy Kremes as fast as my chubby hands can manage. I'll fall onto the couch at 7, and never turn the VCR on til next Saturday. watch. I'm so full of it. We'll see.


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S/C/G: 300/too much/155


So far so good

1. Keeping on track with Atkins.....carbs are low, fibre has been boosted. Im not hungry, and Im over the carb withdrawals

2. I hadnt really set a goal for the month of Jan.....other than making it UNDER 200 by the 20th. I do not plan on getting on the scale until that day either!!

3. Emotional...I have definitely relied on hubby more...and I love how it works. He is even going to work out with me

4. Exercise...I havent been, but I will. Ive been busy with alot of other things, that are keeping active. Ive pulled out my cross country skiis and my waxes today. That will be a good escape from the store in the afternoons, and I love to ski!!!

5. Water, Im doing fine

6. Leather Jacket.......Ive decided to take the box of coins that has been accumulating and keep adding to it. By next winter, my leather coat will be paid for....Last time I emptied out the box, I had $300 in it

All in all, Im doing good, and feeling great. Im motivated, and I have the help I need.

I will always remember, that if I look back a year from now, I will have wished I had stuck to my guns, and gotten the weight off.

Only 50lbs to go....I can do this!!

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Well...heres mine

1) Atkins
I have started my second week of induction and am feeling so good. I am not hungry all the time, and have so much energy. I finally went out and bought the book today too!

2) Overall goal weight is between 180-200lbs. Short Term Goal is to be under 300.
Havent lost a pound on the scale, BUT I have lots an overall 5 1/2 inches on my bod. I am gaining muscle and losing fat, which is AWESOME!!

3) Emotional goal is to be able to forgive myself for past mistakes and look forward to a better future!
Still working on it, but getting closer every day!!

4) 10-12 glasses of water a day
Ive been doing that and more, everyday!

5) Lose 20lbs then start walking again. Lose 40lbs and go back to the gym. Im paying for the membership I havent used in two years..might as well get some use out of it!
No workouts yet..I will start working out on the 12th. My treadmill is definately calling my name. I miss working out!

6) Finish my CNA training, and my LVN prerequisits with flying colors. Be accepted into the LVN program. Stay OP (which isnt that hard on Atkins!) and pay off my credit card bills starting with the smallest and working my way toward the larger ones.
I am starting my CNA training tomorrow. I will be doing my LVN prerequisits after, and then my LVN training and then my RN schooling. Yeah, its a long way away, but Im looking forward to every minute of it!!
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Default Week 1

My Goals:

1) Atkins - Did well this week.

2) 5lbs a month. I wanted to make 170 by Jan 1st and I made it! I'm now at 169, so that's 1 pound this week.

3) Not to graze when I'm bored. - Somehow I've stopped eating until I'm starving. Darn, where's the middle ground?

4) I plan on drinking water instead of Diet Coke or Diet Dew. I was really good at work, this weekend it's been a dew kinda day

5) I plan to walk 5 days a week. And fo at least 10,000 steps daily. I did it. I walked 5 days this week. A total of 2.83 hours!!!!!

6) I plan to not be bored. I plan to take some classes for fun, and make at least 1 new friend The leaking washer is going to eat my education fund, and I don't want to be friends with the repairman, so I'll keep working on this one.
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Well here I am on Tuesday and all is well. I ate my OP brekkie (salmon in dill sauce) and my OP lunch (leftover yummy cheesy chicken from Ruthie's recipe--thanks Ruth!) and am staring down a pork roast for dinner. Now here's the question--I want a dynamite vegetable dish to have with my supper. I eat winter vegetables (broc and cauli) almost everyday and I need soemthing new. Suggestions?
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How about string beans, with butter, garlic and lemon sauce? Add a touch of cream maybe. Mmmmmm...
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