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Default Wednesday, Sept. 11th

Starting us up, back in a minute!

Good Morning everyone, I brought back our thread from 9-11-01. Not to dwell, but to remember. We all know where we were and how we felt.

My opinion for what it's worth, today I will turn off the tv, I watched a few minutes of the news this AM. I will spend the rest of the day in my own thoughts. I will carry on my normal routine. Doing my normal routine is my way of saying to the awful people that did this, "Stick it where the sun doesn't shine."


Lots of errands to run today. My middle son turns 20 on Friday. His Dad and I will be chaperoning the band at a football game, so we will have his birthday dinner and cake on Thursday. I'm off to get the fixins for what he wants.

MamaJ, just wanted to let you know the chicken purse is doing the trick. My friend that has temporary custody of the chicken purse, is doing much better and her problems are getting worked out. I would like to think it's because she has the chicken purse.

Sherrie, hope you get your water problem taken care of. Dealing with no water is not a fun thing to do. Growing up, we were on a well, and I always had to hear about wasting water, I know it's important, but gosh did I get sick of that.

Hope you all have a peaceful day.

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Debbie -- I'm with you..... TV will be off today... all of the tv programming started yesterday, and dh looked at me very strangely when I asked him to please change the channel - I can't watch those planes hit the towers one more time, I just can't. I know, I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing........ I'll never forget......... but I just can't keep on watching it over and over and over again. Not to mention that, coincidentally, today is the anniversary of my mom's death, so Sept. 11 has been a hard day for me for the past 9 years.
Today is a work day ... a short day, but still, some work. That other girl at work is not only NOT leaving, but is taking over someone else' hours - why? Because she has been there longer and just feels like it!!! (have I mentioned that she is a very selfish, totally self-centered *itch and no one likes her???? )The situation stinks..... I got a call last night from someone from school -- upshot: I have a job interview tomorrow.... it's only for 1/2day on Saturdays, and it is an hour away, but it is SOMETHING! I MUST FIND MORE WORK!

Everyone, I wish you all a good OP day.......
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Come on Spring!
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Thanks for starting us up, Debkay. Today, for once, I was at a loss for words. No radio or TV for me today either but I probably will go to Church this afternoon. I don't know why the media has to replay everything - I think of the poor people who are still recovering and know this must be ripping at them again.

One thing the past year has done for me is to make me more conscious of our relationship with our American cousins. Someone on this site suggested we all work on random acts of kindness as a tribute to the victims of this day.

---------- on with our good life ---------------

Rob and I delivered all the prizes and school work yesterday. Thank God for AC cars! The secretaries are just delighted to see the prize money in individual envelopes for the kids. The Treasurer I replaced used to just write the schools the cheques and the poor secrtetaries had to get them cashed and divied into envelopes for the kids. We helped supervise a playtime for the kindergarten kids at one school - what dolls they were! I sort of miss my teaching days.

Great piece of news! The damned pears that were left have rotted and I pitched them into the compost last night! I am sure I have enough pear chutney to last 5 years! Now I just have tomatoes to fight!

Hershey has come into heat again and will be bred this time. It seems so soon but it IS a year since her last litter. I hope after this time she can "retire"! She doesn't need to go see Simon in Philly this time - we are doing take-our so to speak. However, she needs to go to the kennel for week or so to be minitored. I really will miss her but that will give me one on one time with Lucy who really really needs it.

Tomorrow is my pre-op physical. Why the heck I need it for a wrist operation is beyond me! I was planning to be below 200 but it is not to be. (I must confess I had a club sandwich with fries for lunch yesterday on our road trip! It was darn good too!)

I'm going to have a late breakfast now, then a bath and start this day - finally.

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I also do not plan on watching TV today. Last week i watched some programs on surviving firemen and on survivors of the Pentagon who suffered severe burns. They talked about how they are copeing and getting on with their lives. It was actually quite uplifting to see that they are TRUE SURVIVORS.
I prefer to take time out this morning (I'm sure that it will pop into my head all day) to remember that day, say my prayers and then attempt to be productive and count my blessings.

I ordered a large area rug (8X12) for the office room that I'm re-doing. It will be here in about 6 days so I need to get busy. Today I plan on painting the remaining shelf units. Tomorrow I think that I'll go to Hobby Lobby and look at frames for some art prints that I bought. So far, I'm loving this room

Yesterday I stayed OP until DH got home. I was so tired that I did not feel like cooking anything. We ended up going out for Mexican food~Steak nachos, veggie quesadillas and margaritas. That will have to be my Free Day for the week, instead of Thursday.

So today I need encouragement to ride my exercise bike, drink my water and eat OP. ( I think TOM is coming) But being pre-menopausal, you never know, do you?

Evervbody have a wonderful day
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I'm chiming in line with no TV today--I want to remember in my own way and live my life. I think that is the justice I can give to the families--live my life to the best of my abilities becasue they gave up an awful lot for us! I also want to mention and think of the servicepeople who are still in active duty over there today--who are still trying to protect us, and who are fighting this fight on our behalf.


