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Default Peanut Butter

I have a very heavy craving for peanut butter right now. Are there any peanut butters out there that are sugar free? Any that are low in carbs? The only thing we have in the house is Skippy, and it has 5 carbs per 2 tbs serving BUT, one of the ingredients is sugar. Any ideas of the best sugar free low carb peanut butters out there? Peanut butter was forbidden on my low fat diet, and I hope its permitted on this I really like it on celery!!
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There is a "natural" peanut butter, I think Jiff makes it, it has the oil on top when you buy it and you have to mix it. I have seen it in one store here ONE time that was sugar free. The rest of the time I've seen it, it's been carb-loaded. Hope you find some!!
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remember ya'll.. that's JIFF the peanut butter manufacturer, not JIFFYPOP who swore off cooking!!!!
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Try a health food store. Personally I eat the regular kind, I just look for the one with the least amount of carbs/sugars. Hmmm, maybe that's why I always stall after 9 pounds lost? Okay, you talked me into staying away from PB.
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Gosh!!!! Sherrie! I almost fell on the floor when I read your post about Jiff!

Glad you cleared THAT up, Jiff!

MandaPanda! as long as you are losing while you are eating it, that's great....I had problems with best friend, a spoon and a jar of peanut butter!

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I just remembered that Carbolite makes a Choc PB bar. Low carb - inexpensive (well, realatively for low carb bars) I know you can get them at Wal-mart in this area. That might hold you over til the craving goes away.
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Any kind of nuts and pb are red flag foods for me. Not because a FEW of them is so harmful but they are a food I just can't seem to leave alone once I start.
My supermarket does have a sugar free pb but unfortunately it's also salt free which makes for very bland flavor. I've tried adding a bit of salt and Splenda but this stuff is like glue and will stick your mouth together...not such a bad thing afterall.
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This might not be a helpful comment BUT when I am being a good girl and FOLLOWING a lc woe I use a small spoon of PB to help me curb the carb muchies. I eat it v-e-r-y slowly to make it last. Yes, there is a few carbs in there BUT there is also protein and MANY fewer carbs than whatever I was in immediate danger of falling headfirst into.

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