So for me, I'm up to laundry (when will it ever end? ) Miree is at daycare and I'm left to my own devises. had a wicked wind storm here last night--power is out all over town. We were lucky and power came back on in a couple of hours but lots of folks still have nothing yet. We couldn't get Miree to sleep last night becasue it was too dark and she sleeps with a night light (*note to self--buy small flashlights in case this happens again!). Lucky for us, the power came back on just as we were trying to settle her. She was out in 2 minutes--I love kids!

Hope you all have a thoughtful and great day
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Hang In There
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On my way to fill up the coffee cup. This is the day my house cleaning people come and I have to get things done before they get here.

Just wanted to check in and stay I managed to say OP yesterday, and did all my exercise, even Oxycise.

Today will be different because I won't make it tothe club for water aerobics. Well I've got to get busy.

Hope everyone else has a great OP day.
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Praying for a peaceful and memorial sept 11th 2002


Today is queit for me, but i have an interveiw with a nanny agency tomorow and she thinks she may finally have some work for me which would be a godsend at the moment, money is getting a bit tight!!

Have a good day all...
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Default training

hey girls
i'm at training today, better, since i work about 15 min. from downtown DC, and at a GOv. would have been nuts today. for some reason, i'm drawn to all of the radio and television's really affecting me. but i cant stop watching. i'm a mess.
anyway. god bless all of you
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No TV for me either, unless I can find something on HGTV. This morning instead of my news I tuned into a sewing show. Now I'm psyched to re-do my kitchen accessories. Went to Wally-world to get the fabric at lunch, mostly just to get out of this office. My co-worker insists on listening of the radio tributes today. I'm trying to tune it out. It's not that I don't feel sad, and I'd say that I'm very patriotic, it's just sooo hard to keep it together and do my work today. I wish I could have stayed home, watched the news and had a good cry.
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I had a good cry all day. We as a cemetery and funeral business naturally held a memorial service today. I flat refused to go. I didn't want my company to dictate my patriotism, or somehow cash in on it. I also felt I could handle the grief today on my own. I was sooooo wrong. I heard a poem on the radio on the way to work, and I cried all the way there. So, at the last minute I decided to go to the service, hoping it could help in some way. We as a community came together to pray and sing and celebrate the bravery of our nation, and I left feeling 100% better, and haven't shed one tear the rest of the day. May we all find some peace this night, dear Lord!
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I watched part of a tv show last night that featured firemen and policemen who had lost family and workmates on that terrible day. I couldn't stand to watch the whole thing. Those men were trying to be so brave, but you could see their eyes welling up with tears.
This morning drove through dense fog to the swimming pool and put in a good hour and 20 minutes swimming and deep water walking. Totally exhausted by the time I got finished there but the sun was just blazing by then. Ran some errands that took me in a circular route around town, winding up at a produce stand that also sells organic products. I found my unsweetened cranberry juice at $4 LESS per bottle than I was paying at the health food store. Whoopeeee...and it's locally made too, which is terrific. Stocked up on some wonderful Italian prune plums (my tree only had TWO this year ) and nectarines from the Okanagan valley. Mmmmm, how luscious and juicy!

I've been totally OP since Monday so I'm hoping I've undone the damage I did with my binge weekend. I guess I will find out on Friday WI and measuring.

Wonder what to make for dinner tonight. Hmmmm.
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decaf anyone?

hmmmmm......What the heck DID I do today? Turned off the tv after I heard the name read that I needed to hear and scooted off to get my nails done. Now, I am usually a clear with a tiny bit of pink tint to it type of gal but today the nail women were having fun airbrushing little American flags on people's nails for free. At the time I let them make me feel like it was unpatriotic to say "no" . When will I learn? I find that having my ring fingers flashing the flag is just a little bit MUCH for me. Now, don't get me wrong, I love the flag, have always flown it, I know that Debkay's birthday is on Flag Day and have had little uncle sam and the flag boarder wall paper in my kitchen for 4 years....perhaps I would have liked it better if it were on a different finger? (speaking, Debkay of sticking it where the sun don't shine!" that may have amused me greatly!!!!! All those of you who I have offended with this post because you have the flag on your finger nails....feel free to give it to me now!

Which reminds me....what the heck is going on with those METS?????

So, all things considered, I did not sit infront of the tv and watch the news and paint and do crafts.....hey! what a victory for me!

of course tomorrow is another day....but I am...(are you sitting down Dottie?) walking AND sticking to program.

have a good one.....

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Default they're making me nuts!!!

i left for work at 8:45 am, and got home at 7:45. and now i have a conference call at 9 pm.

they're making me NUTS!!!!!!!

more later, i hope. if not, love you all. hugs to you all. and we are still strong and proud and determined.

illegitimi non carborundum!!!!
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Come on Spring!
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Hey, I took Latin!
"Don't let the *******s get you down!"
It has been a long and hard day for us all.
Sleep well, Chicklettes, wherever you may be.
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